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The Private Life of Tim Hamilton

Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Danny Saradon , Dano Sulik , Johnny Surabaya , Josh Elliot , Lukas Ridgeston , Mikhail Ryzkov , Tim Hamilton , Todd Rosset
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The Private Life of Tim Hamilton

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Tim Hamilton cheats on boyfriend Lucas Ridgeston, picks up Danny Saradon.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Bel Ami's hits upon a great idea. For The Private Life of Tim Hamilton the producers select one of their major models and build a tell-all, no secrets film around him. The studio long has found success in developing the personalities of their models on camera. Engaging them like this provokes interest from their fans, a marketing skill that Bel Ami handles better then almost any other twink studio. (Or most non-twink studios for that matter)

Porn star Tim Hamilton is a natural choice for their first entry. Cute, cocky and blond, Hamilton has the kind of looks which constantly push him into sleep around on his boyfriend. Sure enough, all kinds of truths come out of the woodwork in the course of the seven episode film.

Danny Saradon snapshotWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Danny Saradon

In typical "Gonzo style, " Hamilton chats with the camera in the arms of his new lover Danny Saradon. They describe how their working relationship at Bel Ami turned into a love affair, despite the fact that Hamilton was boyfriends with Lukas Ridgeston at the time. Starting from this dramatic point from Lukas in Love, the jilted Lukas arrives home to find Hamilton fucking Saradon in bed.

Cleverly, the movie plays the events of scene out in two ways. First, Ridgeston unexpectedly arrives, storms in, and storms back out throwing the rose in his hand down on the ground. This is a stirring episode showing Hamilton screwing Saradon. Note that Hamilton and Saradon first met and had sex on-screen in the final scene in Frisky Summer 4, although there Saradon tops Hamilton.

For this expose, their fucking looks superb, stoked on by getting caught in the act by the scorned Ridgeston.

After they cum, the Hamilton suggests to Saradon that the audience would like to see the "alternate version" of that scene. So in a new episode, Ridgeston arrives home, this time getting aroused at what he finds. Dubbed by others as a true living god of masculinity, Ridgeston still looks picture perfect. Much of this episode shows Ridgeston plowing the Hell of out Saradon's little butt, with Hamilton hanging off them, egging them on.

Ridgeston's dick looks amazing, and watching him in action never grows tiring. The scene ends with Ridgeston blasting one of his signature, cannon volley money shots.

Next, we learn of one of Hamilton's secret trysts. When Saradon once left town, he hooked up on the set with Mikhail Ryzkov from Red Hot Chili Sex, a top man workhorse who has done lots of strutting for Bel Ami and other studios. Hamilton nicely works over Ryzkov's hard erection with his mouth, coupled with licking his nipples and some kissing before giving up his ass.

He rides atop Ryzkov's lap at length facing the camera, culminating with Hamilton taking it on his back missionary, which is the blond's self-described favorite sexual position.

Ryzkov finishes by splattering his load on Hamilton. Despite Ryzkov's very good work, Hamilton seems unimpressed. "I wish his dick was bigger. I could hardly even feel it, " quips Hamilton running off the set.

Tim Hamilton fucks Danny SaradonWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Tim Hamilton tops Danny Saradon over incestuous sheets
A rollicking three-way comes next beginning with Hamilton and Saradon in bed with Josh Eliot (Pillow Talk). In keeping with this particular segment's holiday theme, all three wear red Santa Claus caps on their heads throughout their warm up conversation and groping foreplay.

This performance put Eliot on the road as Bel Ami's major blond star, ultimately replacing Hamilton who departs the studio the following year. Eliot is a real cutie, whose laughs and smiles are contagious.

Their sexplay involves lots of mutual cocksucking and kissing. The couple thoroughly examine Eliot's ass before fucking it. Saradon slides in first, followed by a wild ride from Hamilton. Ball draining cumshots and a happy post-orgasm afterglow indicates that Eliot very much enjoyed their Christmas party.

Danny Saradon can be a top, too. After this, Saradon relates the story of when he returned home from work to find roommate Todd Rossett (A +) masturbating on the couch with a buttplug up his ass. Rossett is a compact twink who Saradon easily crunches up into a ball, topping him on his back. Saradon pumps out a nice creamy load here.

Tim Hamilton's private life with Johnny Surabaya

The final two scenes describe more of Hamilton's sexploits. While filming in Greece, he hooks up with his hotel roommate Johnny Surabaya, a lean dishwater blond with an impressive fat cock and a great looking ass. Little wonder that Hamilton has his eye on him.

Hamilton tops him in several hot positions on their bed. Surabaya only did three other movies, which is a shame because he certainly carries some beautiful assets.

For the final blow out we see Hamilton get a full round of sexual play from the studio's resident sexpert Dano Sulik. Hamilton struts naked all over their kitchen while the guys are eating breakfast. In fact, we see a number of Bel Ami's "oldtimers" here. Other then Sulik, Johan Paulik and Sebastian Bonnet are on hand to deflect Hamilton's antics and film his interplay with Sulik.

This was one of Sulik's final projects with Bel Ami. He puts in his usual 110% energetic performance, flip-flopping with Hamilton on an oversized, luxurious bed. The scene is punctuated with Hamilton gleefully exclaiming to everyone assembled that Sulik literally just gave him an "anal orgasm."

Sulik will surely go down in history as one of the hottest fuckers on the planet.

The Private Life of Tim Hamilton contains great moments with their major, colossal stars, such as Ridgeston and Sulik, as well breaking in their new generation of boy toys.. Nevertheless, this DVD is a Tim Hamilton tour de force. The pugnacious dynamo loves being in front of the camera, and his sexual appetites effortlessly creates engaged viewing.

As for being his boyfriend, the doe eyed, innocent looking Saradon should set his expectations appropriately.

The Private Life of Tim Hamilton Photos:

Lukas Ridgeston fucks Danny SaradonWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Lukas Ridgeston tops Danny Saradon in the "alternate story"
Dano Sulik fucks Tim HamiltonWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Dano Sulik tops Tim Hamilton
Danny Saradon, Josh Elliot, Tim HamiltonWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Danny Saradon, Josh Elliot, Tim Hamilton
Tim Hamilton and Johnny SurabayaWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Tim Hamilton behind Johnny Surabaya

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