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The Private Life of Josh Elliot

George Duroy Marty Stevens
Bel Ami  
Alex Orioli , Andre Pagnol , Dolph Lambert , Ethan Clarke , Jeff Daniels , Johan Paulik , Josh Elliot , Lukas Ridgeston , Luke Hamill , Ralph Woods , Rick Fontana , Sebastian Bonnet
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The Private Life of Josh Elliot

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Bel Ami star Josh Elliot walks us through his storied career at Bel Ami

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Watching the The Private Life of Josh Elliot, dripping with sticky blond boys and cream filled twinks, one without a doubt reaches a real sugar high. Not only because of the proud, unabashed topman skills of the film's star, but also with his impressive list of on-screen partners. Since first showing up to be "trained" in the insouciant Personal Trainers 4, porn star Josh Elliot has developed into one of the studio's biggest stars.

Appearing in a long list of movies, most depict him confidently power-topping his way through the studio's wide slate of beautiful bottom boys. The episodes gathered here have not appeared in other films, but instead reserved by the producers for future film projects.

Porn Star Josh ElliotWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Porn Star Josh Elliot

Unlike previous volumes of the series, the film boots the additional storyline peeking into the excitement of the star's alleged private life. The Private Life of Tim Hamilton, in contrast, is practically a soap opera. This DVD confines itself to some chatty interviews with Elliot himself, fielding questions from George Duroy and others.

Is the held-over material in this film second shelf? Not at all. Several episodes are electric, especially the bathroom / shower romp between Elliot and the now retired Jeff Daniels, which will be covered in detail later.

True to most of Bel Ami's spotlight videos, things start on a basic level with a well photographed solo. Elliot's performance here is really engrossing. Filmed during an Out in Africa trip, the viewer takes the role of curious voyeur, who gets to see the blond move through a lengthy photo session with Marty Stevens, who actually spices things up passively by walking around holding his SLR camera and wearing nothing but a revealing speedo.

After this tasty appetizer, the gastric juices start to flow when we see one of Elliot's first filmed scenes. Wide eyed and anxious, he's paired with the yummy blond Ethan Clarke. (Pillow Talk)

Clarke popped a number of cherries during his film tenure. This time he has the privilege to being one of the few guys to take Elliot's ass for a spin around the bedroom. A high moment shows Elliot fully propped up on pillows as Clarke screws pounds him missionary. Clarke's cock grows to maximum size and shoots out a nice, high flying load.

Following this is a pretty tame photo session with Elliot and Benjamin Bloom, arguably the weakest link in the movie. Things only go up after this point. Immediately afterwards, we are treated to a top of the morning awakening and shower in Elliot's hotel room, who gets no privacy here between the frisky pawing of Jeff Daniels and the intruding camera held by Johan Paulik.

Josh Elliot fucks Bel Ami's Jeff Daniels in one of the hottest standing shower sex scenes ever. Daniels is perky, fun and a great cocksucker. He also has the distinction of being a Bel Ami model who appears 100% into the gay sex; a randy little horndog. (See Jeff Daniels in Flings.)

The guys perform one of the hottest sessions ever filmed in a stand up shower. Daniels eventually jacks himself off on Elliot's chest, followed by them moving to the more open vanity area so that Elliot can give the bottom exactly what he wants, numerous positions of deep butt fucking. Daniels glows in ecstasy the entire time he's getting fucked, almost to the point of overwhelming Elliot. Everything culminates with Elliot washing a big load of white cum onto the bottom's butt cheek.

"I was taking a shower and he just slithered right in, " explains Elliot afterwards.

The film's temperature does not decline at all, because next comes Elliot's pairing with their new special model: Ralph Woods. After some horseplay on the beach, they go back to their hotel room where they turn their attentions towards one another. Woods shows once again that he's one of the best mega-hung bottoms filming today.

His huge horse dick stays rock hard from the moment he pulls down his pants. Woods gives Elliot a focused blow-job, while simultaneously playing with himself. Soon they are in bed kissing. Elliot drills him from behind, once again causing his bottom to grin ear to ear in ecstatic joy. What a top!

Woods let's loose two money shots in the course of this scene. Elliot shoots one of his biggest of the entire film all over Woods, verifying to everyone exactly how hot this experience was for both of them.

Josh Elliot points to Ralph WoodsWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Josh Elliot Aims for Ralph Woods
In the next scene, Elliot hops on Alex Orioli, taking a long ride on the brunet's fabulous ass. Orioli has rapidly become one of Europe's hottest fuck toys, landing prime roles in Lucas Kazan's new films (Italians and Other Strangers).

Smiling with joy, Elliot expertly tops him in lots of positions until Orioli cannot take it anymore, shooting a torrent of hot cum all over this tight abs. It's the first time Orioli's cums while getting fucked! And if that's not enough, in a memorable visual, Orioli squats down onto Elliot's dick, fucking himself on it until the top quickly pulls off the rubber and shoots on the bottom's hole.

Josh Elliot and Luke Hamill pair off on fresh bottoms

The final scenes of the movie gently eases the studio's other major dynamo into the picture: Luke Hamill. Arm in arm, the two chums chit chat about their many mutual sexploits. "We like to break in new talent together," confides Elliot. Actually, the two really are the best on-screen buddies since Lucas Ridgeston and Ion Davidov tore up the town as chums in Lucky Lucas.

After a very pretty sequence depicting Elliot and Hamill pointing their beautiful penises into each other on the Graffiti photo shoot, the movie cuts to the guys working their heartbeats up playing a game of doubles in tennis.

Josh Elliot and Luke Hamill fuck the new talent together. Here the couples split off, giving us the final duet of scenes. Elliot takes Dolph Lambert under his wing, while Hamill exits for his own one-on-one fun with Andre Pagnol. Elliot takes a firm, gentle hand to the doe-eyed blond. After a deliciously long suck, he fucks Lambert's hot buns, which are tufted with blond hair. Elliot's orgasm at the end of this scene is literally volcanic.

Hamill takes on the biggie-sized bottom Pagnol, sucking him at length before fucking him. When Pagnol cums, his tight hole pushes Hamill's condom-wrapped prick out of his ass for a few moments. Hamill gets the bottom back by cumming into his mouth.

Jam packed with ten scenes of excellent sex, The Private Life of Josh Elliot is an all out feast for fans of the porn star. Beyond Elliot, watching video of retired models Ethan Clarke and Jeff Daniels from the studio's vault is a real treat. The bumper sequences between the scenes could have benefited from more inspiration and less MTV-style distracting video editing, but overall the DVD contains lots of great meat. Congratulations to Bel Ami for producing is a provocative invitation into Josh Elliot's private life.

The Private Life of Josh Elliot Photos:

Josh Elliot and Ralph WoodsWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Josh Elliot kisses Ralph Woods
Luke Hamill and Andre PagnolWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Luke Hamill above Andre Pagnol
The Private Life of Josh Elliot and Luke HamillWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
The private life of Josh Elliot includes Luke Hamill
Luke Hamill and Josh Elliot playWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Josh Elliot and Luke Hamill enjoy horseplay

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