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The Private Life of Brandon Manilow

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Alex Orioli , Andre Pagnol , Brandon Manilow , Etienne Pauliac , Josh Elliot , Marc Vidal , Roman Prada , Sascha Chaykin , Tommy Hansen
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The Private Life of Brandon Manilow

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Meet Brandon Manilow: confident, relaxed and easy-going.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Porn star Brandon Manilow first appeared as one of Bel Ami's "new generation" of guys back around 2001, along with the likes of Tommy Hansen, Yves Carradine and Sascha Chaykin. The sultry brunet's first on screen training actually appeared when the studio's Personal Trainers series was setting records for inventive, engaging porn that left your jaw on the floor. (Personal Trainers Part 5)

Since then, Manilow has quietly developed into one of the studio's major stars, who is certainly worthy of an entire movie devoted to his persona. Still purely a top, Manilow has amazing thick dick, not to mention his handsome body, which he uses expertly for fucking.

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Porn Star Brandon Manilow
Unlike the studio's earlier Private Life of Tim Hamilton, The Private Life of Brandon Manilow does not carry the same amount of soap opera drama. Apparently, Hamilton's dick and his attitude always gets him into trouble. Manilow, on the other hand, is the strong, silent lover, who makes love with the intensity of a Valentino or a Navarro. Therefore, his "Private Life" movies is a lot more easy going.

Manilow opens each of the seven scenes of the movie giving some background as to where they were filming, or background on what was happening at the time. (Of the seven, one is a solo and another is a photo shoot) Fully dressed and expertly groomed, Manilow's completely charming.

Manilow introduces us to his "real life lover" Alex Orioli (Pina Colada). They meet at a pool while at a resort in South Africa. They return to Manilow's suite, where they cannot keep their hands off each other. On a couch, Manilow lays back to receive a magnificent blowjob from his new friend, working his cock over in full display to Duroy's camera.

At one point in foreplay, Manilow deep throats Orioli's cock while dipping his finger deep inside the bottom's hole.

The ultimate result is a perfect illustration on man-to-man lovemaking. Manilow tops Orioli mixed with frequent kissing, caressing, and constant direction from his firm hands. In another sequence, Orioli positions himself above Manilow's lap while the top thrusts up in a series of non-stop, deep strokes.

Manilow creams a hot money shot onto Orioli's beautiful buns.

Next, Manilow and Marc Vidal (pictured together on the DVD boxcover) enjoy moving through an erotic photo shoots while visiting Cape Town. Photography sessions look like a lot of work, but for this company and with this talent, obviously unspoken sexual tension will build. After the guys nuzzle and rub every single part of their bodies together, the guys decide to lay side by side in bed for a mutual jack off.

Roman Prada enjoys Brandon Manilow

The sexual heat returns to full tilt in the next sequence. Manilow shows the world his famous moves on Roman Prada (Too Many Boys), describing the episode as when he "took Roman's cherry on-screen." Getting fucked the first time does not daunt Prada, who looks happy enough. Prada appeared in several movies, looking very much like the freshly found Czech straight boy whose found a new way to make financial ends meet.

Manilow makes very good use of Prada's unique downward curved erection, sucking him at length, running his tongue along the entire shaft. Manilow screws his ass, and cums on it. The final scene shows a surprisingly hot cum shot from Prada, popping out a heavy load that runs down back down his hand as he milks it out. After this, Manilow treats us to a lovely solo performance that starts in a jacuzzi. Although solos are easy to overlook, they can be very nice, especially when a master photographer like Duroy is paired with such a good looking stud like Manilow. The camera drinks in every angle of his body, culminating with him jacking off relaxed on a sunny outdoor wooden deck.

The next episode is the film's hottest. Here Manilow entwines with Andre Pagnol in a sensational one-on-one. Bel Ami practiced admirable discipline reserving Pagnol for several years, casting him mostly for website-only episodes, or sandwiched closely inside movies like Flings 2.

Alex Orioli and Brandon ManilowWatch on | Watch VOD
Alex Orioli sucks Brandon Manilow
This year, Bel Ami has started promoting Pagnol heavily (Some Like It Big), which makes perfect sense because he is a real doll. Furthermore, he's an amazing sex toy, who Manilow expertly twists and turns through all the moves. In a memorable visual, Manilow pumps Pagnol rapid fire throughout several positions, hammering his hole.

Pagnol's own fat cock grows big and hard, cumming while Manilow pounds him. Manilow pulls out to deliver a real eye popping money shot.

Brandon Manilow's photo session with Tommy Hansen and Sascha Chaykin

Next comes a visually striking sequence showing Manilow, Tommy Hansen and Sascha Chaykin posing naked in a sandy white beach. The boys wrestle in the sand and form various pyramids, all to a percussion heavy musical rhythm. Ultimately we see Manilow by himself in the sand, twisting his beautiful erection and body through numerous memorable displays. The action is non-sexual, but nevertheless perfectly compliments the spirit of the film.

The movie ends on a great note when Etienne Pauliac arrives looking for a party. Instead he finds Manilow and Josh Eliot snoozing naked in each other's arms. The guys decide that the three can hold their own party by themselves. Pauliac proceeds to give his ass up to both Manilow and Eliot, who has developed into an excellent top.

Manilow and Eliot first shoot their first round of money shots onto Pauliac's chest, followed by them splitting his ass in shared ecstasy. The visuals here again are amazing, as is the models' sexual chemistry.

After lots of recent movies directed by Marty Stevens, it is nice to see George Duroy behind the camera again. We also see Lucas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik behind the cameras, but this is clearly a Duroy work.

Like the film's star, The Private Life if Brandon Manilow is relaxed, confident and easy going. It does not move in a frenzied pace, but rather shows seven scenes ranging from feverish fucking to indulgent self-fulfillment, to visually striking posing. Manilow's quiet, magnetic demeanor fits this depiction of his "private life" very well.

The Private Life of Brandon Manilow Photos:

Brandon Manilow massive ass and Alex OrioliWatch on | Watch VOD
Brandon Manilow's massive ass hovers above Alex Orioli
Roman Prada and Brandon ManilowWatch on | Watch VOD
Roman Prada above Brandon Manilow
From the private life of Brandon ManilowWatch on | Watch VOD
A high moment from the private life of Brandon Manilow

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