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Prison Fuckers

Vlado Iresch
Bill Brown , Billy Jay , Chriss Rosso , Diego Bero , Erik Lenn , Gevin Favre , Kevin Zahn , Ladislav Bohar , Michail Asky , Nicolas Corsi , Nicolas Santos , Nikolas Corby , Ridge Carrey , Rocky Summers , Sanchez Viva , Tom Nowy
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Prison Fuckers

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Life behind bars gets hard for Billy Jay

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

In 2006, Eurocreme released a pair of non-bareback movies starring their popular twink, young stud models in familiar situations of discipline, following clearly defined roles and domination. Director Vlado Iresch and the production team have been criticized for creating goy porn movies with bitter, jaded characters manipulating themselves and others through life.

Such could be said with the film Prison Fuckers. Although, so what? - the guys are in prison after all. Prison Fuckers presents steamy prison sex from beginning to end, all the while introducing a set of questionable characters who you would not want to take home to meet Momma.

Tom Novy fucks Ladislav BoharWatch Now
Prison Fuckers: Tom Novy
fucks Ladislav Bohar
The prison warden Billy Jay, in his most developed role in a Eurocreme movie, starts the film with a shaky, disjointed soliloquy about his life.

This dovetails into two hunky, older prisoners (Ridge Carrey and Gevin Favre - Bareback Gym Buddies) who pick on smaller prisoner Chris Rosso.

The swarthy Favre is one of Eurocreme's hottest topman numbers, giving a fantastic plowing to Favre. Carrey stands near and just allows himself to get sucked by Rosso. That is okay, as the Favre on Rosso action is ample for any episode. Rosso cums while getting plugged, just as Carrey cums in the bottom's mouth, followed by Favre's own hot money shot.

Following this, prison warden Jay serriptitiously observes Kevin Zahn jack off alone in the shower. After this solo comes one of the highpoints of the film, curly haired Bill Brown trades mouthwatering blow jobs with Nicholas Santos. They are interrupted by prison guard Nikolas Corby, who pulls his pants down so that Santos can start licking his ass.

In a very hot sequence, the prison guard, still wearing his shirt and hat, spreads wide so Santos can fully shove his big dick inside him. After some fabulous close ups, it is Brown's turn to plow Corby's ass. After some great fucking on the bunk beds, the guys all leave Brown covered in hot cum.

The film's arousing heat does not cool down when another prison guard (Tom Novy) throws Ladislav Bohar (Bareback Gym Buddies) into a private room for a sumptuous session of devouring and plowing his ass. Always a very hot top (Raw Fix), Novy makes great use of Bohar's fantastic ass with his big, thick dick.

Once again playing the voyeur, prison warden Jay watches Novy drill Bohar's muscular ass on a bed, jacking off to it ultimately hosing down the separating glass window with his cum. Bohar sprays one of the hottest, creamiest cum shots of the film into Novy's mouth.

After this, Eurocreme's regular horse hung stallion Sanchez Viva appears, this time he's smoking a joint with brunet stud muffin Nicolas Corsi (aka Jirka Gregor for William Higgins). Stoned and aroused, they pounce on the first smooth boy to walk in the door, the delectable Michail Asky, whose pretty little ass takes both their cocks.

At one point in a total straight dude maneuver, Corsi humps Asky with Viva across from him getting his cock sucked, as the two tops spontaneously smile and give the high five.

The guys give the bottomboy a full and completely satisfying workout (reminiscent of Viva's similar three way with Jack Roys and Robert Driveman. Corsi and Viva finish by cumming in the bottom's mouth.

Billy Jay's Prison Sex

Finally, the movie's final two sexual episodes continue the theme of sweet, smooth things getting hammered by the big cock. Zahn gets brought into the warden's office by guards Rocky Summers and Erik Lenn. Naturally the warden, Jay, will not sign his release papers until the guys all fuck him.

No problem here, and the ensuing four-way is another spectacular display of hot tops plowing balls deep into the bottomboy. First Summers, followed by Lenn.

Jay, who has a remarkable, giant cock, orders the guards out post-orgasm so that he can ram the kid on his desk by himself. Jay ultimately cums in Zahn's mouth, bringing the power sex plays of Prison Fuckers to a delectable end.

There seems to be a little storyline lost in translation, and if one bothered to think about the characters, they could find some ethical questions in their use of power to get sex. On the other hand, it's prison, and nothing beats any better possible role playing then what allegedly goes on in prison.

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Prison Fuckers Photos:

Rocky Summers fucks Kevin ZahnWatch Now
Billy Jay, Erik Lenn and
Rocky Summers above Kevin Zahn
Sucking Nicolas Corsi and Sanchez VivaWatch Now
Nicolas Corsi and Sanchez Viva
above Michail Asky
Billy Jay in Prison FuckersWatch Now
Kevin Zahn opens for Billy Jay
Sanchez Viva fucks Kevin ZahnWatch Now
Kevin Zahn and Sanchez Viva

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