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Principal Wood and the Boys of Spank U.

Keith Miller
Spank This   ST44
Ben Cooper , Brock Stenson , , , Principal Wood , Zack Ryder
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Principal Wood and the Boys of Spank U.

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Mr. Principal, Spank This!

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Think spanking videos won't get you going? You might be surprised!

Even if you don't want to get spanked, or don't think you can dish it out, there's something very erotic about seeing a tough young punk getting a dose of humility while having to endure a lesson on proper behavior. Best of all, allows you to check out this steamy action in the privacy of your own home, and no one has to know you enjoyed it!

In this movie Principal Wood grows tired of the same problem students appearing in his office for detention. (Pricipal Wood aka T.J. Wood shows up for a non-disciplinary role in Storm Drain) He decides to take matters in hand and dish out a little old fashioned corporal punishment.

Baileey (Bareback Baileey and the Boys) gets a cameo in this scene as Wood's assistant.

First up is Mason Coxx. When a teacher calls him an ass Coxx decides to show the instructor what one really looks like by dropping his pants in class, sans underwear. There's a great line in this scene when Wood asks the boy if he's going to behave and should Wood quit spanking him? When Coxx answers in the affirmative Principal Wood has a hearty laugh and barks out, "I don't think so."

Principal Wood snapshot
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Principal Wood and Mason Coxx
At this point Wood has only gotten started using just his hand. Coxx even has his jeans on so he can't be feeling it that much. All the spoiled boys try whine and weasel their way out of punishment. But when Coxx pulls down his jeans at Wood's command, still no underwear on, and Wood pulls a small wooden paddle out of his desk drawer the youngster learns just how much a spanking dished out by Wood can make an impression on a tender "ass."

The other delinquents out in the hall hear all of this as they wait their turn. They can't believe they're hearing what they think and begin passing around smiles and giggles to relieve their anxiety. Adding to mood, as Wood finishes with each immature man he has him stand in the corner so the guys outside see that their friends go in but they don't come out to tell what happened.

After detention Brock Stenson and Ben Cooper share their experience, pulling down their shorts to compare how red their flesh still is. They each admit that the whole thing turned them on and begin to get into some monkey spanking of their own lying next to each other on the bed. It's a hot scene with the masculine Stenson playing the classic straight boy keeping his eyes focused on his own member and Cooper as the friend who can't keep his eyes, or fingers, off his pal's dick.

This great film wraps up with party-boy types Zack Ryder and Jordan Michaels in some outstanding hardcore bareback exploits. Michaels is an enthusiastic and talented bottom, really going to town on Ryder's pole. Watching hung Ryder split Michaels' still red cheeks with his large meat before squirting big globs of cum right on his partner's hole is truly a treat.

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Principal Wood and the Boys of Spank U. Photos:

Principal Wood snapshot
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Principal Wood and Brock Stenson
Principal Wood snapshot
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Jordan Michaels and Zack Ryder

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