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Prague Rising

Derek Kent
Studio 2000  
Ales Hanak , Bobby Parks , Eric Stuart , Jon Eric , Kristian Brooks , Pavel Novotny
Euro-Muscle GuysScience Fiction/SurrealHunks

Prague Rising

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Pavel Novotny's Breakthrough Movie

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Studio 2000's Prague Rising is an atmospheric vampire-like tale that boils because of its two Slavic stars Pavel Novotny (aka Max Orloff in Bel Ami's Team Play) and Ales Hanek, who also performed Jirka Kalvoda). These two were just beginning their careers at this point, who have since then attracted a world-wide legion of fans.

They both have alluring faces that the camera loves, flawless, sculpted physiques and stunning, over-sized endowments. Independently, these two are stunning, and their coupling in the movie's final scene is incindiary.

Ales Hanak and Pavel NovotnyWatch Now
Ales Hanak and Pavel Novotny
The movie tells the tale of psychic researchers Eric Peters and brother Jon Eric. They are accompanied by lovers Kristian Brooks (Dream Team) and Bobby Parks. They all spend a grim weekend in an isolated mansion, which just happens to contain two wooden coffins of undead lovers (Ales Hanak and Pavel Novotny).

The film's first twelve minutes introduces the story, followed by four all-great sex scenes. The first action is between Brooks and Parks, who have gone to bed early to get frisky. Here, Brooks is the aggressive top, a nice switch from most films. Their sex by the flickering candelabra disturbs Hanak and Novotny, who materialize in their bedroom to observe.

The special effects here are actually pretty good, and do not detract from the movie, which is nice. The looks that the two ghostly men exchange is as arousing as the living sex from Brooks and Parks.

In the second scene, a nude Pavel Novotny assumes corporeal form in Peters' bedroom so that he can probe the sleeping bodybuilder. After sucking him, Peters awakens unsurprised, and returns the oral favor. Then, Peters takes in Novotny's unearthly pleasures by squatting down, ramming himself to an explosive climax. After finishing, Novotny disappears into nothing almost instantaneously.

Next, Hanak materializes in Eric's bed, totally nude and holding a raging erection that brings Eric to his knees. The two exchange blowjobs, Eric unconcerned by this nocturnal occurrence. Hanak allows Eric to partake in his amazing ass, which is beautiful to behold. Eric proves to be a master top for Hanak. They both finish with great money shots, and, like Novotny, Hanak disappears quickly.

Pavel Novotny and Ales Hanek Rise from their Coffins

The final scene is a fog-filled sequence begins with Hanak and Novotny rising from their coffins for an electric scene of unearthly lovemaking. Their exchange is tender, romantic and takes its time. Their lust shines as they exchange blowjobs. What makes this scene sizzle is the follow versatility displayed by the actors. First, Hanak gives up his ass for Novotny. They eventually flip with Hanak topping Novotny missionary.

Here again, they deliver shower-like loads, Novotny cums while getting plugged.

Complimented by a moody story, atmospheric production and its vampiric-overtones, Prague Rising is a superb production, if not an outright film classic. Novotny's gay porn adventures continue in the equally superb Studio 2000 movie Czech Point.

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Prague Rising Photos:

Pavel Novotny and Ales HanakWatch Now
Pavel Novotny and Ales Hanak
Pavel Novotny and Ales HanakWatch Now
Pavel Novotny and Ales Hanak

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