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Prague Buddies (William Higgins)

William Higgins
WHP International  
Adam Koch , Ivan Romanof , Jan Dvorak , Janusz Dickovsky , Jirka Kalvoda , Karel Pisek , Martin Pravda , Milan Dabelsky , Milan Forman , Pavel Dubcek , Pavel Holub , Pavel Korsakov , Tomas Navatny , Vilem Zeman , Zdenek Romany
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Prague Buddies (William Higgins)

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Jan Dvorak and Jirka Kalvoda are Prague Buddies

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

William Higgins started his excellent Prague Buddies series with this sensous release abetted by two shimmering stars, Pavel Korsakov and Jirka Kalvoda (aka Ales Hanak in Prague Rising). Prague Buddies 1 chronicles the sexploits of a secret athletic sex club. Typical of Higgins recent films, the scenes are long, populated with hunky young guys from the Czech Republic, and accent the sensual side of sex.

The film is introduced by lengthy shots of the well-built, nude actors passing a torch, Olympic-style. I was strangely reminded of the eroticism in the 1930's Leni Reifenstahl film, Olympia. But don't worry, this film is much more emancipated and sexy.

In the beginning of the film, Pavel Korsakov (Andel's Story 2) and a friend are told of the club while showering. The two are taken to the secret club headquarters where they participate in an initiation.

The first sex scene of the film involves a wounded athlete escorted by his friend to the office of a horny doctor. The doctor, played by Martin Pravda, is one of the sexier of Higgins' boys, in my opinion. He tops both the patient and his blonde friend.

Afterwards, Jirka Kalvoda (Rapture) and Pavel Korsakov develop a relationship. The two workout and later shower while exchanging long looks. After watching each other all day, the two can no longer hold their passion. So they go to a barn where the blonde Kalvoda makes love to the brunet Korsakov. Kalvoda fucks the smaller Korsakov in several positions. The two screw in two complete rounds with copious orgasms.

We are then treated to a three way coupling with Pavel Dubcek as the top. The other two take turns sucking each other while the other takes Dubcek's cock in the ass. Again, the sex is in two complete rounds.

The final scene involves two Prague Buddies picking up one of their friends in the Polish army. They return and enjoy a shorter three-way meeting in the William Higgins tradition.

At the conclusion of the film, Higgins states that scene 2 between Kalvoda and Korsakov, and the 3-way scene with Pavel Dubcek were edited to fit the film. However, the complete scenes will appear in a future "Making of..." release. Anticipation!

Fans of Higgins' filmwork in the Czech Republic should get this film. As of this writing, WHP International has just released the sequel, Prague Buddies II. Let's see how the sex adventures continue!

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