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Pounding the Pavement

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
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Pounding the Pavement

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Michael Lucas returns to his favorite pastime - showing hot guys hooking up for sex on the streets of New York City.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Wolf Hudson Enjoys Pounding The Pavement

Lucas Entertainment's Pounding The Pavement begins with a montage of NYC's human traffic, and wastes no time implanting the superimposed godlike beauty of Wolf Hudson on our psyches, as he describes a stalking incident of his muscular prey, Michael Lucas discovery Jimmy Trips.

The set-up matters little (truth is the spoken intro about Hudson's apartment is switched around to being Trips abode in the action, but no matter). What's important is these two scorchingly sexy fellas' are soon inside an East Village pad, sinking onto the bed with a passion, and tasting each other's flesh like the world is about to end. And that's pretty much the crux of this Lucas' flick – horny hung guys wandering on the pavements of the big apple, looking for tricks.

Bearded Trips strips off his shirt and allows Hudson to kiss, suck and lick his torso for all its worth, coming up for air only when their mouths meet in lust. Hudson's well developed tatted' arms grip his partner as the duo kiss and feel up each other's asses on the bed. Still wearing their pants (but not for long), breathing gets heavy as their libidos reach breaking point. Trips finds Hudson's member, and after some dirty talk and hardcore caressing, his mouth moves in and envelopes it entirely. Hudson loves the attention and so does his meat – it's soon straining full from the oral pleasuring, wet and slick and damn tasty looking to this viewer.

Kurt Wild and Claudio Martin Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Kurt Wild tastes Claudio Martin
Hudson kindly reciprocates, filling his mouth with his uncut knob and using his pierced tongue to work it up to a healthy erection. It's a noisy slurpfest that degenerates into a hot long sixty-nine session as these two cocksuckers really go to town (or East Village anyway)...

Trips uses this opportunity to get Hudson's hole nicely slicked up with saliva, priming him for his long stiff shaft. Hudson gets on his back, raises his legs and lets Trips rubbered member slide on inside for a passionate rogering.

Long deep penetration only makes Hudson want it harder and deeper, and he gets on top, bucking his cock-craving ass up and down for an aggressive passionste assault as he begs to be fucked. Trips gets Hudson's ass poking in the air and goes in for a vertical pounding which proves too much for the guys. Two hot cocks spurt gooey gobs of cum all over Hudson's abdomen. Nice.

Next "established" couple, the hot red-head Blu Kennedy (Blu Kennedy Interview) and Derrick Hanson, narrate a 3some they had in Chelsea, inviting the sultry Latino Rafael Alencar to their apartment rooftop for some fun.

With the beautiful New York cityscape framed behind them, the men waste precious little time making out. Alencar gets sandwiched between the couple, his shirt is soon stripped off revealing an amazing set of abs and most importantly, his long thick dark king sized Latino cock that is lovingly engulfed by Kennedy's pale mouth.

When Hanson goes in for a suck, Kennedy pulls out his own pecker, and it's another huge fat meat, already fully hard, with a hot patch of red hair at the top and slightly up curving, as tasty as can be. Hanson can't resist pulling it towards him and soon trades out mouthfuls from both men as he sits on the floor. It's fucking hot.

Now Kennedy assumes the position, working back and forth between Hanson (who has a well worked body of his own) and Alencar, raising the heat between the guys, and causing Hanson to go rimming crazy, first on their Latino friend, and then spreading Kennedy open and sticking his tongue in his hairless tight little opening. Kennedy's hole was made to be fucked.

Alencar goes in for a taste of it too, and soon Kennedy is laid out, legs spread wide, huge brown cock assaulting his mouth while Hanson slides his prick into his spit-lubed opening. With verbal encouragement Alencar penetrates Kennedy next, and boy is it a pleasure to watch every inch disappearing up his pale little fuckhole. But a cock like Kennedy's needs hole too, and Hanson bends over next, taking his thick curved manhood all the way in, pushing his ass out for the cock, while cravenly sucking on Alencar's beauty.

The guys use Kennedy to climax, spreading him wide again for Alencar's monster while Hanson jerks a load onto his neck and chest. Kennedy climaxes over himself, and Alencar pulls out and shoots all over his toes and foot, only to lap it off like the dirty sex beast he is.

Scene three takes us to the beefy Greek muscle top Arpad Miklos, who was also cruising for sex in Manhunt: The Movie, recounts an encounter with lean Turkish stud Costas Tinopolis.

Some extended sensual couch kissing leads to the guys getting naked, and Tinopolis crouching between Miklos hairy legs as hew licks and slurps on his armpits, chest, and then down to his inviting uncut hard-on, that he fellates like a pro. Miklos moves submissive Tinopolis into a 69 position for some mutual suckery, and then positions his hole right by Miklos mouth so his bottom can give him a deep erotic rimming. He gets him to suck on his toes next, lying back on a sheepskin rug and enjoying the show, then gets on all fours and pokes out his hairy ass for more oral pleasure from the sub.

Jimmy Trips and Wolf Hudson Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jimmy Trips befriends Wolf Hudson
Miklos pulls a condom over his hard rod, lathers it with lube and gets Tinopolis to squat down onto it, which he does with careful precision until it's buried inside him right up to the balls. Tinopolis' hole stretched wide now by Miklos' cock, he dismounts, turns to face him and climbs back on top, bouncing up and down as Miklos palms his ass cheeks open.

He lifts up his bottom, and fucks him for a while in midair while on his feet in an extremely cock-hardening sequence. Then on the edge of the couch he pounds away at the boy utill he literally pounds a load of cum out of him, before shooting a thick sticky strings of cum all over the well worked Tinopolis' face, hair and neck.

Two Boyfriends Prospect for Tricks

Michael Lucas and his "boyfriend" of seven years, Claudio Martin (Flatiron Fuckers) are on the streets in Soho when they come across young cute blonde twink Kurt Wild. Lucas admits he wants to watch his boyfriend fucking some other guy and the scene dissolves to their pad, Wild sitting on the couch as Lucas and Martin tower above him, shirtless, and pulling their huge cocks out for him to suck from below as they snog.

Pounding Kurt Wild at both ends Martin's massive meat is slightly thicker than Lucas, but both are more than a mouthful and handful for the little Wild, but he does his best job of taking as much meat as he can, as both cockheads vie for the attention of his oral cavity. Absolute gobs of spit and stringy precum drip off these giant penises, and down the sloppy mouth of the hungry twink. Martin lays on the chair, letting Lucas fuck his mouth while Wild slobbers on his prick, then Lucas moves around and pulls his jeans down, revealing a pale hairless fuckable ass like every twink should have, and he slaps his cock on it before leaning in to rim. Meanwhile, Wild's mouth is still crammed full of Martin's thick pole.

Wild's dick isn't half bad either, and Martin pulls it next to Lucas and takes both in his mouth at once, switching between the two for deeper action, while Lucas shoves his toes in Wild's mouth. Next Lucas shows he's an equal opportunity sucker by going down on them both with equal passion.

But here we are in a Soho bedroom, a twink and two older Latinos... We all know what's going to happen. It's really only a waiting game before Lucas pulls back Wild's legs so Martin can slurp on the boy's dick, and get his hole nice and wet with a deep hot rimjob. Wild cries "Yeah, eat my ass, yeah spit in it," really getting into the scene as Martin offers his opened hole to Lucas who rims and sucks and spits in the boys mouth from a great height, lubing him up, and letting Martin push his thickness up inside his hairless little twink-twat.

Near to cumming, Martin pulls out and Lucas forces his way in, taking him sideways (ass in the air) and stretching his hole out further as he sucks on Martin, pausing to drizzle precum and spit in Wild's mouth every once in a while.

Moaning Wild has to stop jerking he's so close to cumming, but Martin clamps his mouth round the boy, and it all becomes a heated frenzy of cock, hole, and tongues. Wild is so hot for it when Lucas pulls out he tries to get him to put it back in, but can't even finish his sentence. But the guys are going to do what they want anyway...

Wild has such great sphincter control he opens and closes at will, Lucas spits in his ass, then without warning suddenly stuffs the boy full of his cock again while Martin fills up his mouth.

Put in doggie position Wild is a spit-roast for these guys, until Martin finally shoots his wad all over his chest and torso, which gets Wild closer to orgasm. Lucas turns him upside down and literally manages to fuck two cumloads out of the lad. Finally Lucas shoots a hot load of jizz right into Wild's hungry mouth, and Lucas finger-feeds him the pools of cum that have missed their target.

Erik Grant returns to pound Jake Starr

The final sequence of Pounding The Pavement finds the handsome tattooed army-esque Jake Starr picking up a goateed Erik Grant at an adult bookstore right around the corner from his NYC apartment (to which they return). This is a welcome return for Grant, a very hot number who burned up scenes in several nice Lucas films several years ago (Encounters: The Heat of the Moment).

Straight into the kissing and without a word spoken between them these fellas are soon stripped to the waist and ready to get dirty. Starr pulls out Grant's hot hard-on first, tonguing the undershaft then working it around and around his head and then sticking a wet finger into his tight little hole.

He's gets Grant so ready to be fucked, and he hasn't even gotten his cock out yet. But now he pulls down the front of his white jockstrap and reveals a long thick cock that any hungry cocksucker would be salivating for, and Grant is no exception. The pair reposition for some mutual oral sex, and Starr makes Grant rim his hole while he keeps his oversized cock more than excited.

Starr pulls Grant up into a literal handstand on the bed and gets his tongue deep inside, then makes Grant get pleasure him some more with his pierced tongue. Back and forth toe sucking ensues, Grant bent over on the bed as Starr rams his cock home, all the time issuing dirty verbal talk ("Who's the bitch now, motherfucker, huh? You like getting fucked?")

Starr turns him on his back, gets up close and personal with his cock right by Grant's mouth, and shoots all over his chin and lips and cheeks. He lets his submissive buddy spew all over his hairy chest, then makes him lap it all up tongue-full by tongue-full...

Believe it or not, Pounding The Pavement was this reviewer's first Lucas Entertainment movie. I tend to lean towards a different genre of porn, and yet I found the level of sex amply satisfactory. The verbal assaults, the spitting, the standard of the models, the backdrops, the sexual gymnastics, they all got my cock swelling and worked out an orgasm or two as well. Ok, I could do without the toe sucking (present in at least three scenes and in my opinion a bit fringe for such a peppering) it's just something that does nothing for me, but I can live with it since it doesn't dominate any one sequence (hell, and I'm just bitter I wasn't sent the director's cut with the piss scene between Lucas and Wild)....

There's little in the way of extras (scene selection is all I had on my DVD), but the standard of men and hot sex speaks for itself. Personal favorites have to be the red-headed Kennedy and his red-hot threesome, Lucas, Martin and their spit-boy, and the explosive intro of Trips and Hudson. But fuck, not one of these scenes is anything short of hot, and with a running time just shy of three hours you really have time to experience these guys. Not only is Pounding The Pavement a "Class A" NYC act, I would let almost every one of these models pound me to the pavement. Highly recommended.

- Jay North

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Costas Tinopolis and Arpad Miklos Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Costas Tinopolis rides Arpad Miklos
Kurt Wild and Claudio Martin in Pounding the Pavement Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Michael Lucas above Kurt Wild and Claudio Martin
Rafeal Alencar above Derrick Hanson and Blu Kennedy Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Rafeal Alencar above Derrick Hanson and Blu Kennedy
Wolf Hudson is Pounding the Pavement Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Wolf Hudson mounts Jimmy Trips

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