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Postcards From Riga

Dan Komar
Triumverate Prod.  
Andrew Ouiet , Danny Deniro , Dinar Right , Gordon Paul , Jeff Left , Jude Lowe , Leev Lale , Loran Carrera , Ludvig Lyons , Milan Lauskis , Raivo Lexus , Ray Renfro , Vichy Taurus
Bareback SexTwinks, International

Postcards From Riga

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Ray Renfro finds true love

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Blond Ray Renfro is the youthful Narcissus, who gazes at himself in the mirror, combing his long hair with luxurious brushstrokes. During the course of the movie, Renfro gets sexually rejected when the new meat in the town gets invited to a bareback sex party, and ultimately finds solace and comfort in the end.

Postcards From Riga is a nice romp with six action scenes, several of which are bareback. Thirteen cute, youthful Latvian models stroll through the screen, and like most Triumvirate movies are well photographed, and include lots of good closeups.

The result is almost two hours of hot boyaction pounded into one film in a picturesque Baltic setting.

Loran Carrera receives Postcards from Riga Watch Now
Loran Carrera (below) feels the love
Renfro's new competition is a newly signed Triumvirate model, Raivo Lexus, a real cutie with a firm, muscular boy. Lexus boards a train to Riga where he picks up an attractive blond guy named Ludvig Lyons. Lyons, who looks great here, has also done movie work for Dolphin Studios.

Going to Lyon's apartment in Riga, the two begin kissing. They pull down their underwear revealing round, supple asses. After taking a playful bath together, they adjourn to the bed where Lyons pounds Lexus with his bare dick.

On his backside, legs thrown back, Lexus takes the fast paced pumps with a full erection. Lexus shoots his seed as Lyons continues his pace. Then the top pulls out, shoots on Lexus' balls, and pushes his meat back inside.

This sidetrack makes Lexus late to Renfro's. The conductor was slow to come, apologizes Lexus. They decide to have some sexual practice. Renfro immediately opens his robe, his hard dick leaping out.

The two are joined by Gordon Paul, a blond with shaved pubes and a pillowy ass. Paul stands, filling Renfro's mouth. Lexus makes it a boy-chain by orally servicing Renfro's tool.

Paul gives up his ass in a variety of positions, staying hard throughout. Renfro plays top here, and all three shoot copious loads.

Loran Carrera Rejects Porn Contract

Next, slim Loran Carrera is home making dinner wihen his boyfriend arrives. He is informed that a porn studio asked him to be in a movie. He rejected their offer, causing the two to immediately reaffirm their affection by getting it on in the kitchen.

Carrera's petite hole gets over-stuffed with his partner's bare shlong. After topping him in several positions, Carrera gets his hairless hole doused in white cum, and then gets refilled by the still throbbing meat.

After this, Raivo Lexus shows up for his first photoshoot. A bit early, he's told to wait outside while Milan Lauskis finishes photographing Jude Lowe. Lauskis takes pictures while Lowe, hair perfectly coiffed and python fully hard jacks out a money shot.

With that job completed, Lauskis gets Lexus in for his turn. Lexus undresses and begins modeling, which turns into a mutual suck session. Both take turns blowing each other, and they shoot their cream into each other's mouths.

Can Ray Renfro stay in the game? Equipped with endless energy, Lexus heads to the bareback sex party, while a rejected Ray Renfro goes to pout in a cafe. He missed a good one.

Riga Bareback Sex Party

The party host (never named) is a real cutie who quickly pairs up with Lexus. The other partiers, Vichy Taurus, Andrew Quiet and Dinar Right group up for a three way.

All five have an energetic sextravaganza. We get to see Lexus demonstrate his topman skills for the first time in the film, on the party host. Andrew Quiet is a spunky little top who takes turns on Taurus and Right.

At the cafe, waiter Danny Deniro consoles Renfro, who is drowning his misery in coffee and cigarettes. They go home to the bedroom, dropping off their clothes. Here, Renfro shows his versatility by giving up his ass to Deniro. After getting it doggy, he switches to his back. Heels in the air, Renfro unloads while getting plugged, and takes Deniro's on his face.

Happy now, Renfro feels once again that he's still in the game.

Postcards From Riga continues to be one of Triumvirate's best-sellers. With this bevy of cute boys, it's easy to see why.

Postcards From Riga Photos:

Ray Renfro and Ludvig Lyons Watch Now
Ray Renfro works over Ludvig Lyons from behind
Danny Deniro and Ray Renfro Watch Now
Danny Deniro holds Ray Renfro open
Postcards from Riga Bareback Sex Party Watch Now
The Bareback Sex Party

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