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Porn Zone

Jean-Mark Prouveur
Oh Man! Studios  
Eduardo Contreras , Giovanni Carreras , Henry Fleischmann , Jason Decker , Jay-Jay , Jean Marc Prouveur , Jeff Lowland , Lee Jaguar , Leo Lentes , Michael Van Goethem , Rico Vialli , Taz Loberas , Tony Sweet ,
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Porn Zone

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Oh Man! This video's hot!

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Porn Zone is one of the hottest, most offbeat movies of the year. In a departure from the standard four or five scene film, this movie depicts a studio that broadcasts video streams to viewers on the Internet, dubbed the Porn Zone. In this studio, extremely sexy European models must spend their time on bed and couches performing the sexual commands of the voice of the Controller.

Regarding the models, there is not a bad apple in the bunch. Filmed in Great Britain, virtually the entire cast is a set of new faces, wielding fantastic cocks and asses that beg to be eaten. Director Jean-Mark Prouveur does a great job at showing ass eating and jawboning blowjobs.

The film switches back and forth between models at first, although that calms down in the second half of the film.

The movie begins with a shot of Henry Fleishman, a Germanic brawny muscleman with a torpedo of a cock. Fleishman plays one of the movie's controllers, who spends the movie speaking commands to the models, telling them how to have sex. In one of the later moments, Fleishman bumps into a delectable bottomboy named Jason Decker in a stairwell.

The two instantly ignite into sexual action highlighted by the fast and furious pounding of Decker's tight hole. After Fleishman gets off, Decker has to perform a rooftop solo for the camera.

Eduardo ContrerasWatch VOD
Eduardo Contreras
So, throughout the film there are scenes showing the models performing solos, and then screwing each other. These guys know how to pose, stick it right in the camera, and make the hot flesh leap right out of the screen. The result is very European, sort of like sexual product produced by Germany's Cazzo Films.

For a solo performance, Brazilian smoothie Eduardo Contreras gives it his all. Laying on a blue covered couch, he looks at the camera with his bedroom eyes, pulling on his pretty dick. The musical accompaniment is a non-stop electronic rhythm. In another solo, sexy shaved-headed Taz Loberas. jerks his uncut cock sitting in a chair, constantly rubbing the underside of his balls.

Cutting between these two are two duets. pound each other. Lee Jaguar is a hotter then hell latino, light skinned and with a massive cudgel for a cock. Rico Vialli enters the room to suck on his tool, and Jaguar writhes around on the bed. After lathering Vialli's smooth hole with his tongue, Jaguar throws the go-teed bottom an outright electric shag. Another couple, Jeff Lowland and Michael van Goethemgo at it like animals. The pale skinned van Goethemgo gets rammed by Lowland, tearing into wild sex all over the bed.

These Europeans are full tilt sex machines.

All four sequences are edited together so that the action builds up, and they all blow their money shots one after the other. Sweet little Contreras squirts out a nice puddle onto his tummy. As a contrast from Contreras' innocence, Jaguar unloads a hefty amount with his asshole opened up in the camera. The couples kiss, and the guys catch their breath, and exit. This concludes the first sixty minutes of the film. This is not bad since the second half is even hotter.

It starts with the Decker / Fleishman quickie on the stairs. Fleishman pushes Decker against the wall to pump his ass. Then afterwards on the roof terrace, Decker poses on a chair to show off his cock and puckered hole before blowing his load.

The movie then unveils new sets of guys. Giovanni Carreras is one of the hottest boybottoms to grace the screen. He first stretches out his supple body to show off his body assets by himself. Equally cute Simon de Jesus (aka Simon Angel) joins him for a rollicking screw. With cocks and asses like these, the jaw-dropping result should be no less. Just right here in this one scene are two models that are total knock-outs, which have never done other films. Where do they come from?

This scene, fortunately, takes its time. There is not as much jumping as in the first half of the film. This means there is ample footage showing Carreras rimming de Jesus, ultimately covering his body from head to toe. After pounding Carreras missionary, they blow their money shots.

Porn Zone caps off with a barnburner of a finale: bald musclebottom Leo Lentes takes everything that equally the beefy Tony Sweet throws his way. In a hot moment, Lentes lowers his smooth round ass onto Sweet's erection, completely swallowing the huge pole. That comes after fine sequences of mouthwatering cocksucking, and some beautifully tasty bouts of Lentes getting his hole rimmed.

Watching these two coffee-skinned men screw makes the perfect finish to this surprising movie. Porn Zone is unorthodox in its editing and presentation. The combination of four sequences into one many annoy some. Actually, the second and third time I watched it, I enjoyed everything even more. The European cast is full of fresh faced guys full of energy and spunk.

Bravo to this film that takes the viewer into a place where the sex seemingly never ends.

Porn Zone Photos:

Giovanni Carreras and Simon de JesusWatch VOD
Giovanni Carreras kisses Simon de Jesus
Leo Lentes and Tony SweetWatch VOD
Leo Lentes sucks Tony Sweet

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