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Once again, Britain's Eurocreme studio constructs an enjoyable fable around one of the fresh faced cuties, Will Richards. He narrates his story describing how he goes from behind the cameras of a porn shoot to eventually being in front of them. (Tapping into a popular fantasy) The lanky, smooth brunet is not as powerful a presence as some of Eurocreme's previous porn stars, like Chris Cooke from the SpyBoy series. (Perhaps this is why oddly he's not the box cover boy on the DVD, but instead Steven Tyler)

Still, Richards looks quietly sexy - a notable English personality trait we don't see as much with American porn stars. The movie's final scene also reveals that he has a nice, big dick.

Tristan Dean and Will Jameson Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Tristan Dean rides plumber Will Jameson

FriskyNews Blog: Straight Boy Matt Hughes Gets Seduced

Meet Will The Plumber

PornBoy starts off cleverly in the midst of a porn movie cliche: A horned-up customer gets frisky with the tightly clad, hunky plumber, whose banging around the pipes underneath his kitchen sink. The customer is a choice piece of sweet meat named Tristan Dean, who, naturally, stands over the working plumber wearing nothing but a blue tank top and tight white underwear that barely conceals his excitement.

Dean's first Eurocreme show was an all-oral episode in the gay disco drama PartyBoy. Here, Dean finally goes all way, this time under the firm guiding hands of studio regular Will Jameson. The tense build-up, followed by lengthy phallus groping through tight clothes starts things off great. Bent over the sink, Jameson eats out Dean's pretty butt, followed by them fucking on the kitchen floor.

Jameson tops Dean in several hot positions. Both guys put on an arousing show even though it actually looks a bit uncomfortable doing it like that on the cold tile. Hey it's a great fantasy, that reveals itself when, once finished with the sex, the models go out of character and start talking to the off camera director. It's all in a day's work on the porn set.

At this point, we meet the film's narrator, Richards who tells us his job at the studio is a production assistant. He introduces us to Matt Hughes, who for many needs no introduction whatsoever. Hughes' massive eleven inch penis stole the show in Straightboy where he played the titular role in the Eurocreme 2008 blockbuster.

For this scene, the producers must call in a bottomless bottom, a role ably undertaken by Jak Williams. Hughes fucks his brains out, lifting this episode up to one of the movie's highest moments. Watching him twist Williams around like a pretzel, going full bore is worth numerous viewings. Hughes ends up standing up and raining a heavy coat of cum down onto the bottom's smiling face.

Next up, we meet British fuck machine Shane Stone (not to be confused with the American twink Shane Stone in The DaVinci Load.) This lad is all business. Laying back in bed, he loves getting serviced by Belgian beauty Phillipe Delvaux.

In a great sequence of hot oral sex, the guys close themselves into an intense sixty-nine, followed by many additional cock sucking positions. On his back, Delvaux visibly bites down when Stone plunges his full length inside his butt. Stone proceeds to show off impressive top man skills, fucking the bottom with a steady rocking rhythm, moving through several hot positions.

Delvaux cums while getting fucked standing doggie. Stone decides to follow Hughes' earlier lead by glazing the bottom's face with ample jizz.

Alex Stevens Tops!

One of PornBoy's enjoyable surprises is the well-known Czech porn star Alex Stevens, who this time shows off his topping skills, a rare delight since he typically plays bottom. One of Stevens' frequent criticisms is that his body is rather scrawny, such as in one of his first videos 2007's Raw Courage.

By this time, Stevens has toned up significantly. Perhaps it's the lush sexual photography skills of director Simon Booth, but Stevens appears quite dreamy. His scene partner is Hayden Kane, a larger lad with an even larger cock. Watching Stevens move through fucking this big dicked bottom in numerous breathless positions is another one of the film's show stoppers.

After taking us through several interviews with the previous models, Richards declares that his compulsions have driven him to being filmed fucking in front of the camera. His scene partner is a surprisingly handsome, and quiet, bottom named Steven Tyler.

Their one on one is a solid performance, but it seems slightly off a few degrees after all the preceding episodes. For us, that's okay, because the overall video, wrapped up in the cute Eurocreme storyline, makes up for it.

Richards does release a great orgasm pumping out waves and waves of white hot cum for a surprisingly long time. "That was awesome. Hope you liked it", he says politely, once finished. As a matter of fact, yes we did.

PornBoy is another lasting notch on Eurocreme's belt of impressive Boy Toy video releases.

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PornBoy Photos:

Matt Hughes fucks Jak WilliamsWatch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Matt Hughes tops Jak Williams
Alex Stevens fucks Hayden KaneWatch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Alex Stevens tops Hayden Kane
Steven Tyler sucks Will Richards Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Steven Tyler sucks Will Richards
Will Richards fucks Steven Tyler Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Steven Tyler rides Will Richards

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