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Pool Party

Herve Handsome
High Octane  
Bryce Gabona , Connor Zaftos , Dalton Labda , Daniel Magam , Ian Babkave , Logan Sajnal , Luis Landzsa , Luke Vador , Michael Sarlo , Patrick Kacer , Thierry Golyo , Zachary Labas , Zoltan Sapka , ,
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Pool Party

This Is More Than a Party

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Some people complain that the euro-muscleguy movies are populated with identical-looking guys. The thing to keep in mind here is, number one, if you like the style, it's perfect and you'll want more. Also, we Americans are spoiled by our melting pot lifestyle. It's just common to walk down the street and see people with black, blond, and red hair, all kinds of ethnic backgrounds with various body types.

The people in these smaller, old European countries are just much more homogeneous in their population. They really are from a largely untainted gene pool. However, since the fall of the Iron Curtain, these hot studs have been spilling and spraying their pent-up gene seed everywhere with a vengeance.

Pool Party has five scenes, all of which close with the models shooting their gene pool on each other. Like all High Octane productions, there are fifteen well-chiseled, perfectly built models, probably of Hungarian stock. Their hair is closely cropped, they have strong, Slavic facial features, and everhard uncut cocks that point up to the sky.

Patrick Kacer
Patrick Kacer
The first scene is an al fresco three way with Zoltan Sapka, twinkish Patrick Kacer and High Octane veteran Isidore Nadas. Nadas is always a favorite to see, performing just as well as a bottom as a top. After mutually fondling and nibbling on each other, Sapka sits poolside so Nadas can take a full length taste of his cock.

Kacer lowers his trunks to reveal an impressive erection, and Sapka alternates on him and Nadas. Twinkboy plays topman here. He gets the film's first piece of ass, which is Sapka. Kacer pumps the bottom sideways, Sapka holding his legs up high for the best entry angle.

Sapka rides Nadas for awhile, and then goes back to Kacer for more. They all shoot hot money shots at the end.

Next, inside in an indoor pool room, Logan Sajnal leisurely reclines against a wall watching Thierry Golyo and Luke Vador making out in the jacuzzi. From the side, Connor Zaftos decides to work up what's underneath Sajnal's towel.

Sajnal is a most handsome, beefy stud with a nice-sized cock and a set of balls that would feel great slapping against you. It isn't long before Zaftos finds this out for himself. Over in the jacuzzi, Golyo and Vador have worked themselves up into a anal frenzy. Golyo gets plugged by Vador.

The two couples look good mutually pumping each other. The high point is when Thierry leans against the wall, ass out calling all assembled to top him round-robin style.

The third scene is a duet with blond god Dalton Labda and brunet Daniel Morgan. Labda sort of looks kin to Falcon's supertop Matthew Rush. The two are out by the pool, when after enjoying a cool drink, Ladba decides that Morgan's ass will truly quench his thirst.

Fully buffed and smooth, Labda tops his buddy doggie style, squat-sitting and sideways. Their doggie style action is the best, and to finish Labda sits back and gets blown awhile before unloading.

The fourth scene takes place in an exercise room with Bryce Gabona working out his huge arms, as Zachary Labas does pull-ups nearby. Ian Babkave is an attendant who dutifully brings a towel to Labas. Labas gets his hefty prick serviced by Babkave both orally and anally.

Babkave is the submissive bottomboy here. Gabona does move in for some sucking, but its dominated by Labas and Babkave. In the end, Babkave straddles the bench between the other two for a double barreled cum barrage.

The last scene is a great three way with boxcover-boy Luke Jarkal, Luis Landzsa and Michael Sarlo. After shooting a little pool, Jarkal gets turned on by Sarlo's shapely ass. Soon, Jarkal is kissing Sarlo as Landzsa works on both of their cocks.

Jarkal, who has done numerous movies, always knows how to dominate a scene with his big, thick cock. Jarkal climbs up onto the pooltable and sticks it in Sarlo, who stays bent over slurping on Landzsa.

Landzsa then gets a turn to pound away on Sarlo, who proves to be a very hot bottomboy, in the classic High Octane style. Jarkal straddles Sarlo's face so he can get his boner worshipped, and Landzsa continues away at the other end missionary style. The two eagerly share Sarlo some more and finish by firing hefty amounts of their Hungarian, homogeneous gene pool onto Sarlo's chest and abs.

Pool Party brings our Europe's finest musclestuds in full force, including thick top Luke Jarkal, tasty twink Patrick Kacer and rock hard blond Dalton Labda.

Pool Party Photos:

Pool Party snapshot
Connor Zaftos on Logan Sajnal, Thierry Golyo on Luke Vador
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Pool Party snapshot
That's Luke Jarkal with that thick dick and incredible thighs / legs.
Luke Jarkal, Michael Sarlo and Luis Landzsa
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Pool Party snapshot
Dalton Labda underneath Daniel Morgan
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