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Pokin' in the Boys Room

Michael Brandon Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
Eric Campbell , Jason Dean , Mario Ortiz , Michael Brandon , Montaz , Peter Phalz , Tag Adams , Taurus
Glory Holes/TearoomsCum EatingDaddies / Men

Pokin' in the Boys Room

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A True Michael Brandon Classic

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Michael Brandon runs a friendly neighborhood bar with outstanding restroom facilities. At this watering hole, the men's room comes fully stocked with glory holes, lube and condoms. Brandon has also gone so far as to hire an official instigator, in the form of boy-toy Tag Adams.

These two make a fine pair together on-screen. This is just one of the many elements that make Pokin' in the Boys Room one of the hidden surprises of 2004. Producer Brandon has also assembled a fine cast of studly guys with big dicks and hungry holes, many of whom are making their first ever on-screen appearances.

Furthermore, even for the seasoned models, like Tag Adams, he has absolutely never looked or performed better.

Tag Adams and Mario Ortiz Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Tag Adams tastes Mario Ortiz
Brandon's bar caters to a good looking straight crowd. The guys come in with their girlfriends, eventually finding solace in the bar's men's room. And the ladies are totally clueless as to why their bf's are taking so long to urinate. To help, Brandon and the other bartenders keeps them liquored up while waiting.

The result is a business that appears to run like a well-oiled sleaze machine. Note the DVD has two separate versions of the movie - an all-sex all-male edit, plus the full version including dozens of extras at the bar.

The movie's first action scene appears before the producers even bother running the opening credits. Brandon and French bottom-pup Taurus (Party in the Rear) are setting up the place for the evening. During this, their sexual gonads get the better of them, causing Brandon to throw a wild ass bang to the European on the pool table.

This sexual romp sizzles from beginning to end. Brandon's long python has never looked so aroused. First Taurus sucks him like he desperately looking for precious oxygen out of an air hose. Then his pretty butt is bent over to get a wild pounding from behind.

Dante lays there pulling his cheeks apart with his hands. Brandon pounds the hole until it visually opens up to the size of a dollar coin. To finish, Brandon jacks a big stream of come out, most of which directly into the frenchman's mouth. Taurus shoots a big wad himself, which Brandon's licks right up.

That's just the teaser!

Mario Ortiz Pokes Tag Adams

Afterwards the bar is open for business, and everyone's ready. First up, latin powerhouse Mario Ortiz excuses himself from his chica. In the bathroom, he finds a naked and fully stoked Adams stationed right at Glory Hole Number One.

After unveiling his beautiful curved dick for worship, Ortiz pokes it right up onto Adams' willing ass. The latino slams him through the partition, and then finishes buy rear-ending Adams inside the roomy toilet stall.

Ortiz is a hot top, and he shoots out a heavy load for Adams to lick up.

Afterwards, Raging Stallion discovery Montaz Morgan (The Shaft) saunters in. Adams has just gotten topped by Ortiz, and eaten his load. Barback Taurus is also there, but what can two bottoms really do together in the Boys Room, until a top shows up?

Montaz solves this problem by getting his tattooed cock hard. He gives Adams a lively butt slamming pounding. He gives Adams a brief kiss, and lets Taurus start sucking him. Montaz is a very sexy German guy. His fully shaped body is adorned with a German flag tattoo.

He gives another load ass pounding to Taurus, who is standing over a keg moaning and panting. Brandon drops by briefly to tell them to hurry up, so Taurus jacks out a hot load into Montaz's mouth. Montaz then makes a gooey mess on the bottom's ass checks.

After this action, another German stud, Peter Pfaltz, strolls in to use the bathroom. By now, Taurus must be ready to top. He makes a lengthy exploration of Pfaltz's ass. He explores the hole with his fingers.

Finally he gives it to the German as good as he's been getting it from the other tops in the film. They shoot their loads, and wash up at the sink.

Michael Brandon Fucks Everyone in the Boys Room

Leading up the grand finale, black studmuffin Erik Campbell finds Jason Dean loitering in the bathroom. They start with blowjobs through the glory hole. Then the incredibly sexy Campbell throws a fine ass pounding to Dean, who is bent over the sink. Interestingly, Dean got the daylights pounded out of him by a black guy in the subsequent film (Hot Properties).

J.D. Slater's sex music echoes and roars to the pounding rhythm of Campbell's thick dick. Dean appears to be in heaven. (As would any fan of black on white action here) All this draws the attention of Adams, who wanders in.

At first he lends a helping hand by spreading Dean's cheeks apart so Campbell get go in deeper. Soon Adams has his butt out for a piece of that black cock. Campbell obliges.

Pulling out of Dean, he sticks it right into Adams. More great black on white ass banging. Just as we might think the scene has concluded, Brandon enters the frey.

The movie is not finished until Brandon succeeds in screwing all three of their butts. Campbell reminds us how great it is to watch black guys bottom for white guys. Congrats for making the movie even better with some interracial casting. Brandon then hammers Dean and then his boy Adams.

They all moan up a storm, and look like they are having a great time. Lengthy and interesting sex scenes, a great cast and fun story all make Pokin' in the Boys Room a hidden gem. The sex is great, the oral cumshots are tasty, and there is something for everyone. No actor is wasted.

The DVD also contains an interview with Michael Brandon and his French discovery Taurus. Unlike some DVD extras, the presentation is coherent and informative. As usual Raging Stallion videos always seem to have a little extra fun something thrown in.

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Pokin' in the Boys Room Photos:

Michael Brandon fucks Taurus Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Taurus opens up for Michael Brandon
Tag Adams is Pokin in the Boys Room Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Taurus, Tag Adams, Montaz

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