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Plexus: Hardcore

Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
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Plexus: Hardcore

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The Art of the Orgy with Michael Vincenzo

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Raging Stallion Studios finishes its two year project to capture onto film the art of the orgy with the 2004 release of Plexus. We dragged our heels all year on reviewing this movie. Let's just start with our hang up: the beginning.

How do you begin an orgy? Director Chris Ward addresses this question with some new ideas that this reviewer found to come up short. The men stand around in a dark chamber which is filled with thick white fog. They move around carrying flashlights. The flashlights end up lighting the first sequence, which is the cast orally servicing each other.

This dimly lit round of sucking ends with money shots from everyone. After this point the fog machine is fortunately put away. The first sex is a one on one between newcomer Alex Steele and fellow hairy daddy Andreas Stern. Stern screws Steele with his uncut German sausage while wearing his jeans.

Tony Serrano fucks Lance Gear Watch on
Tony Serrano behind Lance Gear
Here again, this is all a non-starter. When I first screened Plexus, I was dismayed to be forty minutes into the film and so unimpressed. But then, they released Tony Serrano from his cage. From this point until the end of the movie (over an additional hour) my orgiastic fantasies of mansex began welcome reenactments on the screen.

It took awhile, but Plexus started flexing some real muscle. Serrano buries his bone in Lance Gear, who gives a wonderful performance as a most-grateful bottom who loves the feeling of cock inside his ass. Then the temperature increases when Serrano throws a hard driving screw to Raging Stallion minx Shane Rollins.

Plexus also is Italian stallion Michael Vincenzo's swansong, who announced his retirement from the adult movie business after filming. Vincenzo (Gay Dreams) easily moves through the orgies as both a sexy top and studly bottom. He also displays his impressive ability to blow his load multiple times throughout.

In a difference from Nexus, this set includes a number of slings and some gymnastic bars hanging from the ceiling. Rollins and Vincenzo show off some impressive upperbody strength as they hold themselves upright so that the tops can screw their asses. Serrano screws Vincenzo in a sling, and they both fire out splattery loads.

After this, Jarek gets his slingtime (a precious commodity with so many bottoms around). He makes for a graceful, blond figure laying back taking porn star Brenden Austen's energetic thrusts up his frenzied hole. Austen cuts an impressive figure with his muscular body, dark blond hair and versatile set of sexual assets. Vincenzo joins them, where he gets to spray another money shot.

Plexus ends with a roaring finale, which finally raises it to the same levels as its predecessors. In a high point, Rollins saunters out to an obviously delighted Gear, who is ready and waiting in the sling. Rollins' body never looked better, and watching his beautiful ass as he pumps Gear is breathtaking.

The entire cast is involved here in a mass of ass pumping culminating with hot cum flying all around. Director Chris Ward's study of orgy as art makes for an essential part of any porn collection. The beginning sequence of oral sex is an interesting idea, but just did not warm up to us. Your mileage may vary. Fortunately, with such a hot cast, and plenty of memorable sexual action afterwards, Plexus easily fits into the acclaimed list of best group-sex movies of all time.

Brenden Austen fucks Jarek Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Brenden Austen plugs Jarek; Michael Vincenzo watching

Plexus: Disc Two

The second disc is very entertaining. It contains two items which total an hour and forty minutes. First up are two anal fetish scenes, both are expertly filmed. First up is Austen, who shows here his amazing butt abilities with a dildo molded after Michael Brandon's penis. This scene is riveting, as the beautifully muscled Austen takes this long dong in his ass.

Assisting him is Lance Gear. The best moments are when Gear wears the prosthetic device in his own jeans, and he easily screws Austen with it using the thrusts of his own hips. Kudos to an amazing and unique sexual sequence.

After this comes Jarek, who gets literally gang fisted by Gear, Steele and Stern. Jarek has a beautiful set of asslips. And then come the fists. The blond smoothie easily handles hands, wrists and arms, eventually turning his asslips inside out to a gaping hole the size of an Eisenhower silver dollar. Watching the bottom's reactions to this call to arms is always the most interesting.

The final sequence on the extra disc is a very entertaining behind the scenes documentary, called Reel to Reel. The sixty-five minute feature details the events of the set as experienced by Michael Brandon, who served on the film as the fluffer.

Unlike many behind the scenes loops, this give little attention to the filming of the movie. There is a lot more footage of the models as Brandon diddles with them, sucking the dicks of the tops, and practices opening the holes of the bottoms. It is an interesting twist to a Behind the Scenes show, and yet another display of the ever-flowing creative abilities of the Raging Stallion team.

Plexus for many will be a stirring sexfeast. For this reviewer, the ingredients were all there, they just took some time to gel. The bar raised by Nexus was set extremely high, after all. Despite this, Plexus contains lots of hot orgy moments.

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Plexus: Hardcore Photos:

The Plexus guys Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
The Plexus Team
Tony Serrano fucks Shane Rollins Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Michael Vincenzo observes Tony Serrano ramming Shane Rollins

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