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Pleasure Express

George Duroy
Falcon International   FIC-003
Alexander Strauss , Daniel Valent , Erich Tauber , Eugen Kalman , Kristoff Junas , Leo Husek , Michal Tarkus , Roland Martinus , Slavo Jarowsky
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Pleasure Express

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Harder and faster then the TGV

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Why are moving trains so Freudian? George Duroy explores this issue magnificently in Pleasure Express, the third film he produced for Falcon. A recent viewing reveals just how amazing the film, produced in 1995, endures extremely well. One reason, much of the film is actually filmed on a moving locomotive, an actual feat very rarely seen in any gay porn (an exception: Wild Ride to Berlin).

First of all, it is not generally remembered today that Duroy collected many beautiful golden delicious apples in his first productions beyond Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik. Daniel Valent looked good enough to eat with a spoon. Michael Tarkus was a fucking hot hunk. And the tall, curly haired Alexander Strauss can go down in the record books as wielding one of porn's biggest thick cocks.

Pleasure Express snapshotWatch VOD
Daniel Valent sucks Leo Husek

These are the movies which people saw and thought, "Wow! What's in the water over there that these slavik guys are drinking?" All told, the train trollopes go at each other in five scenes totaling slightly over an hour.

Wearing a broad-brimmed hat, Leo Husek finds himself alone in a rail car with Valent, who states back at him with his pouty, full lips. Husek looks back, strumming on his guitar. Setting the instrument aside, Husek surprises everyone to uncover a full erection opening out of his pants, the first of the film's many quietly memorable visuals.

Valent's clothes mysteriously disappear as he gives Husek the best blowjob that he can possibly deliver. Playing with his hair covered meat, Husek ultimately takes his staff and jacks out a big splattering of cum that covers his own pubes.

Alexander Strauss Starts Waltzing

And the train continues on its journey. Next, we find Strauss standing outside Slavo Jaworski's private compartment looking in hungry as he finishes a cigarette. Jaworski, dressed in a dress clacks and tie looks up from his newspaper to see Strauss rubbing the bulge in his pants, slowly opening it to show his growing trouser snake. The countryside passes by rapidly outside as Jaworski takes Strauss' cock in his mouth, blowing him.

It's truly huge, and arguably one of the best pleasures to be found on this Pleasure Express. Jaworski's blow-job gets Strauss off, shooting his load on his new friend's nicely defined, naked chest. And Strauss is not done yet. Moments later we find Jaworski standing up taking Strauss' balls-deep thrusts from behind. In some excellent uses of the compartment, a various points he hangs off the luggage rack, while later throws his legs back in the velvet seat for some missionary action.

Jaworski's facial expression is a mask near pain receiving all of this. Strauss blows his second load onto the bottom's chest, who follows up with his own money shot. Amazingly, the top still isn't finished. There's more great footage of him screwing Jaworski, culminating with his third money shot, this time over the bottom's delicious rear end.

Following this, one of the locomotive employees (Eugen Kalman) gets so steamed up watching all of the passengers enjoying sexual frolic he must repair to a private berth and relieve himself. Kalman ultimately gets fully naked, and laying back in a comfortable looking pull out bed, he squirts a nice load from his pretty dick. (This is a refrain from Paulik's dilemma as the cleaning boy who couldn't participate in any action at the Sauna Paradiso.)

There's cruising in the dining car, where waiter Roland Matinus grabs hottie Michael Tarkus who's seated alone at a table, taking him to an empty dining car where they proceed to suck and fuck in another one of the film's multi-orgasm romps. Tarkus, a sexually explosive youthful-looking lad who first lit the screen on fire with Dano Sulik in Accidental Lovers, gets on his his to suck off Matinus.

The anal action is brief, probably because Bel Ami hadn't invented Personal Trainer sessions yet for their models. Still, it's edited deftly so that it appears that the waiter fucks Tarkus on one of the dining tables a bit, followed by more sucking and another round of money shots.

Strauss Reappears in the Mail Car

The final scene of the film is a whopper, especially because it features the return of Strauss along with his accompanying whopper erection. In the locomotive's mail car (mail = male, get it?) boxcover model Kristof Junas successfully derails Erich Tauber from sorting letters. Pants down, Tauber works over Junas' own uncut sausage, getting face-fucked in several hot camera angles.

Junas returns the oral favor when Strauss reappears once again like the train's eternal crusing for sex ghost, naked and stroking his big meat. Junas gets a face full of cock in two directions. Finally, Junas does a good job taking Strauss' dick, bouncing up and down on it from above. The guys finish by making Junas into a sandwich, where he gets some final reaming from Strauss on his back, followed by their loads.

After over fifteen years, there's still lots to like in Pleasure Express. It's still one of the best train rides in gay porn that's going around.

Pleasure Express Photos:

Michal Tarkus in Pleasure ExpressWatch VOD
Michal Tarkus
Alexander Strauss in Pleasure ExpressWatch VOD
Alexander StraussWatch VOD
Daniel Valent and Leo HusekWatch VOD
Daniel Valent sucks Leo Husek

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