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Playing with Fire 4: Alarm

Chi Chi LaRue
All Worlds Video  
Alessio Romero , Damon Audigier , , Drew Cutler , Jeremy Bilding , Johnny Hazzard , Landon Conrad , Luke Marcum , , Mitchell Rock ,
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Playing with Fire 4: Alarm

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Johnny Hazzard's Multi-Alarm Fire Frolic

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Careless smoking leads to combustible results in the fourth entry of All Worlds' famous Playing with Fire film series. Firemen fucking each other endures as one of the most popular fetishes in gay porn. This is why for many years the original Playing with Fire was All Worlds' top selling movie. Now under the stewardship of Channel 1 Releasing, director Chi Chi LaRue peppers Playing with Fire 4: Alarm with a good amount of blazing sex with her current stable of stallions. Featured in two of the four sex scenes, it's marvelous that Johnny Hazzard still remains at the top of his sexual game.

Starting from his first films, Hazzzard seems to play the lone wolf spending his days and nights panning through the city's rivers looking for sexual gold nuggets. [Starting with What Men Do] Here he walks in on Alessio Romero and Dayton O'Connor having sex in what looks like Scott Pilgram's spare, dilapidated apartment. (Does this mean O'Connor is Pilgram's gay roommate?)

Luke Marcum and Damon Audiger Watch Now
Johnny Hazzard observes Luke Marcum sucking Damon Audiger

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Things heat up when Hazzard pulls out his cock and feeds it to Romero, whose already busy sitting over O'Connor face gorging him with his cock and balls. Romero proceeds to eat out O'Connor's youthful butt, a juicy sight which dissapointingly does not get further violated.

In one of the film's memorable visuals, Romero doggie fucks Hazzard while sucking O'Connor's cock. Their intense three-way continues with Romoero spreading his legs wide and O'Connor plunging in him while on his side. Romero stays in this position getting pressed from both ends by Hazzard and O'Connor until it's time to release their loads.

After sex, Romero shows his moral colors by carelessly smoking a joint which starts a fire. Further showing his civic gratitude towards his newest friend, he abandons the passed-out Hazzard, slithers out the burning building with O'Connor like snakes.

Fortunately, Hazzard's rescued by our heroes, the firemen. Several weeks later, Hazzard shows up at the fire station to personally thank the guys for courageously saving his life. The place first appears empty. He quietly enters the barracks where Luke Marcum and Damon Audigier are asleep. At this point, Hazzard, always the fantasy voyuer, imagines a one-on-one sex scene between the two sexy firemen, another one of the movie's great scenes. It starts with Audigier creeping over to Marcum's bed to suck on his stiff cock.

Audigier puts on a great show of slow and sensual deep throating. He's also a very hot guy to watch get fucked, which we first noted in Boys Night at the Baths 2. Tonging his hairless buttless looks delightful. His full red lips and baby face light up as Marcum drills him deeply on the sqeaky bed. Audigier cums while impaled, followed by Marcum's own very nice high-flying money shot.

Next, Hazzard goes to the fire station's showers where he spys Jeremy Bilding taking Rod Daily's own tight fire engine for spin. We've seen most of this before, not just the roles but also this same old shower set that appears in so many movies nowadays. Their sex is perfectly servicable, and Bildings fans my violently disagree with us, but we found the scene looks mechanical in comparison to the first two fiery episodes.

Johnny Hazzard's Caught in a Backdraft Orgy

Hazzard finally meets the captain, none other than Matthew Rush who along with Mitchell Rock escort him to go wash the fire truck. The ensuing five-way orgy has its moments, but here again, some might be turned off by awkward editing. The action begins in the garage where Hazzard envisions Drew Cutler soaping things up with Landon Conrad. After a legthy wet rundown, Rush and Rock join them making it a four way.

By now Rush is sporting additional tattoos as well as a facial go-tee, maturing nicely since his Falcon days. Amazingly, Rock's arms appear to be even larger than Rush's sculpted cannons. Rock sucks on Rush as the four fall into a writhing mass of mansex. Unable to contain himself, Hazzard hops into the mix. He's fucked by Cutler, later sliding down on Rush's firehose.

Rush continues his fuck frenzy by throwing a powerful ass ponding into the massive Rock. This looks pretty hot but fans of Rock will be dissapointed that he's only fucked in this one single position. All in all a decent climax to the film, although we are not sure why Conrad was included and the anal sequence could have been expanded significently with all this scorching talent assembled before us.

The Director's Cut contains a extra sequence of pissing the guys urinating all over an outstretched Alessio Romero. If you're not into the extra couple of minutes of peeing, the Retail version works just fine.

As of this writing, TLAVideo is selling all four Playing with Fire DVDs together in a pack for just $69.99. Considering that fans get the classic first film and the incendiary second part as well, this is a great offer. Containing a choice assortment of the hottest California big muscle porn stars, as well as a prime sampling of firemen gay porn, it's a great deal. [Click for special Playing with Fire DVD set offer]

Playing with Fire 4: Alarm Photos:

Dayton O'Connor between Johnny Hazzard and Alessio RomeroWatch Now
Dayton O'Connor between Johnny Hazzard (below) and Alessio Romero
Luke Marcum and Damon AudigerWatch Now
Luke Marcum and Damon Audiger
Drew Cutler, Matthew Rush, Mitchell Rock, Landon ConradWatch Now
Drew Cutler, Matthew Rush, Mitchell Rock, Landon Conrad

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