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Playing with Fire 2

Thor Stephens
All Worlds Video  
Alex Wilcox , Billy Herrington , Bo Garrett , Brent Banes , Cameron Sage , Eric Evans , Gregg Rockwell , Luke Savage , Mark Slade , Michael Brandon , Steve Cassidy , Steve Shannon
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Playing with Fire 2

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Billy Herrington discovers his sensative side.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It was a no-brainer for the studio to produce a follow-up to financially successful 1995 Playing with Fire five years later. It was assigning Thor Stephens to direct the sequel that was truly inspired. The project clearly enjoyed a respectable budget from the producers which is conspicuously visible throughout, particularly in the actual fire sequences at the movie's end.

Stephens frequently explored the theme of men coming to terms with their sexuality. Injecting this into a fire house setting helmed by Billy Herrington proves no better setting.

During this time there were few gay for pay models more popular than Herrington, who had started off doing solos for COLT/Buckshot, but by this time was performing full sex scenes with All Worlds in San Diego. Stephens amazingly coaxes an impressive acting performance from Herrington, who genuinely seems vexed in overseeing a local fire house populated with overtly homophobic firemen and dealing with a new openly gay hire, as well as his own natural sexual curiosity.

Billy Herrington's fantasy dreamWatch Now
Billy Herrington's fantasy dream
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Combine this with a story about a serial arsonist who roams the city burning buildings whilst getting off sexually to the act ( He leaves his semen at each charred location as a calling card) - and we've got a landmark production.

The movie also cuts a pretty ambitious story: While this unknown arsonist continues to flummox fire investigators, Fire House 69's chief has to put out fires of his own. The newly hired fireman Steve Cassidy is openly gay, and many others on the team respond with homophobic insults behind his back. This distraction seems to have awakened latent homosexuality in Herrington, who tries to order the guys to respect Cassidy, while at the same time succumbing to new sexual fantasies invading his mind.

The movie opens with a tense episode showing the massively horned-up Eric Evans (Hard at Work) quietly coming onto the snoozing Brent Banes. Banes is surprised that his co-worker is coming onto him, but they escape to a private room to finish their midnight activities without disturbing the others. The atmospheric mood lighting illuminates not only a passionate male sexual hook-up, but also the claustrophobic, sexually repressed environment of the firehouse.

The next day the team is called to another arson fire. (Hat tip to Stephens, his production team and cast for actually filming their giant fire truck moving through the streets, followed by footage of the guys dousing a real blaze.)

It's the end of a hard day, so it's time for the group to hit the showers. The hugely muscled Herrington struts in like he's Best in Show. As more guys enter the group shower area, Herrinton's imagination is triggered, and a lengthy fantasy sequence ensues showing the guys getting progressively aroused. In his mind, the guys stroke their own soaped-up erections, ultimately turning into a sensual circle jerk. It's a superb sequence displaying a fantasy imagined by anyone required to take group showers for athletics in school.

After this, another Herrington dream sequence advances the story - completely naked, he walks in on Gregg Rockwell washing the fire truck. (Rockwell, as well as Cassidy, appear in the director's entry on morality, Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth) Soon the other members of his team, Michael Brandon and the conspicuously gay bashing Cameron Sage have joined them, working his big body over in a feast of body worship. Cassidy suddenly appears, and once again, he becomes the object of Herrington's infatuation.

They whisper dirty talk to each other, and finally Cassidy stretches out over the fire engine to get fucked by Rockwell and Brandon's long dicks. Herrington just stands alongside naked, watching. Finally the ebullient Rockwell gets to be everyone's cum rag.

Mark Slade and Luke Savage - Caught in the act!

Next, things turn dark when Herrington's disturbed brother (Bo Garrett) happens upon two firemen, who have been outwardly unfriendly to their new gay co-worker, embark on a closeted sexual hook-up. Mark Slade and Luke Savage are about to get it on, but when discovered by Garrett, they are coerced into a three way.

A hot sex scene ensues with Savage getting fucked by the other two. Slade, who did a number of good movies for Studio 2000 (Cadet or Twisted), handles a lot of acting and dialogue throughout this movie as well. His supporting performance is impressively sold, and his top man skills remain fantastic.

The movie's last sexual episode maintains the movie's high drama and carnal heat. Herrington goes to the roof to be alone "and release some tension." Coincidently Rockwell is up there sun tanning. Rockwell coyly acknowledges Herrington's naked poses, which provokes the two to engage in a gamut on male wrestling. (Wrestling fans, take note!)

Herrington's dreams with his object of desire are finally realized there on the roof, a romantic one on one filmed actually outdoors on the roof of a building with neighborhood trees in plain view. After consummating their love , the film ends with a fifteen minute dramatic sequence that perfectly closes all the plot lines of the story - bravo!

The fine script and solid production work provide a firm foundation for the film. Augmented by what becomes the best full performance from Herrington, as well as enthusiastic sexual performances from the rest of director Stephens' stable of favorite male porn star models, Playing with Fire 2 stands as the best in the fiery film series, as well as a solid entry in the pantheon of ultimate classics.

As of this writing, TLAVideo is selling all four Playing with Fire DVDs together in a pack for just $69.99. Considering that fans get the classic first film and the incendiary second part as well, this is a great offer. Containing a choice assortment of the hottest California big muscle porn stars, as well as a prime sampling of firemen gay porn, it's a great deal. [Click for special Playing with Fire DVD set offer]

Playing with Fire 2 Photos:

Eric Evans spys Brent BanesWatch Now
Eric Evans spys the sleeping Brent Banes
Billy Herrington and Steve CassidyWatch Now
Fantasy Sequence: Billy Herrington watches Steve Cassidy
getting fucked by the rest of the guys in the fire house
Mark Slade, Luke Savage, Bo GarrettWatch Now
Mark Slade, Luke Savage, Bo Garrett
Watch Now</a><br>
Billy Herrington behind Steve CassidyWatch Now
Billy Herrington behind Steve Cassidy

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