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Plantin Seed 2: Folsum Underground

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Atom , , Carl Barnes , Chuck DiRocco , Dawson , Ethan Sexxtin , Fyerfli , Jacob Scott , Jake Ryan , Jason Summers , , Jerry Stearns , Jesse O'Toole , Johnny Farrell , Kevin Slater , Mike Nichols , , Spike Morrison , Stephen , , Terry Paul
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Plantin Seed 2: Folsum Underground

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Kevin Slater is plantin' lots of seed

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Plantin' Seed's much awaited sequel has enjoyed lots of buzz from TIM fans. After an initial screening, we can say that it has certainly been worth the wait. Plantin' Seed 2 surpasses the original in every almost respect. So this means: if you liked Plantin' Seed, then you'll love Plantin' Seed 2.

The sex and cum-dumping move at a steady rate. The editing keeps everything snappng right along, not too fast nor too slow. Cumdumpsters Jarek and Dawson move in total ecstasy throughout their two gangbang breeding sequences, and their tops are clearly equally happy.

As the title suggests, the movie further explores the subject of cumming inside butts, taking these thrilling moments and assembling them into what can only be described as performance art, not really porn. The camera digitally displays these animals moving through a special brand of romance, bonding and intimacy.... despite the first impression that a movie like this would hold zero percent content on such topics.

Love Fluid Overload

Witness the first scene, an unassuming one-on-one between nine and a half inch Kevin Slater and huggable young newcomer Stephen. Stephen, who initially looks at Slater's humongous rod with a simultaneous mix of eager yearning and pensive fear, bends his little body over the kitchen stove to take it.

This amazing buttboy swallows it easily, often rocking back to meet Slater's hard thrusts. Wearing a jockstrap, Stephen bottoms with his pants pulled down to his ankles. Stephen absolutely needs to appear in subsequent TIM films!

Slater, who also appears in the Jarek gangbang later, is a very hot top. Observant viewers will notice that he is wearing an ankle tracking bracelet, which no doubt will cause his fans to find him even hotter! Their facial expressions show Slater looking like he's having the time of his life plowing this guy, and Stephen looks over in amazement regarding the pounding flesh torpedo opening up his backside.

Slater pulls out briefly to release a jetstream of cum, coating the bottom's ass up to his jockstrap despite the fact that he pushes it back inside when he was only about half way through spurting.

Next is a three-way with Dawson, Bo Knight and Jacob Scott which can only be described as pure animalism. Knight and Scott flip the bottom around, constantly using both his ass and his mouth as plug-in ports for their cocks. Like in all the Dawson scenes in the movies, they fully shoot their loads inside him, no pulling out. They do remove their still oozing cocks however to show the camera, and for Dawson to lick it off.

Kevin Slater behind StephenWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Hungry assed Stephen swallows up Kevin Slater

The Jarek Gang Bang

Next is the movie's piece de resistance: a rock hard gangbang of blonde bottomboy Jerek (Plexus). Jerek's hole capacity has steadily increased since his Falcon days. Here is turns in a blue-ribbon performance, taking the relentless hammering of the stiff cocks of Kevin Slater, Jesse O'Toole, Steve Parker, Fyerfli and Atom. Fyerfli, who recently bottomed in Barebacking with Jack Surf, struts his topman skills here while wearing a P.A. on the head of his cock. They use each other's cum for lube and slam him to the hilt until cum is all over the bed sheets, his pubes and running out of his manhole. Clearly the cumshot award of the group goes to Slater.

Plantin' Seed Trilogy
After all that, consider taking a break. Coming down from that leaves one winded, and the subseqent duet is very hot. Grunting and moaning, the masculine Chuck DiRocco takes on the equally mannish bottom Nick Piston (Down Right Dangerous), who makes his long awaited barebacking breakthough. Piston is a compact, muscular bottom who takes DiRocco's tongue, rough talk and powerslamming with his cock. He grips the sheets, butt up in the air, as he takes it.

DiRocco sprays like a water sprinkler, and sticks it back inside him. Sandwiched between gangbangs, this hard-nosed scene is an easily overlooked gem.

In the next sequence, manly tops Mike Nichols and Chuck DiRocco apply their skills to Dawson. In a high moment, DiRocco pounds away hard as Nichols erection stands in the foreground of the camera, the fuzz on his balls plainly visible. Nichols, who was a hot top in many 90's movies like Another Man's Pleasure, blows a big load in Dawson. DiRocco jacks off, until his signature water sprinkler money shot flys high, hitting everything from Dawson's mouth to the camera lens.

This is a mere appetizer, because next Dawson takes on a quintet of tops, all long, hard and happy to pour their liquid love into the bottom's jockstrap-clad rear. Big dicked daddy Jake Ryan shoots his load inside, and afterwards grins like he's just won the Lotto-Millions. Goteed daddy Terry Paul cums inside as Dawson licks his lips, and strokes his fully hard erection. Gripping the heels of his own feet, he throws his legs way back for Spike. Two guys named Carl and Spike return to the bottom for two complete rounds of seeding, finished with black dude Jerry Stearns who leave his ass literally frothing.

The finale involves Dawson's wet cumhole and a glass in a sequence that could easily be titled Fun With Cum.

The movie's final duet pairs newcomers Jason Summers with Johnny Farrell, a good looking guy with a perfectly formed set of ass lips that swallows cock like the hungriest sword swallower in Asia. Summers joyfully pumps his hole in two positions, finally shooting his entire copious load inside him.

Then Summers uses his fingers lightly to open up the lips causing his clean seed to spill back out. In short, Farrell aptly demonstrates all the devices for the perfect cum-hungry bottom.

Plantin Seed 2 DVD Extras

Do not miss the DVD extras on this disc. In a section innocuously titled Dawson's Tent, the bottom has an intimate moment with boyishly cute Ethan Sexxtin ( Bareback Weekend) inside the Treasure Island Folsum Fair tent. Sexxtin, who should strut his top and bottom skills in future releases, happlily stuffs his lengthy uncut cock into Dawson's hole until he unloads his own DNA out of his balls into the film's star.

Plantin Seed 2 surpasses the original in constant, solid heat and hot guys. The art and pleasures of cum have rarely been documented so well. Paul Morris presents all of their current fan favorites performers, as well as introduces a piggy set of newcomers who undoubtedly will be urged to share their lusts and desires in future on-screen adventures.

The mail order version's second disc that features an interesting seventy five minute documentary of the Treasure Island Booth at Folsum Street Fair, as well as the smaller Dore Street Fair. If you have always wanted to see this event, but have not visited, this is a great eye into the goings on. There is lots of people watching, public sex and Treasure Island models Damonn Dogg and Dawson spend some time sucking cumloads out of the festival-goers. There is also a good bit of golden showers. Clearly an interesting view into the modern sexual freedoms as celebrated in San Francisco.

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Plantin Seed 2: Folsum Underground Photos:

Kevin Slater examines StephenWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Kevin Slater prys open Stephen
Bo Knight and Jacob Scott enjoy DawsonWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Dawson takes Bo Knight and Jacob Scott fore and aft
Jesse OToole tops JerekWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jesse O'Toole tops Jerek

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