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Plantin' Seed

Paul Morris
Treasure Island Media  
Billy Wild , Brad McGuire , , Jacob Scott , Jake Ryan , Jesse O'Toole , Jonas , Kevin Slater , Nick , , Tom Sawyer
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Plantin' Seed

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Jesse O'Toole and Brad McGuire Sow Some Oats

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Movies from San Francisco-based Treasure Island Media go beyond simple porn. In fact, they are more acurately described as documentaries. Filmed with hand-held cameras and using casts of enthusiastic amatuers, these movies bring clear views into a most arousing underside of gay sexuality.

Plantin' Seed studies what the liner notes call the primal urge to pump your load inside somebody. (Other movies look at the opposite side of the coin, which is that urge to take loads) In this DVD, the bottoms have packs of tops swarming around them, all with their dicks erect, standing ready to release their honey. Often they shoot multiple times because they have to just keep getting it out of them.

Other then the cum-recepticles, who are the film's bottomboys here, there are the bottom feeders. These are the guys who scavenge cummy asses for juice. These guys have that uncanny ability can smell fresh cum in an ass. They usually never fuck either, probably because they are überbottoms too. This description is not a negative. The bottom-feeders will often kiss the guy getting gangbanged, hold his head, say hot stuff in his ear. They perform a wonderful function.

The bullstuds in the movie are Jesse O'Toole and Brad McGuire. They are hung, hard, riddled with hot tatts all over the bodies and most importantly full of seed in their big balls. Throughout the movie, several guys prowl the night collecting cum. In the very first scene, sexual Olympian Carlos Morales appears and jacks a hot load out of his thick cock into a glass test-tube. He disappears never to be seen again in the film. At this point that signature Treasure Island background music plays, always these minor chords which are practically sinister.

Cleaning Antonio VelaWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Tom Sawyer looks up from Antonio Vela (Nick)
Forget real life. This is a world where nothing happens but ever-moving mansex, naked bodies exploding cream in and all over each other. There is practically never an end. Between the main sex scenes of the movie, bottom-feeder Joey Sommers sits at a glory hole in a bookstore sucking off guy and after guy. He spits their loads into a plastic container, collecting them for a use we will see later. There are many countless things men do with their seed.

The first big scene is shows Jesse O'Toole and Brad McGuire breeding Antonio Vela. (Barebacking with Carlos Morales) (Here, the smooth hot latino is named Nick. Vela gets totally worked over by movie bullstuds O'Toole and McGuire. The first shot shows McGuire pushing his thick pink-headed cock directly into the hole.

Nick makes the perfect cum sponge. The guys twist and turn him into every which way like a doll. He always has a cock pushing into his warm ass and usually one into his mouth at the same time. Present as well is Tom Sawyer, a tall blond Indiana farm boy. His argicultural roots apparently taught him much about planting seed.

Every time a top plows Nick's hot butt and cums in it, he goes right over and begins lathering it and inhaling it back out. ( Yes, Tom Sawyer is a bottom-feeder.) The four guys perform this elaborate dance that will keep the viewer rock hard.

O'Toole and McGuire plant multiple loads deep inside Nick's sweet hole. And Sawyer buzzes around licking up all he can get. At one point when O'Toole is pumping one of his loads into Nick, Sawyer quips Put those swimmers in there deep, man. I'll eat them out. Who is more satisfied - the cumming tops or the cum sluts?

Plantin' Seed Trilogy

Seeding Billy Wild

The next episode chronicles the seed spewing of O'Toole, Steve Titpig Parker, Jacob Scott and newcomer Jeffrey. These men have big dicks, full balls, body tatts and lots of hair. One can imagine all the pheromoes spraying from these men them into the air of this closed room. They all plant their cumloads into the round, capacious ass of bareback pig Billy Wild.

Using moans and chants, he loves their thick white cocks ramming him, if he could ever pull one of the others' dicks ouot of his mouth. The hot photo on the boxcover is from this scene. First O'Toole bangs his hole open and he shoots inside him. Parker follows by cumming twice in rapid succession. When Scott gets to him, he has the pleasure of banging one hot sloppy hole. After he thrusts in twice, a huge dollop of spooge runs out. Then he proceeds to nail him, as director shoots the creaming wet hole from beneath.

Scott finishes off, so Wild ends up leaving with four hot loads in him. After the main group adjourns, apparently O'Toole and Scott stuck around. O'Toole really wanted to plant some of his seed in Scott's musclebutt. The two muscled, tattoed mother-fuckers have a hot screw. O'Tools blows several loads in him. He doesn't pull out though, but after he moans, he keeps pumping and cum leaks out. Then the top just keeps going until he blows another load. After the intense lust ends, Scott's hole is left with lots of white cream oozing out for the viewer to see.

Jonas Seeks Seed

The movie's last scene is the pièce de résistance. Jonas is a good-looking guy who apparently wants to take his first load. Well, he came to the right people for that. He shows up for a Sunday afternoon sex party, where all the participants know exactly what he wants. This is where the film really turns to documentary. This scene looks much like when typical horny guys in any local neighborhood get together for a lusty, no-nonsense episode of cum swapping.

Jonas looks a little nervous. He walks into the room, and lays on the bed on his stomach silently inviting everyone over. Three tops are present at this party. They are hot guys with stiff cocks which yearn to explode up a butt. The guys all work him over in turn. Each pumps his ass, and passes him to the next patienty waiting top.

Jonas looks really hot getting fucked. And the tops are definately excited. They blow all their loads into him. Present is Joey Summers with his full conainer of manseed that he's been collecting. Out comes his liquid treasure and a wineglass. They add this seed to his already cummy ass.

Before it can all end, one of the tops (Jeremy) turns out to be a great felcher. He and Summers get down and finger a lot of the jizz out of Jonas' now cum-filled butt. Here is another winner from Paul Morris. This study of what men do with their cum is intoxicating.

And here's the best news: Treasure Island's follow-up Plantin Seed 2 is even better.

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Plantin' Seed Photos:

Jonas gets hammeredWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Jonas gets hammered
Filling up JonasWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Filling up Jonas
Billy Wild bottoms for Jacob ScottWatch on Naked Sword or Watch VOD
Billy Wild gets his fourth from Jacob Scott

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