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Piss Drinkers and Bareback Fuckers

Ben Baird
SX Video  
, Chris Neal , Dusty , Jason Reed , Juan , , Maximo De Leon , ,
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Piss Drinkers and Bareback Fuckers

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You'll never guess from the title what happens in this movie.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

You'd would certainly be forgiven for thinking a title like Piss Drinkers And Bareback Fuckers says it all about a film. And you'd be absolved for imagining just what you're getting out of said title in your head. Piss sex and barebacking, those two edgier aspects of man to man sex highlighted in this SX Video release certainly inspire some pretty damn potent images.


There's something extremely important you'd be leaving out that makes this film a cut above the rest and one well worth seeking out for viewing. Whether you're a bareback fanatic, a watersports fetishist or not. And here lies the genius of director Ben Baird - specifically with his absolutely spot-on expert model couplings in this superior release. In short – the sexual potency between the guys in every one of the scenes is breathtakingly dynamite, and, dare we say it, the startling chemistry actually transgresses sexual acts like barebacking and watersports and eclipses them with staggeringly authentic lust.

Case in point number one – the smolderingly handsome Juan (Game Room) is matched with horse hung stud Chris Neal (Gloryhole Initiation Of Adam Burr). He slinks onto the set with just a pair of tighty-whiteys, and intuitively reaches out and grips naked Neal's famous viper.

When his perfect smooth frame is down on its knees, and he's giving an extremely thoughtful suck job to Neal's trunk of a prick (this is a real labor of love), the energy truly comes right out the screen from this beautifully good looking man. What comes next is simply icing on the cake (albeit a very bad naughty dirty sexually deviant cake).

Neal stands above his boy Juan and lets forth a trickle of piss from his gargantuan member. Juan sits on the ground with a serious face, mouth slightly parted, as the stream increases and starts flooding his mouth and running down his chest. His own overly ample cock is rock hard.

And now, having tasted the forbidden, the completely subjugated Juan is supple in Neal's sexed up hands. Neal has him climb on top and squat himself down on his oversized uncovered meat, and Juan complies, working his way down the fat slick shaft and all the way to the balls.

Next he's pummeled from behind, with Neal already unleashing a torrential wet splodge of sticky jizz up Neal's breached hole. A few times Juan glances directly at the camera lens, and the duality of innocence and lust burns into the viewer's retina with intensity.

When Neal has Juan on his back he jerks out one of the thickest loads, before pumping it back inside with his ample inches. Juan can't resist sucking on it some more before offloading onto his own chest.

Case in point number two for sheer chemistry sees masculine slut-sub Maximo De Leon having a play session with the Armyesque, tattooed and shaved Aidyn Michaels.

With technicalities soon brushed aside ("So have you ever fed anyone your piss before?" – De Leon / "No, but I'm about to" – Michaels), De Leon shows us what a whore for watersports looks like. With Michaels letting forth above him De Leon swallows and gulps down his forceful stream like a guy dying of thirst.

Once he's drank from Michaels tasty length De Leon is a changed man. Cock hungry with a passion, he slurps and sucks and moans Michaels' flesh as far into his throat as he can cram it. And there's another hole that needs satisfying too…

De Leon takes him raw while leaning onto the plush cushions of the couch, and Michaels grins with lust as he pounds this bottom's hole. It's verbal, noisy sex that reaches a peak when Michaels spurts out some white ropey cum up into him. But it's not over yet.

Aidyn Michael above Maximo De LeonWatch on or Watch VOD
Aidyn Michael fucks Maximo De Leon
He's not done pissing yet, so he opens up that cummy ass and jets deep up inside his bred orifice. And the scene doesn't even end there. It's totally debauched slutty wet fun for the duo. And the chemistry is, again, REAL. Tony London, Tony Serrano (Anything Goes) and porn star Lito Cruz prove for a third time that the chemistry between them outweighs the acts performed.

London is a tattooed shaved headed dirty guy already sucking off Serrano, and the giant cock that is Cruz, when the scene opens. Laid back Serrano starts pissing in London's mouth which turns him on tenfold, and he's soon bent over with one prick in his gob and the other barebacking that ass.

Serrano stays behind for now, laying into his hole nice and deep while London and Cruz trade out blowjobs. This trio is on fire, and London jumps on top of Cruz to taste some more of Serrano in this wet sticky threesome of a scene. With a sheet laid down on the floor there's no reason for these guys to hold back, and Serrano reminds London of this with a forceful jet from his cockhead as Cruz absolutely fucks him senseless.

Serrano can't resist a go on Cruz cock either, and he bounces up and down on the couch while the colorfully inked London eggs them on.

Kissing, more cocksucking, and yet more asshole fucking ensues with London back in the middle of the tops. And boy is he loving it. His ass has been fucked and pissed up, and his uncut penis gets to slide up Serrano at some point in a hot daisy chain moment.

Cruz takes him on his back and literally fucks the cum out of the guy. But he doesn't get to relax ‘till Serrano has another go at him. He was asking for it… And his hole finishes up to be a right sticky mess by the end of the scene.

Jason Reed Pairs Off with Sleazebag Dusty

And as if that wasn't testament enough to the scorching chemistry of Piss Drinkers And Bareback Fuckers we are treated to yet more proof. In the final scene, the hot godlike blonde sub Jason Reed (Sleaze 2) – who, if you haven't seen in action yet, you must – pairs up with street smart verbal top sleazebag Dusty. The duo undresses each other, and Reed gets on his knees to service his Dom top ("To the fuckin' nuts bitch, that's right.")

Dusty takes full control now, with Reed displaying an angelic/demonic cock lust throughout the rest of the scene, that again you can feel through the screen, and that is totally real. Dusty wrestles him to the floor, and has Reed suck his hard protrusion from behind, lest he forget he's a total faggot.

Reeds laps at his dark brown erection, fingering around Dusty's hairy hole for a second while Dusty forces his balls in his mouth. Dusty now sets about rimming, sucking and fingering his prey. Bent over the couch he gives him a tough anal assault he won't forget (and neither will this viewer) calling him a fucking pussy as he rips apart his smooth blonde hole with his iron rod (oh and cumming in there for good measure too, before fucking it in some more).

Next Reed must swallow the piss, and he does so with confused lust. He doesn't want to yet he does…And his reward?

Some more ass fucking and a hole full of Dusty's predatory cock juice.

At one point Dusty tries to (and almost manages to) cram a fist up Reed right before he comes, opening him up for his jizz. Reed's ass is SPOOGED. And even when he's spent, Dusty isn't, and he stuffs his rod back up there some more for some wet rocking sex. "Cream pie bitch."

Ass slap.

Reed orgasms alone, with Dusty at his feet.

I wish this review could do the film justice, but it has to be seen to be believed. So the long and the short of Piss Drinkers And Bareback Fuckers? Is you like watersports this is not to be missed. If you like bareback sex, this is not to be missed. If you're not so hot on either but can't resist some extremely real sexual heat between men this movie is not to be missed. Verbal sex. Cute boys doing dirty things. Submissives. Huge hard cock. And most of all amazing fucking chemistry. Not to be missed.

And if insanely you aren't spent already, there's another 13 minutes of wet nasty action with the cast on the bonus features as well. And they say there's no Christmas in July – treat yourself to a copy…

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Piss Drinkers and Bareback Fuckers Photos:

Dusty Rivers above Jason ReedWatch on
Dusty Rivers above Jason Reed
Tony Serrano rides Lito CruzWatch on
Tony Serrano rides Lito Cruz
Tony London tops Lito CruzWatch on
Tony Serrano, Tony London, Lito Cruz
Tony Serrano and Tony LondonWatch on
Tony Serrano and Tony London

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