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Piña Colada (Bel Ami Video)

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Alex Orioli , Brandon Manilow , Chris Cameron , Mark Aubrey , Matt Phillipe , Oleg Tarkowski , Ruslan Brodovich , Ryan Pawlowski , Steve Jennings , Troy Allen
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Piña Colada (Bel Ami Video)

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Spotlighting hunky Brandon Manilow and studly Mark Aubrey, Bel Ami produces a sweet, delicious beverage that could slake any thirst.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

%% If you like piña coladas...
  .... or getting caught in the rain %%
Bel Ami is proudly serving...
   .... a great taste of champange. %%
Bel Ami's 2006 feature film Piña Colada combines the magical Bel Ami boy beauty with an exotic vacation to Brazil creating an inebriating concoction guaranteed to generate strong deleterious effects. It's fascinating to watch George Duroy continue his successful franchise, and also continue to create spectacular films.

Piña Colada succeeds on many levels. First, its two stars, Brandon Manilow and Mark Aubrey ( Lukas in Love) are absolute knock-outs. The film traces their vacation to Brazil where they sail through boyfriend relationship waves into six scorching sex scenes lasting over two and a half hours on DVD.

Mark Aubrey and Oleg Tarkowski
Mark Aubrey sucks the
juicy Oleg Tarkowski
Watch on Bel Ami Online
Don't expect to see much of Brazil beyond some touristy stuff - the boys observing capoeira, dancing with some indians, and strolling beautiful beaches. This limited location photography is okay, because the models and their beautifully photographed sex forms the heart of the movie.

To start, Manilow and Aubrey enjoy an out-of-doors Bel Ami photo shoot, which ultimately turns into a display of giddy goofing-off. Blondie Ryan Pawlowski takes Chris Cameron to a wooden shed for some superb one on one lovemaking. Each stretches out their limber bodies when getting sucked.

Cameron has always been a superb top. (Flings 2000) Their oral play is augmented by a well placed full length mirror, as well as the camera taking the point of view of an observer just outside, sneaking some peeks through the wood slats of the shed.

Cameron pitches Pawlowski his all, ramming him doggie style, and finally on his back, which is the hottest of their positions. Cameron shoots a wide area of white cum drops on his friend's tummy.

Fucking Matt Phillipe

After this, Manilow takes things higher by getting frisky with Matt Phillipe. They start by sitting side by side comparing their big erections, in that famous Bel Ami style. Serious smooching leads to an astounding sex scene with Phillipe using some hanging metal chains to balance himself to top of, and while bent over Manilow's plowing cock.

Manilow has matured beautifully since his first movies, even since he frolicked though the Enchanted Forest. His body is displayed in full as he fucked Phillipe's face, stuffing it with his cock. Then while plowing the bottom from behind, he wears a fedora hat. Fucking with class!

From here Manilow and Aubrey start their Brazilian vacation. After deciding to allow separate but equal fun with the locals, they meet some hot meat on the beach. Aubrey gets the better of the two: Lo and behold laying there tanning is Czech brunet bombshell Oleg Tarkowski (who is billed a Rok, Karel Kohlicek, Cole Powers and Karlos Kampona in a variety of movies). It's a shame that this amazing guy gets a new moniker with every different studio. He's worth the follow-up!

His sex scene with Aubrey is arguably the film's finest. In a nice switch, Tarkowski bottoms, although his big hard cock swings around in full view. In a beautiful sequence, Tarkowski braces himself over a couch, ass in the air, taking Aubrey's full thrusts. After Aubrey creams the bottom's backside, Tarkowski surprises all by shooting a high flying gusher of cum all over himself, the movie's biggest money shot.

Meanwhile, Manilow jounces through kayaking and other fun play with his beach pick-up, Oleg Tarkowski. Tarkowski is an attractive newcomer, who trades blow jobs with his new friend on a swing. Tarkowski gets the full Manilow treatment, which means a big, thick cock thrust up his ass by the masculine porn star followed by feeling his hot cum raining down.

After this, Manilow and Aubrey observe two fine stallions hooking up for some sexplay of their own. Steve Jennings and Alex Orioli enjoy a hot all-oral episodes. Jennings, who turned in a great performance as Igor Viard in the excellent Hangar, wields one of the most beautiful cocks: deliciously thick, which Orioli consumes with luatful abandon. They both cum splattery money shots, and our money is wagered on a continuation of this tryst to appear in a future Out at Last installment.

The Consumption of Troy Allen

The movie finishes with Manilow and Aubrey picking up curly haired boytoy Troy Allen for a three-way. They consume him back at their cabana, both Manilow and Aubrey taking turns hammering his smooth ass with full thrusts. Allen gets plowed in numerous positions, at one point the tops lay side by side with him hopping on one and then the other. Allen ends up drenched in everyone's cum.

Perhaps young lovers everywhere are enjoying such exotic, sexual vacations.

Whether or not you actually do like piña coladas, Duroy and Bel Ami have produced a delicious, sweet beverage that should slake any thirst.

Piña Colada (Bel Ami Video) Photos:

Troy Allen Brandon Manilow and Mark Aubrey
Troy Allen above Brandon Manilow and Mark Aubrey
Bel Ami Online Fan Site
Pina Colada snapshot
Brandon Manilow and Ruslan Brodovich
Pina Colada snapshot
Steve Jennings and Alex Orioli

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