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Pillow Talk 2

George Duroy
Bel Ami  
Benjamin Bloom , Bolek Polanski , Chris Casablanca , Danny Saradon , Joel D'Amici , Josh Elliot , Mark Aubrey , Sebastian Bonnet , Troy Allen
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Pillow Talk 2

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Benjamin Bloom beds Josh Eliot

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

George Duroy continues his celebration of the soft and tender intimacies enjoyed by couples when they slide into richly threaded bedding with Pillow Talk 2. As in last year's Pillow Talk, each sex scene focuses exclusively on one particular couple, who as lovers never tire kissing, fucking and sucking.

Viewers will each have their own favorite here, depending on their specific Bel Ami boy taste.

Benjamin Bloom and Josh ElliotWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD

Benjamin Bloom and Josh Elliot

Mark Aubrey is a butch top whose banged the best of the studio's bottom boys over the years. (He may have been the last guy to top Josh Elliot, Out in Africa 2) Here is gets it on with an exciting, lean newcomer named Joel D'Amici.

D'Amici cooks him breakfast, followed by a long, passion filled bedroom romp. Amidst some gorgeous, colorful bedding, the guys suck each other's cocks. D'Amici has an impressive uncut member, but ends up just bouncing around in the air, shaking from Aubrey's backside thrusts.

The boyish faced bottom ends up being quite a hot surprise, taking Aubrey's top moves easily culminating with them blowing nice money shots.

The next episode takes one of Bel Ami's newer finds, Benjamin Bloom, and sets him with the frosty haired Chris Casablanca. Other then an appearance in Too Many Boys, Pillow Talk 2 is Casablanca's only other movie, much to the lament of Bel Ami fans.

He's a hot little number, and not even really "little". His thick cock towers in the air as Bloom sucks him. Casablance proceeds to screw Bloom all over their bed in long, balls deep thrusts. Their romance tinged sexplay is full of hot moments.

Next comes arguably the movie's hottest pairing - Danny Saradon with Bolek Polanski, who seems to have passed his steamy personal training group session in A +. Polanski hails from the classic Polish traditions. He's a blonde with a high forehead, wielding a thick, sizzling piece of prime uncut polish sausage between his legs.

Saradon impressively takes on Polanski's cock in a lengthy oral sequence. Soon the top is begging to get inside Saradon's tight little hole. After play humping, Polanski rolls on a condom, lubes up and plows Saradon on his back.

Watching the tall, hung Polanski screw the smaller Saradon is arguably the high point of the movie. Getting on his fours, Saradon's butt easily swallows Polanski's meat. Both guys finish with money shots worthy of applause. Polanski shoots thick spurts everywhere, while Saradon pops a gusher that flys everywhere like a water sprinkler unleashed.

Troy Allen's pillow talk with Sebastian Bonnet

After this comes a cute sequence showing Troy Allen and Sebastian Bonnet playing around with three frisky dogs in a public park. Lots of barking and chasing of sticks will only make you smile.

It is also at this point that we realize who Troy Allen resembles with his long, curly blond hair. That's right, Allen as actually a later generation cousin of Roger Daltry in the classic 1970's rock opera Tommy.

Back in bed, Allen licks and sucks the reclined Bonnet to the point when the veteran Bel Ami trainers coxes out a high flying orgasm that flys up past his shoulders. Bonnet, you can such a stud!

This cuts quickly to Bonnet preparing Allen 's delicious ass with his flicking tongue and probing fingers. Bonnet tops him at length in the missionary position, followed by sideways from behind.

Bonnet knows how to use that perfect sized dick of his, working his mate over in breathless, unending ecstasy. In a hot sequence, Bonnet pulls out of Allen's ass, pulls off the condom and squirts another one of his signature eye popping money shots.

The movie finishes with an episode between Josh Elliot and the returning Benjamin Bloom. Here the guys start by posing for a photo session with camera wielding Marty Stevens. Elliot has grown up, in the Johan Paulik-style, from boy to man right before our eyes, thanks to the constant attention of the Bel Ami cameras.

Elliot, per his tastes lately, plays the top, throwing a satisfying fuck into Bloom, who gets it in several positions. Elliot shoots two thick and creamy money shots during the scene.

Pillow Talk 2 takes the viewer on a one hundred minute journey through familiar territory. Watching Danny Saradon passively take Bolek Polanski's big sausage is one of the film's high points, and viewers will without a doubt find many others.

Pillow Talk 2 Photos:

Joel D'Amici and Mark AubreyWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Joel D'Amici and Mark Aubrey
Josh Elliot fucks Benjamin BloomWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Josh Elliot behind Benjamin Bloom
Joel D'Amici and Mark AubreyWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Joel D'Amici tastes Mark Aubrey
Benjamin Bloom and Chris CasablancaWatch on BelAmiOnline | Watch VOD
Benjamin Bloom above Chris Casablanca

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