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Pig Trough

Doug Jeffries
All Worlds Video  
Alex Leon , Brad Benton , Brock Webster , , Drew Peters , , , Kyle Lewis , , Randy Gunz , Rick Gonzales , Rob Romoni , , Tim Rusty
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Pig Trough

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Brad Benton romps through the Pig Trough

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Enjoy a tour through the dirty mind of businessman Brad Benton. By day he works as a respected office manager, but after closing time on Friday he unleashes all his pent-up sexual urges at the Pig Trough, a venue where even the most stand-up individuals become total sexpigs.

Benton endures a kind of slow torture throughout the day. He wonders how his subservient employees would perform on their hands and knees at his special place. This fun storyline, coupled with an eager and enthusiastic cast should make selling this DVD like casting pearls before appreciative swine.

Before the magic time arrives he drifts into a fantasy with muscle-plumber Rob Romoni. While checking the valves in the washroom, Benton interrupts by producing his own pipe, which Romani devours. Benton returns the favor and soon he is plumbing the depths of Romani's ass. Their hot opening culminates with a flip-flop that has Benton sitting down in Romani's lap, while pulsing a wet money shot out of his rockhard erection.

Pig Trough Three WayWatch Now
Tim Rusty between Randy Gunz and Brock Webster

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The second scene is one of the best black-on-white three-ways we have seen in awhile. The scene's sizzle derives from the fact that Brock Webster and the aptly named Randy Gunz are both hot and hung, and they have a great time tearing up the pasty-white Tim Rusty's hungry hole.

Gunz enters a hayloft where Webster announces that he and an unspecified additional number of (presumably) black guys tore up Rusty's hole. Did you leave any for me, asks Gunz. Oh, yeah, Webster answers, which inspires Rusty to drop his overalls to reveal that he's wearing a jockstrap.

On his knees, Rusty looks happy as a pig in mud as he alternates sucking their thick dicks. Then they alternate on his ass. The scene ends with Rusty getting hosed down in jizm.

After watching his dietician (Cory Koons) slice and dice into a wokaholic frenzy, Benton decides that he must take him, along with Rusty, to the Pig Trough. He trucks them down to the down to the joint, where he enters them in the Hottest Pig Contest. The winner of the contest receives a beautiful ribbon and boasting rights throughout the entire county!

(the DVD allows the viewer to select which of the film's models deserve the prize, followed by a customized award reception)

Pig Trough Orgies

The rest of the film consists of two orgy sequences, along with some extreme play if you have purchased the Director's Cut version. The assembled cast is a choice selection of blue ribbon sexpigs, so selecting top dog is difficult. Of the tops, Nick Capra emerges as a shining star. He always seems to have something to say as a mouth or ass is engulfing his huge cock.
Pig Trough FamilyWatch Now
The Pig Trough Family Welcomes You
Rick Gonzales and Alex Leon have moved their hot Manhattan Sex Party 2 orgy antics over to sunny California. Another indefatigable top here is Jacob Slader, who has burst onto the scene this year with a trim body covered with tatts.

They dive right into some massive ass eating, with Slader appears to wiggle as far into Koons's hole as humanly possible. Capra has a feast on cutie Kyle Lewis's bubble ass.

After dumping a full round of loads onto Rusty, Jay Ross gets double screwed by Lewis and Rod Barry. Over in a dark corner, Rusty gets a hot hammering by Gonzales, while keeping his jockstrap on. Koons gets plowed mercilessly by Capra, Barry and Slader in a sling. And, in a very hot moment, Drew Peters gets it doggie style from Leon's telephone pole shaft, as well Lewis.

Lewis is another hottie who has come on strong this year on the All Worlds set. As what happens so often in the movies, lots of the magic is in the casting, and there isn't a runt in this litter.

Director's Cut: The director's cut version has lots of extra stuff that your mother warned you about when you were young. Koons gets a massive golden shower, and Peters and Rusty take fists up their asses. Everything finishes again with a circle jerk.

With this slightly edgy material, All Worlds may be stepping back to its fun Link2Link days. This hot movie may not be a pig in a poke, but it sure has plenty of both.

Note: The DVD has a preview of All Worlds' Raw, another Doug Jefferies transmission.

Pig Trough Photos:

Brad Benton and Rob RomaniWatch Now
Brad Benton behind Rob Romani
Drew Peters bottoms at the Pig TroughWatch Now
Kyle Lewis and Alex Leon enjoy a Drew Peters sandwich

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