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Pierre's After School Special

Benjamin Fisher , Jeremy Roddick , Nico Garcia , Pierre Fitch , Xander Shapo
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Pierre's After School Special

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Pierre Fitch bottoms throughout his first porn scenes.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Before Pierre Fitch worked for Falcon Studios, where he set the world on fire with the record selling movie Through the Woods, the French Canadian twink worked for a budding Internet web site in Montreal named Videoboys. After Fitch's big studio success, this company packaged these early scenes, filmed back in 2003, into a cute DVD titled Pierre's After School Special.

Pierre Fitch himself bristles at the existence of this film, because he obviously has worked very hard to build his body up for his own sexy business enterprise. (Pierre Fitch Online) In this movie, he's a skinny, young twink, who still wears many of his trademark wild tattoos and carries that unique personal charm.

Those who enjoy watching Fitch play passive roles will be delighted, because everyone in this movie fucks him. The film contains four sexual episodes, all include Fitch at some point bending over for the sweetmeat cast, which includes Jeremy Roddick who has subsequently gone on to build his own website enterprise.

The movie begins with the boyish Fitch leading an even more cherubic friend named Xander Shapo into his crib. "So where do you sleep?" asks Shapo, prompting the star to push his couch futon down into a flat bed. The guys use this utilitarian piece of furniture for the first sex scene of the film.

Shapo seems a little stiff being filmed, but Fitch already shows a complete natural attitude before the camera. Is this his actual bedroom? By the looks of the music jam box, the dresser, as well as the conveniently positioned lube and condoms at arm's length from the futon, we suspect that it is.

Pierre Fitch and Xander Shapo Watch Now

Pierre Fitch sucks Xander Shapo

Fitch starts things off by sucking his friend's boy cock, followed by some sixty-nineing. This foreplay adequately gives Shapo enough motive to go ahead and drive his dick into Fitch's tight ass, topping him doggie style and missionary. Shapo sprays a nice multi spurt fountain of cum on Fitch's twink torso.

Also here it should be noted that Fitch jacks himself off, blowing a nice orgasm all over himself causing him of smile broadly and exhale. Playing around after school sure is cool!

Jeremy Roddick studies Pierre

After this, we move to a different bedroom where Fitch is making out with Jeremy Roddick, another porn star who lives in Montreal. Roddick pulls down Fitch's Calvin Klein underwear, running his tongue along the his thick, cut erection.

Roddick has a very nice erection as well, long and curved like a broadsword. In a nice sequence, he face fucks Fitch's mouth with it for awhile.

When does Pierre Fitch get to meet Jeremy Roddick's meat? So, can our Wunderkind take this love missile up his ass? You bet! Roddick pumps his hole at length, often while Fitch uses a free hand to play with himself. Fitch often let's go because he looks like he is extremely close to cumming in this position. After doing pounding him doggie style very hard, and picking him up and carrying him around the bedroom a bit, Roddick quickly pulls out and delivers a heavy load of white cream onto Fitch's face.

Fitch jacks himself off by playing with his asshole using his other free hand, squirting a long stream of cum up his torso, and, once again, peering over into the camera with an extremely proud grin.

After this comes a torrid three-way, where Fitch begins by playing around with Shapo for a second time. He licks all over this shy guy, who seems to permanently have a stiffed. The two are interrupted when the remarkable looking Nico Garcia. This guy literally lights up the room with his great body, his shaved head and his big, uncut cock.

After the guys all kiss and suck, the guys make a Pierre Fitch sandwich, with Garcia doing the first top man honors. Fitch appears to be pre-cumming here while bottoming. After Garcia, Shapo gets his turn, taking Fitch's ass for a spin. Their wild twink three way is arguably the high point of the film, and certainly a true stand out in great moments in twink porn.

Can the final episode keep up the heat? It starts with Pierre and Benjamin Fisher playing around on the Playstation, and ultimately playing together on the couch. Fisher wins the game, so Fitch decides some sex is in order, all to Fisher's repeated warnings that this is his first time with a guy.

Fitch continues his amorous assault, including lots of kisses and trading blowjobs. Fisher is tall and lean and ends up giving Fitch a pretty good ass fucking balled up on that couch.

Pierre Fitch after school with Xander Shapo Watch Now
Pierre Fitch rims Xander Shapo
Is this what the youth of today are doing while not in school? If so, things have not changed very much. Videoboys may have been cashing in on the Pierre Fitch popularity with this movie. Fortunately the result is not weak at all. This is a very hot movie especially for those who want to see the charming superstar's budding early career. In fact, all of the movies that we have reviewd from Videoboys have been very pleasant surprises, notably their gay porn Hard at Work)

The Pierre's After School Special DVD includes a set of interesting interviews with the models, and a long sequence depicting the guys in naked prepation for their upcoming filmed scenes. Fitch speaks in his interview about his growing up, his own interests in school, he explains the meanings of his tattoos, his sexual aggressiveness and lots more.

Pierre's After School Special Photos:

Benjamin Fisher fucks Pierre FitchWatch Now
Benjamin Fisher tops Pierre Fitch
Jeremy Roddick fucks Pierre FitchWatch Now
Jeremy Roddick tops Pierre Fitch
Sucking Nico GarciaWatch Now
Sucking Nico Garcia
A Pierre Fitch sandwichWatch Now
Xander Shapo and Nico Garcia make a Pierre Fitch sandwich

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