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Personal Trainers 10

Sebastian Bonnet
Bel Ami  
Dolph Lambert , Jason Knightley , Jean-Claude Duvall , Josh Elliot , Keanu Faria , Luke Hamill , Sebastian Bonnet , Todd Rosset
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Personal Trainers 10

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Dolph Lambert's personal trainer session from Luke Hamill

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It seemed like Bel Ami had put its popular dvd series to bed with three years ago with A +, a five star finale ending the Sebastian Bonnet - Dano Sulik legacy of "training" all of Bel Ami's newest models for the rough and tumble world of the studio's feature films. Unfortunately, Sulik will be missed, but Bonnet is back, this time sharing cameras with Johan Paulik.

And Bonnet continues to train along with two of the studio's contemporary models, the very popular Josh Elliot and blondie Luke Hamill (Graffiti). Fans will note that Hamill himself was a fresh faced trainee back in A +.

Another thing must be said about Bonnet. A man now, he is an enduring figure of beauty. His engaging personality comes through in the Gonzo filming style, which forms so much of the enjoyment in all the films of the Personal Trainers series.

Porn Star Jean-Claude | Watch VOD
Porn Star Jean-Claude Duvall
aka "Honza"
First up for porn star training is the youthful Jean-Claude Duvall, although the guys on the set consistently refer to him as "Honza, " which is the familiar name for Jan in Czech. (Yes, be sure to turn the SUBTITLES on with your dvd remote)

Duvall is the classic shy-looking brunet, who is eager to please, happy to follow the directions of the trainers and cameramen. Duvall enjoys a double feature in the movie, first bottoming for Elliot, and later topping Todd Rosset.

The trainee impresses everyone from the very beginning by giving Elliot a delicious blowjob. Elliot reciprocates, followed by them curling into a well-formed sixty-nine. Rosset appears to fulfill his one purpose in the movie: to give up his hole for trainee Duvall. Duvall fucks him nicely.

Elliot stays in the group encouraging Duvall along until the newbie cums. Rosset shoots a big gooey load all over himself.

Rosset exits stage left, and after a short break the film cuts to Duvall bucking up and down in Elliot's lap. Elliot tops Duvall in several positions, culminating with a big pop shot that flys all the way up Duvall's back.

After this is a hot little episode between trainer Luke Hamill and trainee Dolph Lambert, a choice new blond who almost certainly has a long career ahead of him in the movies. Hamill carries himself well, making faces that alternate between a cartoon character and a playful little puppy. Actually filmed on location at Hamill's flat, the guys begin by moving around the couch cushions and laying down a blanket.

Lambert cuts a tall figure, standing at six foot two inches. He eagerly sucks on Hamill's dick and eats his ass. Lambert then oils up his own hole as Hamill rolls on a condom. They do it doggie style as well as the famous Bel Ami "laying on your side missionary, one lag splayed way back." Hamill gets a cramp in this position, but pretty quickly afterwards Hamill is shown in a long finishing sequence, drilling Lambert's ass from behind.

Hamill pulls out and cums, then wrapping himself around the newcomer to coaxing him on as he shoots his own load.

Jean-Claude Duvall and Todd | Watch VOD
Jean-Claude Duvall tops Todd Rosset

Keanu Faria's personal training session with Sebastian Bonnet

Next comes what is arguably the high point of the movie, when Bonnet steps out in front of the camera to lend his comforting, steady hands to training another tasty morsel: Keanu Faria. ( Faria, Rosset and Knightly pop up later in Bel Ami's French Kiss) Faria is a small brunet, youthful and clearly turned on by performing in front of the cameras.

Bonnet starts with his trademark affectionate kissing, running up and down Faria's front side, deep throating his cock. By this time, Faria is eager to get Bonnet out of his jeans, sucking on his cock, at one point going too far and gagging.

Let's train Keanu Faria. Hark! Sebastian Bonnet fucks him all over the couch. In a very hot sequence, Bonnet tops Faria all over an oversized couch, culminating with the bottom riding atop Bonnet in a memorable visual. Bonnet drops a huge load onto Faria's smooth tummy.

The film ends with Hamill and Elliot relaxing in another one of those huge beds with Jason Knightly and Jim Henson (no Muppet jokes please). Everyone is relaxing, chatting, watching some television on Elliot's off camera laptop. Cameraman Bonnet refers to the new trainees as "busy worker bees." And they do spend the rest of the scene diligently trying to produce some honey, starting with Henson topping Knightly from behind, from which the two flip-flop.

After this hot appetizer, Elliot takes Knightly under his wing, as Hamill does the same with Henson, another one of the movie's cute little blond boy discoveries. The guys proceed to move through a very exciting four way filled with lots of hot multiple couple, sex side by side visuals.

It is great to see Bel Ami continue the Personal Trainers movie series. Although the wild antics of Dano Sulik are clearly missed, Elliot in particular does well. The tenth volume seems heavy on blond models, so fans of blondie's should definitely take notice.

Bonnet's fantastic fucking of Faria is also one for the record books.

Personal Trainers 10 Photos:

Keanu Faria and Sebastian | Watch VOD
Keanu Faria sucks Sebastian Bonnet
Luke Hamill, Jason Knightly, Jim Henson and Josh | Watch VOD
Luke Hamill, Jason Knightly, Jim Henson, Josh Elliot
Josh Elliot above Jason | Watch VOD
Personal Trainers Four Way:
Josh Elliot above Jason Knightly, Luke Hamill above Jim Henson

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