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Perfect Fit

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH013
Aiden Shaw , , , Dick Wolf , Hal Rodman , Jake Summers , Joshua Adams , Luis Vega , Mario Ortiz , Matt Colmar , Tag Adams , Todd Maxwell
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Perfect Fit

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Aiden Shaw Can't Stop Cruising for Sex

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Hot House rolls out another winner here, folks. Not only is it jam-packed with great man-sex, but it also captures many of the themes that appear in Stephen Scarborough's movies. Aiden Shaw once again plays the modern gay everyman, whose life journey contains endless encounters of promiscuous sexual fantasy at sexclubs, bookstores, etc.

This same character, played by Shaw, also was the focus of Hot House's 2000 vehicle, Descent, which set the standard for the porn-art film for the new millenium.

The movie begins with the amazing looking Shaw getting a blowjob while standing in a public viewing room at a video arcade. Pants down, shirt tucked in pocket, he stands tall as cock-hungry Mario Ortiz (Screw: Right to the Point) sucks the Brit to completion. Shaw blows his load onto Ortiz's muscular bicep. He immediately suits back up and wordlessly exits. His orgasm is over --- it's time to go.

Bo Knight and Mario OrtizWatch on - Watch VOD

Bo Knight drools over Mario Ortiz

But the other four guys in the room are just getting started. Powerbuilt Bo Knight gets his big cock serviced by Ortiz. Ortiz then gets a fine blowjob from Knight, causing him to blow huge ropes of sperm onto Knight's chest. It doesn't take long for Knight to follow.

Next to them, beefy Jake Summers pounds Matt Colmar, a muscle bottom who knows how to keep his hole up and open for nearby dicks. Summers slams, shoots and splits. Walking off, he leaves the three there to continue grunting, licking and humping like animals.

Ortiz and Knight pull Colmar's legs apart. They ram their tongues up his ass. After lathering it, Ortiz pushes in his giant cock. Ortiz pumps while Knight kisses Colmar's face. Colmar jacks himself, staying rock hard while these two pass around his ass.

Knight gets his turn. Ortiz stands up before Colmar, delighting at the sight of the bottom swallowing his big dick. First to get off is Colmar. Knight shoots his load, and finally Ortiz coats Colmar's smooth buns with his hispanic seed.

Fitting into Tag Adams

Outside, Shaw leaves the bookstore, passing Dick Wolf, who is leaning against the wall. The handsome, stubbled Wolf invites Shaw over with his eyes and smile. Just then, a bright red truck rolls by. The vehicle brakes and reverses. Inside driver Tag Adams (The Road to Temptation) motions for Shaw to join him instead.

What draws Shaw to pick Adams in the truck? The bright red? The sense that a trick with Adams will conclude with less chance of committment?

He picks Adams in the truck. Left alone, an agitated Wolf spits in the direction of the departing tailgate.

Adams takes Shaw to his worksite, a huge warehouse. The two barely make it upstairs before their clothes are off. Amongst the tables and crates, Adams wolfs down Shaw's big uncut prick. A quick musical rhythm plays as Adams works the pole up and down, often gagging.

I want that cock in my ass! announces a fully worked-up Adams. Shaw then proceeds to throw the boy one of his signature, outstanding fucks. He begins by sitting Adams down onto his erection. He work it in snugly, impaling the tattooed bottomboy, who grinds and humps all the way down.

Adams gets slammed first facing Shaw, and then spun around facing away. After these lengthy acrobatics, Adams is on the floor on his fours. Ass up high, Shaw stays standing as he works a hard driving screw into the boy. They continue humping all over the factory floor.

Shaw pulls out and shoots a big loads up Adams' stomach and chest. Adams gets off immediately afterwards. Adams gives Shaw his phone number so he can call him. After leaving, Shaw tosses it away.

Downstairs, three other employees have arrived to work at the warehouse. They see Shaw depart, which inspires them to pull their cocks out for a suck session. Luis Vega pulls out his long, uncut dick, which Todd Maxwell from Rammer immediately starts worshiping.

After ejaculating a long rope of cum onto Maxwell's jockstrap-clad butt, the lean latino exits. Maxwell is left sucking the big uncut schlong of Hal Rodman, a notable film newcomer.

Muscular, big and hung, Rodman dominates Maxwell easily. Maxwell does a good job at jawboning this masculine stud's cock. He licks the shaft, and sucks his balls. After feeding his mouth with cock, Rodman takes Maxwell's muscular butt for a spin.

Aiden Shaw finds his perfect fit in Dick Wolf's glorious ass.
Sparks fly high as the two big, muscular dudes hump over the open tailgate of a truck. Unshaven and scruffy, Maxwell sticks his jockstrap=clad butt right out. He moans and groans as Rodman slams his cheeks with ever increasing speed.

After screwing in two positions, Rodman shoots a multi spurt load on onto Maxwell's furry chest.

Wow - you guys are still together! exclaims Shaw, who is walking down the street. He has run into Hot House Exclusive Collin O'Neal and boyfriend Joshua Adams. Fit, close cropped dark hair, and go-tees, these guys look like a cute couple.

Before separating, Shaw reveals that his sexlife is great, but the intimate love life is non-existent. Can he find a perfect fit? Or does he even really want to?

Meanwhile, the movie cuts to O'Neal and Adams back at home having an intimate one-on-one sex session. Their chemistry together shines as they go down on each other's big cocks.

They sixty-nine hungrily on the couch. Adams finally receives his boyfriend's big dick up his ass. He rides it with an ultimate masculine energy. After bouncing up and down on it, O'Neal bends his bottomboy over and slams in his love from behind. Afterwards O'Neal rains down his wet money shot.

Aiden Shaw Finds His Perfect Fit

In the final scene of the movie, Shaw finds his Perfect Fit --- but only in his fantasy. Here, Shaw decides to hook up with Dick Wolf (Skuff 2) from earlier. Laying in bed, furry butt exposed, Wolf is the adorable studpup Shaw has always sought.

Wolf hungrily goes down on Shaw's titanic uncut tool. He deep throats it like a blue-ribbon expert. Ultimately, Wolf's perfect round musclebutt is its final destination. This power-bottom matches every move Shaw makes.

Highlighted by the amazing eating of Wolf's glorious ass, followed by its lengthy reaming, this one on one fantasy is another spectacular episode. Perhaps Shaw can fulfill his innermost desire, but only in his imagination. An interesting degree of cynicism, and a relevent topic of many of us.

Perfect Fit flys high with Aiden Shaw running at full throttle. He carries the show, buffeted by an equally talented cast of sex machines. It is amazing that director Steven Scarborough pulls these searingly hot performances from guys time and time again.

DVD Disc Two: Included is a second disc full of great extras for Aiden Shaw fans. First off, there is a superb, extended version of Shaw's solo from disc one's beginning. Then there is a twenty minute interview with the him, some of which was from a 1993 interview, interweaved with a contemporary one. This interesting interview covers many interesting subjects, and also includes nice footage from On The Mark.

Plus there is a great image gallery of over 200 first-rate photos, and a cumshot compilation.

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Perfect Fit Photos:

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Hal Rodman behind Todd Maxwell
Aiden Shaw and Dick WolfWatch on - Watch VOD
Aiden Shaw smiles as Dick Wolf reveals his assets
Mario Ortiz, Matt Colmar, Bo KnightWatch on - Watch VOD
Mario Ortiz, Matt Colmar, Bo Knight

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