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Passport to Paradise

Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
, , Gerald , Ivan Andros , Manuel Torres , Mario Cruz , Miguel Leon ,
Interracial SexLatinosDaddy / BoyHorsehungDocumentaryHunks

Passport to Paradise

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Pete Ross won't forget this trip.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Imagine stumbling into a foreign, forbidden place. A place where you really aren't supposed to be. With little effort you fortunately get to see the amazing activities of what truly goes on behind closed doors. Such is essentially the viewer who watches an adult movie, which transports them easily into the bedrooms of the hottest guys.

In Passport to Paradise from Raging Stallion Studios, porn star Pete Ross plays that voyeuristic everyman, who during his visit to Costa Rica becomes our passport to see what the hottest latinos are doing to each other all day and night. Ross truly stands out as the delectable white boy, clean-cut but with a nasty streak, who discovers six hunks in a palatial mansion. This Superboy has found paradise!

Pete Ross snapshot Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Porn Star Pete Ross
World Traveler
Opening the door and moving up a majestic stairwell, Ross spys the handsome Spaniard Ivan Andros. Andros usually plays bottom (Party in the Rear), but at this moment he has black Parisian Gerald sprawled out over a stylistic water fountain. The sounds of the running waterfall, as well as the spanish guitar music composition from J.D. Slater enhances the foreign beauty to the entire sex scene.

Because the muscular Andros usually takes bottom roles, many of his fans may have realized the impressive sive of his banana shaped cock. What an unexpected surprise! Gerald is ripped and toned, and he clearly loves to bottom for Andros. After some hot rutting, Andros pulls out to release a no-hands money shot onto Gerald's cock and balls. His fat cock spasms, washing waves of jizz over the bottom.

Ross continues to explore the darkened corridors of the house as the movie cuts of a rejuvenated Ivan Andros, who is now kissing and touching Carlos Morales in a large bed of satin pillows. The hung musclebottoms take time exploring the joys of each other's fantastic butts.

Here again we see that the adage is true: the best bottoms make the best tops. Morales eases his thick dick inside, as his friend perches in a doggie-style crouch chanting ¡Fóllame!. (I have not heard that arousing command since seeing Antonio Banderas in Almodovar's La Lay del Deseo).

Andros spreads his cheeks with both of his hands, so Morales can slide in completely. Morales screws him in three satisfying positions. This is certainly a talented departure from being the orgy bottom in Nexus. The hottest cumshot of the film shows Andros's enormous cock gush huge torrents in and all around Morales's captivated face and mouth.

Latino sexual fire never dies, it continues in one long unending thread. With little break, we see the owner of the palatial estate, boxcover model Miguel Leon thrusting his big cock into Andros's wide-open ass. Morales sits by, jacking and watching his friend getting pummeled with steady rhythm.

Watching Leon work on an ass is a study in how to perform as a most-satisfying top. Their three-way escalates as Morales gets drawn in, and his eyes rarely leave sight of the magical movements of Leon's dick. The Venezuelan eventually gets what he wants, which is to be split wide open by the boxcover model.

In a slick finale, Morales gets coated in all of their cum.

Miguel Leon's Heavy Meal

For Leon, this episode is merely first course of a full meal. The prowling Ross spys him alone in bed, performing what essentially is a fabulous solo. For a full seven minutes, Ross plays the filmviewer's role as voyeur, where all of Leon's beautiful body gets studied. After ejaculating, Ross steals downstairs, as a startled Leon dashes after him.

Mario Cruz and Manuel Torres ignite the Passport to Paradise orgy. Ross sheepishly apologizes for intruding, and Leon quickly consoles him with the welcome information that he's come to the right place. Here Ross gets the treat that the viewer cannot, he gets to physically contact with Leon. Their one on one is a romantic voyage in front of a crackling fireplace.

He gives Leon an amazing, lengthy blowjob. Their involves the satisfying plowing of Ross's boybutt in another one of the villa's beautifully tiled rooms. He plunges his amazing thickness inside the blond. He launches his money shot over Ross, hands-free letting his jetstreams coat the enthralled visitor.

The final sequence of the film starts as an engaging one-on-one, and develops into an astounding orgy/gangbang. Elsewhere in the house, buff chulito Mario Cruz kisses Raging Stallion discovery Manuel Torres. The two hispanic models are a great contrast, Cruz is smooth whilst Torres is hairy. One is a willing bottom, as the other is a commanding top.

Cruz has bottomed in several pictures, but here director Chris Ward gives the Panamanian complete justice by showing his sweet smile and desirous movements as he gets plowed. Suddenly, porn star Enrico Vega, a real blast from Raging Stallion's past, saunters on in, giving Cruz another uncut cock to handle.

Next, Ross emerges from the confines of the homeowner's bedroom. He sees that the sexual action in this place just never ends. Vega, Cruz and Torres pull him into their swirl so they can get a piece of his gringo ass.

During this episode, Leon leaves the house, which is like Dracula leaving Jonathan Harker back at the castle with the incubuses. Leon returns to see Ross's progress. Arriving on the tail end of everyone's orgasms, he undresses and jacks off a big load onto his guest. Bottomboy Ross finishes with a big orgasmic splash.

Passport to Paradise Disc Two

Don't overlook the second disc which includes a nicely done documentary of the making of the film. Running over forty minutes, it is a complete film within a film, not just an assortment of goofy blooper out takes. Images of the filming proceed as the documentary systematically moves through each model, getting interesting biography from each as well as their perspective towards their part in this impressive project.

With this movie, Raging Stallion emerges from that of a small studio focusing on PigSex projects, into a grand creator pulling out all stops with an international cast, impressive on-location shooting and new ideas. All in all, Passport to Paradise is a world-class trip.

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Passport to Paradise Photos:

Carlos Morales and Ivan Andros Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Carlos Morales opens
for Ivan Andros
Miguel Leon and Pete Ross Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Miguel Leon takes
Pete Ross to paradise
Mario Curz and Manuel Torres Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Mario Cruz swallows Manuel Torres

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