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Passions of War Chapter 3: Celebration

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Andreas Harris , Enrique Gardinelli , Eric Flower , Fredy Costa , Glen Santoro , Helmut Muller , Jay Avedon , Julio Carillo , Kevin Cage , Kim Walker , Kristoff Caine , , Maurico Roselli
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Passions of War Chapter 3: Celebration

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Eric Flower and Lucio Maverick celebrate in high style.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Glossy title and studio marketing copy notwithstanding, I don't buy the notion that the DVD's grouped into the Passions of War library have anything to do with each other.

When gay porn movies arrive in the United States for distribution, this kind of thing happens often. There are countless examples of American distributors simply getting a foreign title, slapping a general sounding, enticing name on it, and wrapping it in slick packaging.

The first two installments of the series were set around the infamous blue lagoon outside landscape of Croatia. Although it includes much of the same cast, Passions of War Chapter 3: Celebration has the look of a gay porn costume drama.

Dressed in tails and top hats, our Hungarian harlots gather at a well appointed, richly decorated hunting lodge for rich weirdos. These muscular Rockefellers drink champagne out of crystal flutes, and sip some highballs filled with glittery green absinthe.

Kim Walker Watch Now
Kim Walker

Passions of War
It's Magyar high style mixed with Euro-musclemen. The combination is very interesting, except when these guys begin dancing, and the movie immediately takes on the air of Chippendale's. But hey, that's entertainment!

Chapter 3: Celebration is a must see for Eric Flower fans. Lucas Kazan fully brought out this sumptuous musclebottom in Backstage and Decameron: Two Naughty Tales. Here director Eugene uses him in the opening and closing scenes, every minute of which is dominated by his curvaceous body and accommodating barge-like ass.

The sultry Lucio Maverick follows Flower to a downstairs bath. Flowers undresses and slowly soaps himself up, drawing Maverick over with his wetness. Maverick, complemented by an attractive short haircut, buries his sizable phallus into Flower's round rump. First he's bent over, followed by a great sequence of him sitting down on it.

They finish sitting side by side jacking off. Maverick squirts out a hot multi-spurter illustrating this international musclestar's potency.

After this, things move back into the surreal as the cast relaxes in a common area sipping their drinks as solo performer Mauricio Roselli pops out dressed as Zorro, stripping enthusiastically to La Bamba. Watch where you whirl those pants, Mauricio!

Jay Avedon kicks off a four-way

In a flash, the stripper exits, leaving Jay Avedon, Helmut Muller, Kim Walker and Fredy Costa to drop their drinks and begin a full round of cocksucking. The tattooed Avedon takes Costa's big bone all the way inside like a champ. Costa tops vigorously too. Meanwhile newcomer Walker uses his assets on Muller, after performing some great deep throat action on him, they flip-flop.

The surprise of the group is the spunky Walker, whose short frame makes him resemble the much missed Luke Jarkal. Slowly licking his lips while sitting on Muller, he looks very hot and frisky taking it up the ass. Costa shoots his cum directly up his abs and cheat, but it's Walker who wins the biggest cumshot contest for sheer quantity.

The meat never stops getting beaten during this celebration. Glenn Santoro, Kristoff Caine and a returning Avedon assemble around and behind various mirrors and closed doors to stroke out uniformly good solo performances. The tension is heightened with the imagery that these hot studs are mere meters from each other, just out of their eye shot, whacking off.

Avedon drenches a mirror with his money shot.

Meanwhile, Roselli relaxes in a refreshing indoor pool, cooling off from that wild Zorro strip number. Andreas Harris surprisingly emerges from a long retirement (Biker's Bang 2), where he easily swallows Zorro's gay blade. They are joined by Enrique Gardinelli, who has a visible tan line framing his fuckable buns.

The high point of their three way shows the undershot of Roselli's gyrating ass, thrusting in and out, with Harris's legs raised high. These are all truly beautiful male butts and legs.

As Harris next takes a turn on Gardinelli. At that point, the sneaky solo-boy Julio Carillo quietly appears, showing off yet again his unforgettable body and masturbates with none else noticing. Where else is this little sneak surreptitiously getting off?

We have a new saying: A movie is not a Passions of War movie unless Julio Carillo unloads in a solo scene.

His cumshot is copious.

The movie finishes with Flower meeting up with his jealous lover, Kevin Cage (Construction Island). The well equipped top gets his lover off before plowing that beefy ass, making for not only another great deflowering scene, but also a satisfying ending.

The third installment of Passions of War certainly may be one of the stranger set-ups for a movie, but the film's reliable horned-up muscleguy cast in the able hands of Eugene are all causes for a celebration.

Passions of War Chapter 3: Celebration Photos:

Lucio Maverick and Eric FlowerWatch Now
Lucio Maverick sucks
Eric Flower
Kim Walker and Helmut MullerWatch Now
Kim Walker above
Helmut Muller
Kevin Cage and Eric FlowerWatch Now
Kevin Cage plows Eric Flower
Mauricio Roselli fucks Enrique GardinelliWatch Now
Andreas Harris, Enrique Gardinelli, Mauricio Roselli

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