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Passions of War Chapter 2: The Journey

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Fredy Costa , , Julien Salieri , Julio Carillo , Kevin Cage , , Miguel Sabroso , Randy Jones , Rod Stevens , Rogerio Mateo , Sandy Lance
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Passions of War Chapter 2: The Journey

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Hungairan tops go all-out to find The Desert Perl.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Apparently the Kingdom of Hungary rests on the successful return of the prized desert perl, because Passions of War 2: The Journey depicts teams of soldiers scattering and backstabing each other in order to get their hands on this elusive jewel. Or perhaps it is just an excuse to get massive amounts of hot Magyar meat into another ensemble Euro-muscleguy movie. (Much of the cast appears in the preceeding Passions of War 1: Honor, which was filmed in the same location.)

It's all enough to work. These hunks are the latest and greatest from Eastern Europe, notably Fredy Costa, Julien Vincenzo and Lucio Maverick, who can fuck like there's no tomorrow. But perhaps that is the life of a soldier - enjoy today because tomorrow means uncertain danger.

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Julien Salieri Solo

Passions of War
This film installment of the Passions of War series begins with a new topman who slides right into director Eugene/Czaba Borbely's style: Rogerio Mateo, a broadly built, heavily hung European stallion with a hairy crotch in which nests his cum-heavy nuts. After slipping a sexual elixir to commando buddy Sandy Lance, he stretches back to receive a lengthy blowjob on his big prick.

Lance's outstreched, tan buns entice both his buddy and the viewer to the point everyone involved thrills to the sight of him swallowing Mateo's long thrusts.

Nearby and just out of sight, the beautifully built Julio Carillo observes their action from behind a wall. He's a beautiful specimin that shoots a high flying money shot up his abs.

The shots of an erect Lance on his back taking Mateo's cock with the open Croatian rockscape surrounding them are picture perfect, as is watching them shoot their loads into the open wind.

Fredy Costa's Passions of War

Next, the quickthinking Fredy Costa (Twin Devils) saves buddy Rod Stevens from a potential landmine disaster. Costa is a boyish looking man who began just doing solos, but now draws a worldwide army of fans who love seeing him screw ass. His uncut cock is a beautiful shape. Stevens lathers it with his tongue while Costa opens the doors of his buddy's ass with his fingers.

Costa throws a standing doggie plow to Stevens, who grips a tree while still wearing his camoflouge tanktop. The scene's high point shows them perched atop a stone wall, Costa pumping Stevens on his side, leg raised. They finish by standing side by side on that same wall, jacking out their loads, and finishing with a passionate kiss.

After this, the director presents to us yet another tantalyzing show with Julien Salieri (Construction Island), one of the most gorgeous creatures picked for film. Like all of his previous on-screen appearances, Salieri limits himself to a solo. Watching him self pleasure that amazing bod and dick is always a treat, leaving us yet again to wonder if this model will ever step into more interactive territory.

During this time, the plot thickens as the soldiers quarrel over the possession of a half-torn map to the elusive desert pearl. This doesn't stop Julian Vincenzo (Score!) and Miguel Sabroso from enjoying a lusty hookup in the rocky ruins of a building. (Observing the sex in old post-Soviet ruins adds another interesting element to the Passions films)

Both enjoy lengthy blowjobs from each other, followed by Vincenzo burying his thick cock into Sabroso's upturned manhole. Vincenzo's muscled body plunging into Sabroso's hairy ass shows a pure example of raw masculinity. This culminates with Sabroso blowing Vincenzo some more until he squirts out a thick jet of mancream.

The film finishes with additoinal heat from three choice hunks: The Vin Diesel lookalike Randy Jones, who enjoys the pleasure of switching between the great cocks of Lucio Maverick and Kevin Cage. In particular the beefy Jones looks great crouched over Maverick's lap, swallowing his thrusts completely.

They finish with Maverick getting his dick worshipped, and finally a series of three memorable money shots from all three.

The film ends with Maverick and Cage escaping with the map. But do they ever find that elusive pearl? Perhaps the answer lies in the next two passion-filled chapters.

The movie features nicely lensed outdoor sex, with lots of emphasis on camoflague uniforms, dangling dogtags and moaning mansex. Not to mention the two enticing solos and great three way finish, fans of military themed porn will be left singing Reveille.

Passions of War Chapter 2: The Journey Photos:

Lucio Maverick and Kevin CageWatch Now
Lucio Maverick and Kevin Cage
Kevin Cage fucks Randy JonesWatch Now
Kevin Cage, Randy Jones, Lucio Maverick
Fredy Costa and Rod StevensWatch Now
Fredy Costa tops Rod Stevens

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