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Passage To Berlin (Berlin Techno Dreams)

Jorg Andreas
Cazzo Films  
Alex , Arthur , C.H. , Celso , Mario , Mark , Martin , Michele , Paul , Renato , Tito , Uwe , Veit , William , Xerxes
Bareback SexBathhouse / Sex ClubMen of Germany / BerlinKink / SextoysHairy GuysDaddies / Men

Passage To Berlin (Berlin Techno Dreams)

Twink's Odyssey through a Berlin Sex Club

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

This is the first film produced by Berlin's innovative and brilliant Cazzo Films. Despite a rough edge to the production quality, the film comes off well. One of the most interesting things is that in its multitude of sexual scenes, it offers something for everyone.

Set inside the den of of a sexclub, there are young guys, smooth guys, older guys, some skinheads, leather, etc. All these models appear very horny and totally consumed by their sexual actions.

The movie is about an enticing 18-year blonde named Michele, who also posses a thick man-sized dick. He visits an energetic dance club in Berlin, where he is promptly groped by the doorman. Inside Michele witnesses a dance-floor full of hot guys.

Berlin Techno Dreams
Michele and Marc
Downstairs past the dance floor is the twisting maze of a sex club. Michelle's odessey through the maze creates at least eight full-fledged sexual adventures.

The first is in the bathroom where a skinhead slave kneels beteen two urinals waiting patiently for attention from his stubbled master (C.H.), who wears a harness, motorcycle cap, chaps and jockstrap. They are watched by another boy in the corner. When C.H. tires of his boy and leaves, the two repair to a shadowy hall to screw each other's brains out.

Like Cazzo movies afterwards, all teh cast displays huge amounts of piercings and tatts. Next, the movie moves to a lower chamber where C.H. and Marc, an older daddy, take turns on a hairy slave named Xerxes. Marc's money shot at the end is huge.

The high point of the film happens when Michelle gets grabbed away by two good-looking brunets, Mario and Arthur. At first he briefly resists, but Michelle very quickly has his big, smooth cock out to produce with his buddies a whole gamut of sexual sensations. Michelle completely gets into these two guys, topping one of them.

Later Michele goes into a room and sucks off a very hot, smooth brunet who is wearing black latex shorts and a jacket. He also has a pierced eyebrow, and appears to chew gum throughout the encounter. The two stud puppies orally service each other and cum a lot. Later a revved up Michele gives head to a group of faceless men, until pulled away by Marc for sex in another chamber.

There are other scenes of a guy in a cage, and a sequence of one aggressive leather guy and one passive guy fucking. We see a hairy bottom Xerxes batter his ass with a large dildo. Xerxes gets mounted by C.H. who tops him really hard. This is a hard-driving screw appears to be mostly bareback.

The guys appear throughout the video, and you get a good feel for spending a disjointed, yet satisfying evening, in a sexclub. The film packs a lot of sex, dick-sucking and good dance music in its 75 minutes. Even with their first film, Cazzo's producers demonstrate a good eye for finding guys who really enjoy their mansex, from vanilla to kink.

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