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Party in the Rear (Monster Bang 6)

Michael Brandon Chris Ward
Raging Stallion Studios  
, Ivan Andros , Joshua Adams , Mario Cruz , Michael Brandon , Rick Gonzales , Sean Storm , Taurus
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Party in the Rear (Monster Bang 6)

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Simple and hard driving.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Michael Brandon and his pals over at Raging Stallion are throwing a party. And where better to throw a party than in and around the hungry asses of some of the hottest models working in gay porn? Anyone familiar with Mr. Brandon's take no prisoners performance style can measure the intensity of Party In The Rear even before the DVD hits the player.

Together with director Chris Ward, Brandon offers up heavy-duty sex in his signature style, a style he describes as, "Aggressive to the point of brutality fucking." And like it boasts on the DVD sleeve, you can almost taste the cum, spicy and hot as it flies into the mouths of the performers.

Rick Gonzales and Cory Koons Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Rick Gonzales parties in Cory Koons's rear

First up, Mario Cruz and cover model porn star Ivan Andros. Mario Cruz, a dark-skinned, ripped Panamanian model is enjoying a bit of nude sunbathing, floating bare-assed in a pool. But the sight of Ivan Andros stroking off poolside forces Mario to abandon ship and come ashore. Ivan obviously enjoys getting good head, but after catching a glimpse of Ivan's bubble butt, decides he'd rather rim Latin ass.

After teasing Mario's pink pucker with the head of his cock, Ivan suits up and plunges in deep, providing only the first of several intense fuck sessions in this film. While he's banging, Ivan spews a steady stream of nasty fuck talk in his native language, stopping only when Michael Brandon taps him on the shoulder and asks to cut in.

Make no mistake - there's nothing polite about Michael's to-the-point attitude when it comes to fucking. As he slips "the Monster" deep into Mario, he keeps both men on their toes with specific and very verbal instructions on what he wants. Michael is nothing short of brutal when he fucks, spearing Mario with his massive cock. This is noisy sex, all three models groaning and muttering expletives. Ivan unloads in Mario's mouth then heads to the pool, leaving Mario for Michael to finish off. Michael pulls out all the stops, forcing Mario to cum, then eating every gooey drop. He's the last to blow, sitting on Mario's chest and giving him a taste of spunk.

The producers of Party in the Rear don't even give the audience any breaks. As this threeway fades out, we're instantly in play with Michael Brandon and power-bottom Sean Storm. Michael spends several exquisite moments teasing Sean's vulnerable hole with the entire length of his naked cock, rubbing and prodding, stopping just short of barebacking.

Neither model wastes precious time with oral sex, instead opting to slip on a rubber and go whole hog with the butt fucking. Michael and Sean urge one another on, stopping only for a swim to cool down a bit. After a sampling Sean's luscious ass with his mouth, Michael gets right back into fucking ass, laying Sean down inside a bright yellow pool raft, cushioning the anal assault. This time it's lucky Sean who gets a sample of Mike's hot cum.

Party in Cory Koons' Rear

By the time we join Rick Gonzales and Cory Koons (Stoked), Rick's prick is already deeply buried inside his fuck buddy. Whoever owns this particular in-ground pool is one lucky host; while Koons and Gonzales get it on, another horny couple is having sex in the background. Gonzales easily matches Michael Brandon is his style of anal attack, at one point, grabbing Koons' shoulders to get as deep as possible inside his bottom boy. Like most of the models in this production, these studs are tan and lean. And boy, do they work up a healthy sweat under the summer sun. The camera snatches some very nasty close-ups of Koons' worked-over hairy hole, as well as Gonzales' hole while he fucks.

On the other side of the pool, tattooed lovely Josh Adams is being royally worked over by Taurus, who has to shield his eyes from the sun while getting head. And with only a few quick licks with his tongue to ease the way, Taurus slips inside Josh. They fuck standing up, balancing against a large poolside flower pot. Josh has a menacing skinhead persona and watching him get rear-ended by this Latin hottie was one of the highlights of the flick.

Michael Brandon wants to have a party in your rear. Michael Brandon, ever horny, is playing voyeur, watching and masturbating nearby. He beckons both boys over, signaling for them to stuff his mouth with cock. Taurus blows almost immediately and Michael laps up his load with a great deal of enthusiasm. With the salty cum still on his lips, he steadies his cock for Josh to sit down upon. They eventually move into a position where Michael can piledrive, driving deep. His unmatchable skill as a dominant top puts Josh over the top. Mere milliseconds after Josh's spooge splashes onto his abs, Michael bends over and samples it.

Ivan Andros Sits on Michael Brandon

The finale of the flick is also the film's highlight. After tossing Josh aside and into the pool, Ivan Andros makes his second appearance, casually strolling over and sitting right down on Michael's 10+ inches. This is an incredibly erotic fuck, muscular Ivan bouncing up and down on this massive prick. Ivan's puckerhole gets an amazing stretching before all is said and done. And I can't imagine a seedier conclusion to this excellent film than Michael opening his mouth to accept Ivan's hot cum.

The best that Party In The Rear offers its viewers is its non-stop energy, many scenes concluded with spectacular oral cumshots. Here's hoping that this is a trend in gay porn that grows in scope.

Don't miss the DVD extras provided - each model jerks off solo by the pool, teasing themselves without any assistance. Michael Brandon also talks directly to the camera and provides some insights into his unique style, explaining how he produces hands-down some of the sexiest porn on the market.

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Party in the Rear (Monster Bang 6) Photos:

Ivan Andros tops Mario Cruz Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD Ivan Andros bottoms for Michael Brandon Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
The versatile Ivan Andros enjoys Mario Cruz (left) and Michael Brandon (right)
Michael Brandon and Joshua Adams Watch on RagingStallion or Watch VOD
Michael Brandon parties in Joshua Adams's rear

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