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Paris Playboys

Michael Lucas
Lucas Entertainment  
Andy O'Neill , Antonio Cavalli , Brice Farmer , Christopher Smeyt , Glenn Coste , , , Marco Salqueiro , Michael Lucas , Mike Colucci , , Ricky Love , Sebastian Ritz
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Paris Playboys

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A Superior Gay Porn Travelogue to France

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

The Eiffel Tower. The Champs Elleyses. The Louvre. Montemarte. Such destinations are not the points of interest for the Paris Playboys. In fact, for lead playboy Rafael Alencar, he's all about touring Sebastian Ritz's smooth, tight asshole.

Watching the exciting Paris Playboys from Lucas Entertainment, one wonders why so few gay porn movies have been filmed in the City of Light. Sure there was Tiger Tyson's very enjoyable trip in 2007's Tiger's Eiffel Tower: Paris Is Mine!, and of course the many classic films from director Jean Daniel Cadinot. But for the most part, Paris has not played a role in the recent international gay porn film movement.

Paris Playboys stands out from many other European filmed movies nowadays, because the producers take the trouble to incorporate many lovely shots of the city's famous grand boulevards and points of interest, which are included in the Behind the Scenes sequence of the DVD extras, and also edited into the movie for scene transitions. It's amazing how so many movies filmed in the world's greatest cities never bother leaving the bedroom.

Paris Playboys snapshot Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Mike Colucci sucks Christopher Smeyt
Overall, the film's busy intenerary includes four hot scenes with a wide variety of models, capped off with a great nine man orgy.

The trip starts with a bang when, as mentioned earlier, local Parisienne Ritz cruises Alencar on the streets of Paris from his motorcycle, chatting him up. Like Gene Kelly adrift in the old Hollywood classic An American in Paris, Alencar has found his Leslie Caron.

They are quickly standing naked in a hotel room, clad in white underwear, kissing passionately. Alencar clearly relishes his role as one of porn's most enthusiastic, famous tops. He tears through Ritz's Maginot Line of defenses, spewing orders and commands. Ritz complies by inhaling the Brazilian's cock into his mouth and ass.

The Frenchman stays completely passive, letting Alencar plant every thrust and kiss wherever he likes, as long as he likes. After a long sequence of power-fucking, Alencar ejaculates a highway of cum starting at the bottom's chest trailing all the way down his torso, down his leg stopping at his foot. (Ritz discusses this episode and his feeling for Alencar in Michael Lucas' Auditons 33: Pornstars in Training)

The Talented Christopher Smeyt

Turns out, many different guys had been cruising Alencar on the street earlier. What was his opportunity cost for bringing Ritz back to his hotel? It was the sultry newcomer named Christopher Smeyt. Smeyt will go down in the record books as one of those perfect examples of fair, boyish looking lads who is equipped with a cock the size a baguette.

We are not kidding. The size of Smeyt's erection just may surpass any measurements in the metric system. In a riveting episode, Smeyt takes a broad-shouldered amuse bouche named Mike Colucci to bed.

Smeyt pulls open Colucci's round buttocks and lathers the insides with his tongue providing a sequence that is a first class rimjob. We next see Smeyt sliding his massive Airbus airliner inside Colucci's ass for an eye-popping fuck sequence. Can this cute new bottomboy take it? Amazingly, yes. Colucci jacks himself off while on his back as Smeyt tops him, who ultimately stands over the bottom to shower him in cum.

Christopher Smeyt's cock is the size of a bagette. Following this, Israeli stud Jonathan Agassi shows up, apparently it is his first trip to Paris. He ends up being led to the flat of Andy O'Neill, a pale skinned Eurobottom who has appeared in a lot of movies for Eurocreme. As in Inside Israel, Agassi struts his topman stuff, screwing him on a dilapidated lemongrass colored couch.

Agassi even cums in O'Neill's mouth.

Things stay heated during the rousing one-on-one between Jay Roberts and Brice Farmer. Roberts last appeared in the memorable rushing river episode of Inside Israel where he topped Bruno Jones. Here, he and Farmer enjoy a passionate flip-flop.

The Paris Playboys Orgy

This all ends up with what is described as a "bonus orgy scene." for the fifth episode. It certainly closes the trip off on a very high note. Michael Lucas has always enjoyed capping his films off with an orgy party, like in Lost or Restless, although in those movies they serve more as a metaphor for the detached passions and alienation that runs through gay sexuality.

Here, perhaps because everything is so uplifted by simply being in Paris, there's none of this brooding. It's a solid wall-to-wall orgy featuring the returning Alencar, Smeyt, Colucci and Agassi, who get down with new models, including Lucas himself. One quibble, the orgy does get a bit top-heavy, although many people will be perfectly happy with that. Naturally, everybody wants to get a piece of Colucci's fabulous ass, and they all do.

The orgy is a well-paced, clearly shot conclusion that will leave the viewer à bout de souffle.

If you are not going to be able to make it over to Paris any time soon, but want to get a good look at its men, its vibrant life and sexual energy, make it a point to get Paris Playboys.

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Paris Playboys Photos:

Paris Playboys orgy Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
The 9 Man Orgy
Paris Playboys orgy Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
The 9 Man Orgy
Rafael Alencar and Sebastian Ritz Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Rafael Alencar behind Sebastian Ritz
Jay Roberts and Brice Farmer Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jay Roberts and Brice Farmer
Jonathan Agassi fucks Andy O'Neill Watch on LucasEntertainment or Watch VOD
Jonathan Agassi fucks Andy O'Neill

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