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Kristen Bjorn
Kristen Bjorn (Sarava Productions)  
Bruno Carrosa , Daniel Santos , David Barthory , Edu Boxer , Henrick Toth , Huessein , Jason Kingsley , Jed Willcox , Luis Alonso , Max Veneziano , Norbert Somlay , Octavio Fuentes , Paulao Do Picao , Pietro Rosselli , , Ricky Martinez , , Sergio Del Castillo , Tadeu Novais , Viktor Cowboy
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Landing on the ground with the full force of an ariel assault, Kristen Bjorn's latest Latin America sojourn draws attention as if it movie yelled Geronimo!. This sexual tour de force packs the strongest punch we have seen in some time. Departing from Bjorn frequent themes of unrequited love and voyeurism, Parashooter collects twenty perfect male specimens in-and-around the lush forests of Brazil. These musclemen spray blast after blast of gooey happiness. Ostensibly, the guys are there to perform critical policing duties that stop viscious drug traffickers. Some of this story is peppered lightly throughout the one dozen sex scenes.

Another highlight is the on-screen deflowering of Italian stallion Max Veneziano (Journey to Greece, the boxcoverboy. In the movie, Veneziano parachutes into the jungle, but he gets blown off course (literally). Two comrades looking for him are Jed Wilcox and David Barthory (Hangar). The camouflaged pair stop to urinate, turning into a mutual display of sexual arousal. Barthory gives Wilcox a handjob, getting him off. Wilcox however is not done.

Max Veneziano and Henrick Toth Watch on or Watch VOD
Max Veneziano tops Henrick Toth
He makes Barthory eat his luscious ass, followed by a solid plugging with his medium-thick cock. Barthory is a hot guy to watch top.

Meanwhile, two of the local natives lay down their machetes to pop their raging pythons out of their pants. Luis Alonso gets on his knees to worship Rafael Alencar's humongous dick. Bjorn's expert footage of this beautiful piece of meat is exquisite. Hats off to Alonso for his amazing deep-throating abilities.

When Alencar cums, Alonso cannot contain himself and keeps blowing his spent cock. Alencar is a BrazilBoy who cannot be stopped either. I love your ass, he says as he saws away on Alonso. Standing doggie, Alonso excitedly backs up into it.

Jason Kingsley Parachutes into Group Sex

Meanwhile, another pair of paratroopers (Jason Kingsley and Roberto Giorgio), discover a group of five bathing suit-clad musclehunks, all sucking and kissing is a whirlpool. Ahhhh: Groups of guys like these only seem to exist in Bjorn's A World of Men. Built like brick houses, these beefy blokes have never-ending sex continuously.

Assembled are Brazilian bodybuilder Tadeu Novais, hairy topman Hussein and bicep beauty Edu Boxer, who has since become an exciting Colt man (Buckleroos). They are complimented by two slim latinos who are very easy on the eyes, Ricky Martinez and Bruno Carrosa. (Not the Dominican Martinez of recent Chi Chi flicks)

After a full round of wet frolic the crew dumps five money shots in the blue water. Observing this activity inspires paratroopers Kingsley and Giorgio to separately begin their own round of jawboning. Fellatio fans take note: Giorgio's lathering of Kingsley's long wand is incredible. Somewhere along the line, our favorite Hungarian boy learned expert cock-sucking skills! After blowing a hot facial, the movie returns to our muscular Gang of Five, who move through numerous rounds of sex that leaves the viewer breathless.

Walking to a set of patio furniture, up go the Brazilian butts. Hussein takes on Martinez's lovely backside, while Novais and Boxer plunge their tongues into Carrosa. Novais is a strong armed, perfect piece of muscle, and he throws a hot plowing to Carrosa, who sprawls back on the couch. He plays with his cute, uncut cock while he gets rammed, and he blows with Novais inside him.

Next the Gang of Five repair to a richly appointed entryway, where they move through some lengthy cocksucking and ass eating. Novais easily lifts the not-so-light Boxer upside down for a standing sixty-nine, with Carrosa nearby offering his own cock and tongue. Next, it's sex on the stairs!

Victor Cowboy and Daniel Santos Watch on or Watch VOD
Victor Cowboy tops
Daniel Santos
After arranging themselves into a lovely human floral arrangement they all spray another round of pollen from their stamens. Then it is Novais who gets reared by bodybuilders Hussein and Boxer. Meanwhile in the foreground bottomboy Martinez sits his body down onto Carrosa's cock. A finishing round of money shots closes this orgy, placing it immediately into the record books. This may be a good time to go take a 15 minute intermission

Victor Cowboy's Horny

We are next introduced to two new characters: Victor Cowboy slides into driveway of his palatial digs in his shiny BMW, where he is met by the macho hat wearing Daniel Santos. Cowboy needs some lovin', and fortunately Santos stands ready to offer his warm mouth for some indisputable comfort. After blowing money shots, they move to the porch of the house, the erect heads of their cocks leading the way.

Asscheeks apart, Santos offers a delicious meal to his friend. The handsome Cowboy alternately works his tongue inside as well as his dick before they both release their manjuice. Meanwhile in another area, Wilcox and Barthory are releasing another round of loads when they are surprised by Alencar and Alonso. Wilcox valiantly tries to call for back up, but at that very moment Roberto Giorgio backs himself up onto Jason Kingsley.

This al fresco one on one is probably one of the movie's high points. Giorgio continues to be one of the hottest musclestuds to watch get fucked. He dances his lithe hips up, down and all over Kingsley's lap. This duet only just finishes before they are forcibly taken by Santos back to Cowboy's headquarters.

The parashooters' jeopardy continues as Wilcox and Barthory engage in a hungry four-way with Alencar and Alonso. Alencar and Alonso give some inspired head to Wilcox, and soon they are inside pairing off. Barthory slides his meat all the way into Alonso's hole, while over on the couch Alencar easily pushes his sledgehammer into Wilcox. Alonso blows a heavy gusher no hands style. Alencar covers Wilcox with his own South American seamen.

After this comes yet another high impact four way. Giorgio and Kingsley end up sprawled out on a big table side to side getting their assed fucked by Santos and Cowboy, respectively. Before the scene is out, versastud Kingsley slides his own king-size cock into Cowboy's chute.

Max Veneziano Bottoms

The movie ends with another set of sex scenes: two one-on-ones that culminate in a fourgy. Our long awaited star (Max Veneziano) parachutes in, but get tangled in the trees. Friendly local Paulao Du Picao rescues him, only after first blowing the megahung Italian as he dangles from a tree. Unfortunately, getting rescued could not be that easy. Veneziano has to give up his virgin ass for the horsehung Du Picao.

In a nice touch, Veneziano sports a hairless crotch. But that gets minimal showing as Du Picao screws him doggie style. After they shoot money shots, they are interrupted by Henrick Toth and Sergio del Castillo, who have been playing the Hide the Salami game themselves. Altogether, Toth plays bottom as Veneziano stuts his famous topman skills, along with his new pal Du Picao.

Although this may sound trite, it is true: Parashooter is the best Kristen Bjron in recent years. One advantage is that the models get to screw in one-on-one scenes before bunching together for group action. The movies lately have seemed to mostly include scenes with three guys of more.

Bjorn has solved this overpowering orgy collection with a satisfying new arrangement. The DVD also introduces some exciting new models like Jason Kingsley and Tadeu Novais. Parashooter paints a vivid picture of jungle love.

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Parashooter Photos:

Rafael Alencar and Jed Wilcox Watch on or Watch VOD
Rafael Alencar probes Jed Wilcox
Edu Boxer enjoys three way Watch on or Watch VOD
Tadeu Novais tops Bruno Carrosa, Edu Boxer right

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