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Papi Got Flava

Jalin Fuentes
Pittbull Productions  
Dameon , Dillon , Haze , , Jazz , Joshua , Lil Kidd , Tec
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Papi Got Flava

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Dillon rents Kidd for an electrifying fuck.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Papi Got Flava is a zesty movie release that keeps Pittbull Productions up filming in the big leagues. The studio certainly produces the best movies with urban looking Black and Latino guys. The movie is an exhibit for their resident stud Dillon, whose sexual confidence and general ease before the cameras allows him to give hotter performances then in his earlier showcase film Dillon The One.

In this film, the sex obsessed 'Rican spends his days letting his fingers do the walking, ordering up escorts over his cell phone. The result of this is Dillow throwing hot fucks into three different guys, most notably the choice pretty boy on the dvd cover, Kidd.

Jason Tiya and Dillon Watch Now
Jason Tiya sucks Dillon
The film starts with Dillon laying back wearing some shiny boxers in a brilliant orange oversized quilted bed that looks like it came right out of a Playboy club in the 1970s. He stretches himself out over the bed's top blanket, which consists of repeating images of one hundred dollar bills. Speaking into the phone, Dillon informs the escort agency representative his preference for hot pieces of ass, who walk right into his room already naked.

Shortly afterwards, a shirtless Jason Tiya walks into the room.

Now, Tiya has a beautiful black body, from the top of his bald head to his bottom of his heavy muscular butt. And he's burned up the screen in many noteworthy films. (e.g., Lights and Darks: An Interracial Spin) However, he really seems to be watching the clock this time.

Perhaps this event was one of those occasions where the models' chemistries did not combine. The good news is that even despite this. watching Tiya on his stomach getting plowed by Dillon looks very hot. Dillon seems to take up the slack, working extra hard to turn in a good scene, despite the fact that Tiya looks so distracted.

And fortunately for the film the subsequent four sexual episodes crackle with heat from the fucking of a hot set of guys. Understandably, Dillon is still in need. So he calls up the escort agency asking for a guy who is "pretty and petite."

This time he gets the cocky bottom Kidd (Lord of Da Pinga: Viper), who fits the Dillon's requests perfectly. Pictured on the DVD boxcover, Kidd is a sweet, smooth bottom boy, who just comes alive as Dillon fucks him. Their sex session is a rousing, noisy spectacle fed from Kidd's energy that just flows from Dillon tapping his ass.

After they negotiate payment, highlighted by Dillon pulling out a wad of hundred dollar bills the size of a giant fist, Kidd chows down on Dillon's cock. Dillon face fucks him for awhile before topping him. Kidd never stops the verbal encouragement, fully hard in ecstasy while getting fucked.

Dillon gives an all out top performance> He literally pounds out a hot load from the bottom after topping him a every imaginable position. Kidd is clearly so impressed, he ultimately waves his escort charges.

Joshua knows Papi Got Flava

Although it is going to be really difficult to follow after that performance, home boys Joshua and Tec do a very good job, and in a quiet, unassuming way. The young guys begin by comparing the tattoos on their shoulders. This inspires Joshua to make a pass, to which Tec ultimately succumbs.

Joshua is another one of the film's "pretty" looking bottoms. (He bottoms for Supreme in Love of the Dick 4: Classified) He seems delighted to be getting into his straight buddy's pants, sucking his impressive cock. His cute dick stays hard while his buddy fucks his ass on the couch.

Dillon seems pretty used to having other guys hit on him. Then he fucks them. Tec screws him gingerly, with a focused determination, like any good straight friend who likes giving benefits to his gay friend. Director Fuentes captures a lot of very hot visuals showing these two thug boys going at it, making this episode on the film's quiet unassuming hits. They both cum an awful lot too.

Dillon returns for the next scene, showing one of his friends (Haze) around his place. Standing around shirtless, Dillon is one of these guys who seems pretty used to having other guys hit on him. Haze is happy to entice Dillon into the mood by showing off his bootie. Buck naked, he lays down on the bed, flat on his stomach. Without any distracting oral buildup, Dillon steps out of his shorts, and climbs right on top of Haze's backside.

Dillon mounts him, throwing into him another one of the filim's hot fucks.

Jazz Gives Up His Ass

The last scene of the film is without Dillon, but rather two new cuties. The sexy latino Dameon shaves hit face in the bathroom when tall Black boy Jazz decides to seduce him by showering naked directly next to him.

Dameon cancels his appointments for the morning, and takes Jazz into the bedroom. Jazz works Damon's uncut cock up to full mast. Dameon returns the oral favor when they curl up together into a sixty-nine. But what Dameon really wants it a piece of his friend's hot hole, which Jazz is thrilled to give up.

Dameon plows Jazz's butt hard, slamming it as the bottom pushes back to meet his thrusts. It is a sweaty, gratifying end to a very hot film. Highlighted by some great couplings Papi Got Flava is one juicy sweet meat.

Papi Got Flava Photos:

Tec and Joshua in Papi Got FlavaWatch Now
Tec atop Joshua
Tec in Papi Got FlavaWatch Now
Jazz and Dameon in Papi Got FlavaWatch Now
Jazz Sucks Dameon
Dillon and Kidd in Papi Got FlavaWatch Now
Dillon above Kidd

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