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Paging Dr. Finger

Steven Scarborough
Hot House Entertainment   HH051
Bo Dixon , C.J. Knight , Dillon Crow , Francesco D'Macho , , Jake Dakota , Johnny Gunn , Kai Ford , Ross Hurston , , Ty LeBeouf ,
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Paging Dr. Finger

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Gallant doctors and medical professionals stand ready to help, including Francesco D'Macho who arrives in a sexed up daze after induldging in GHB.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Paging Dr. Finger clearly gets the award for wittiest movie title of the year. And of course, that's not all.

Our younger readers probably have never even heard of "Dr. Kildare", the young, heart throb doctor who solves all the medical dramas at the local hospital. A popular television series in the 1960s, that good doctor was played by Richard Chamberlain, who as it turns out, was really gay all along.

So we can thank Hot House Entertainment for bringing to light what may have transpired within the confines of the hospital, but couldn't be shown on NBC, where steamy gay sex is part of every day's work with this hospital staff.

Contrary to the film's title, fingers are not the organ of choice for the movie's proctological moments. In the first episode, Jackson Wild is rushed to the emergency room, where medical specialists rush to help. His problem - a black butt plug, the shape of a fat dinosaur egg, is crammed in his ass.
Johnny Gunn and C.J. Knight Watch on - Watch VOD
Johnny Gunn rides C.J. Knight
Fortunately the doctor on hand is the gallant Trevor Knight (Justice). Now, Knight is the king in the phallus department, wielding it like a spectacular, tremendous thermometer. Once the obstruction is out of the way, Knight continues his examination by climbing atop Wild, covering him like a big spider, and fucking him forcefully. After all, whose health doesn't immediately benefit from a lengthy anal probing?

Meanwhile, medical technicians Kai Ford (Trunks 5) and Dillon Crow have started their own naked act. Ford pumps the bent over Crow doggie style, hanging off of the same gurney. A free for all develops when Ford decides that it is his turn to bounce atop Knight's giant manhood, as the tattooed Crow gets sloppy seconds on Wild's hot hole.

With tops like Trevor Knight and bottoms like Jackson Wild, this opener starts Paging Dr. Finger on a very high note.

Johnny Gunn follows the Hippocratic Oath

After this, C.J. Knight gets brought in with a raging case of priapism. This delights male nurse Johnny Gunn (photographed on the box cover) to no end. In the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath, he gets on his knees to work over Knight's cock with a lengthy suck. Gunn removes his scrubs and climbs atop Knight, who immediately starts probing his hole with his tongue.

New to the Hot House set of backroom regulars, Gunn is a sexually potent stud who seems equally as excited with both topping and bottoming. He rides Knight's dick, who usually takes bottom roles. Gunn rides him furiously, his extremely long cock fully hard, swaying visibly.

Naturally, takes his own spin on Knight's ass, fucking him missionary, legs back in bed showing lot of hot detailed footage of Gunn's pumping penis. The great camera work culminates with nice views of their hot money shots.

Next, Jake Dakota (Forced Entry) shows up complaining about headaches. Fortunately, Vinnie D'Angelo is available to chase away all of his pains, using the entire menu of procedures. D'Angelo first puts on a latex glove and sticking a finger up Dakota's ass. D'Angelo's probing gets Dakota's dick hard immediately.

But the sudden erection may also be because D'Angelo is one of the sexiest men alive. In a great performance, he very quietly pushes the situation from a minor medical trauma to an all out sexual situation. The stud bull is soon pushing his dick into Dakota's easily available hole. Dakota looks bewildered, as he only came in with a headache. But who at this point even could say no?

The doctor is in...really in.
Beefy and strong, D'Angelo throws a fantastic fuck into Dakota, covering his entire body over the patient's. The doctor's exam is not complete without deeply probing Dakota's ass with a black dildo, followed with D'Angelo lubing up Dakota's dick and bending over to receive a hot doggie style pounding. Everyone gets a hot piece at this crazy hospital.

After this, the hospital staff washes briefly into a swirling eddy of muscle worship. Ty LeBeouf enjoys a quiet break from work until interrupted by super dad Bo Dixon. Clearly turned on by the brawny, big Dixon, LeBeouf seems overcome with a sudden arrhythmia.

They chat about working out, followed by LeBeouf's own exploration of Dixon's body. He starts with Dixon's bulging biceps. Dixon, who started out performing solos as a COLT Man (Minute Man 24 ), proves his worth as a full action performer, giving it to LeBeouf in several hot positions.

LeBeouf's facial expressions indicate that he feels like he's literally died and gone to heaven. But this situation is anything but a Code Blue. Dixon plows him with his thick dick steadily, LeBeouf's eyes rolling into the back of his own head. His personal enjoyment is verified by the size of his copious load that he shoots onto the table, spilling one of the biggest money shots of the entire film.

Fucking Dr. Finger

Francesco D'Macho overdoses on GHB. Paging Dr. Finger! The last scene of the film shows "Dr. Finger" in full life-saving action. It's handsome English model Ross Hurston. After enjoying wild office sex in Head Hunters, Inc., he's now donned a white coat and stethoscope. Apparently Hot House envisions Hurston permanently for white collar, professional roles.

This time, the patient is Francesco D'Macho, who seems to have partied too hard with GHB. Naturally, the semi-unconscious D'Macho is whispering "Fuck me" into the ears of the doctor. Hurston decides the best thing to do is teach him a lesson. (A lesson?)

Hurston administers some gas to D'Macho through a mask while the returning male nurse Gunn returns, sucking on his dick. They proceed to have an incendiary three-way.

Sporting attractive facial hair, and perfectly groomed body hair running down his beautiful legs, D'Macho looks incredible. Hurston and Gunn worship him like the bombshell that he truly is.

After enjoying getting his uncut dick sucked, D'Macho has revived to the point that he is able to fuck both of the medical professional. His reaming of Hurston looks picture perfect; one of the hottest sexual highlights of the entire year. And if that is not enough, D'Macho hops up onto the exam bed, throws his legs in the air for Hurston to return the favor, giving back a powerful manly fuck.

D'Macho and Hurston are in their full stride, and their sex takes the movie to its memorable climax. A fine finish to an all-out great medical fetish movie.

No need for any analgesics during the anal workout therapies depicted here. Hot House has injected this doctor movie with all of the required humors, and we give Paging Dr. Finger a clean bill of health.

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Paging Dr. Finger Photos:

Francesco D'Macho in Paging Dr. FingerWatch on - Watch VOD
Francesco D'Macho emerges from GHB haze
Ross Hurston and Johnny Gunn in background
Paging Dr. Finger Four WayWatch on - Watch VOD
Kai Ford rides Travor Knight, Dillon Crow tops Jackson Wild
Fucking Dr. FingerWatch on
Johnny Gunn, Francesco D'Macho,
Ross Hurston
Paging Dr. Finger Emergency RoomWatch on - Watch VOD
Jackson Wild sucks Kai Ford
Dillow Crow sucks Trevor Knight
Bo Dixon and Ty LeBeoufWatch on - Watch VOD
Bo Dixon and Ty LeBeouf

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