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Sexgaymes: Pace

Pistol Media Studios  
, Damon Bradley , David Bray , Drake Romano , Kaine Richards , , Marc Amon , The Girlfriend , Tony Charcos
Athletes / SportsAustralia / AussiesTattoos

Sexgaymes: Pace

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A very sexy workout Down Under

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Whew...what a workout! Don't overlook this hot sports flick from Australia. These jocks know how to get it on. Pace begins with a rockin' opening showing all the cast screwing to a punchy musical beat. This slides directly into the first scene, a shower-room three way that steams up the camera lens.

After some lighthearted outdoor exercise, Drake Romano is showering off when he spys Pistol/Raging Stallion stud Brendan Austen (Plexus) and Kaine Richards kissing over by the lockers. Romano approaches them with a half-hard erection, and they all begin a lusty round of kissing, groping and sucking.

Richards is a cute little sparkplug, who gets on his knees to give long, deep slurps to Romano and Austen's meat. The three then systematically take turns sucking the other two. The suckfest displays a bounty of mouth-watering uncut cocks. The movie director captures all of the action exquisitely from underneath; very nice views. The viewer sees lots of angles of tongues and cocks in asses, usually capturing all three guys in the frame, which is no easy to do.

Drake Romano in Sexgaymes Watch Now
Drake Romano
Scruffy-faced Austen leans back on a bench as Richards sits down on his cock. In a high point, the three all connect together, with Romano drilling Austen, who drills Richards. The guys all finish by spraying their loads on each other, followed by a round of kissing in the after-glow.

The benefits of this particular gym keep star Romano coming back for more. Next he enjoys a sudsy shower with Tony Charcos, a real knock out making his maiden voyage in this film. After washing off, the sexual tension makes their dicks stiff and begging release. Charcos wears a cock-ring, which does its job of pulling in Romano's attention so he can give him a blow-job.

With the lockers behind them, Charcos turns Romano around to rim his ass. Then he casually pushes his cock inside. One hot visual is the underside view of Charcos' hot dick, with the cockring on, banging Romano. Real time sound captures their gasping breath, the rocking bench and the squishing sound of lube.

Romano, whose cock never goes down, decides that it is his turn to plow. In a friendly gesture, Charcos lends his buddy the cockring to wear. More ass-eating, followed by a hotter-than-hell drilling of Charcos, whose body is pushed back into a dressing room chair.

In the next scene, hairy-chested David Bray chats with his girlfriend by the pool, as Damon Bradley appears and starts cruising him. Bray gets the message, so he follows the guy into the showers. (note the film likes to document the setup of two guys showering off together, not touching, but just locking eyes.)

Bradley sucks Bray with the shower running, however they soon move out to the side where they can stretch out their bodies. Bray delves his tongue into Bradley's meaty butt, opening him up. There is lots of hot camera footage showing Bradley's two sweet asscheeks getting drilled doggie style. Then after screwing him on his back, Bradley decides to turn the tables of this straight dude, showing that really good bottoms also know how to top. Bray's money shot sprays everywhere.

Drake Romano and Lance Gear enjoy sex games

For the fourth scene, Romano and Lance Gear (Hardsex) are paddling separately in the water by the beach. Romano wastes little time getting Gear up to his high-rise apartment to give the American the grand tour. Romano gives Gear a lengthy blowjob on his couch, all the while pinching his nipples. The best part of the scene is the anal action. These two are expert sexualists who know how to fuck.

Romano plows Gear long and hard on the floor, in several positions. Romano works up one helluva sweat, which actually appears visually on camera. They flip-flop, and Gear tops Romano in front of a mirror. They both watch themselves in. Going at it like total animals, their trick ends with Romano shooting hot cum into Gear's mouth, immediately causing the bald American to release his own gooey juice.

He shoots all over the camera lens.
The final scene begins with Bradley back at the gym, who is exercising with his weight trainer (Marc Amon). After putting the bottom-jock through his paces, Amon gets him underdressed down to his jockstrap for a sweaty rub-down. Bradley is at first startled by Amon's sexual proposition, but gets over the shock by putting his weight trainers dick in his mouth. They sixty-nine on the floor.

They screw all over the weight benches and the balance balls, inside the deserted gym. One of the high moments is when Amon humps Bradley on the balance ball, the bottom's own hard cock jutting out visibly underneath. Bradley also gets drilled on his back, legs back, laying on the carpet of the floor. Bradley is a really hot guy to watch get screwed.

Amon fires a powerful arc of cum across Bradley's entire body splattering the camera lens.

One of the reasons the films works is that the models are all hot, gym-built guys, but not total demi-gods. These might be the sexy dudes who are working out right now down at the local gay gym. These guys know how to get it on, and their enthusiasm comes right out through the camera and the television.

Pistol Media movies are all filmed in Australia, focusing on guys who mix up their athletic exercise with sex. Hailing from Down Under, the movies are only now just getting wide attention in the States. They run a hot little website too, which shows lots more of all these same sex-crazed jocks getting off, plus scenes from their movies. We here at FriskyFans highly recommend it.

Visit to get the full info. (Note: People who join also get a membership to Rearstable, the site for Raging Stallion movies, which we also proudly promote on FriskyFans. How lucky! Two for one!)

Sexgaymes: Pace Photos:

Brendan Austen in Pace Watch Now
Brendan Austen shoots on Kaine Richards (Drake Romano behind)
Lance Gear and Drake Romano Watch Now
Lance Gear sucks Drake Romano

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