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Owen Hawk: Unleashed

Matthias von Fistenberg
Dark Alley Media  
Alex Skye , Asoka , Brock Webster , Chip Matthews , Felipe Carson , ,
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Owen Hawk: Unleashed

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Owen Hawk receives his comeuppance in this sexy, multiracial mix it up.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

It's like they say - it's hard to keep a good man down. At long last, Owen Hawk is finally getting the fuck action he deserves. The eponymous Owen Hawk Unleashed is certainly being noticed, scoring several 2006 GayVN nominations including Best All-Sex Video, Best Leather Video and Best Threesome. Ease this one into your DVD player and you'll see what all the fuss is about.

Anyone who's used to Hawk's more collegiate look will get a pleasant surprise when the film gets underway. He's buffer and tougher, his boyish locks shaved down to bare essentials, except for the runway strip of thicker hair coursing down the middle of his scalp. With his ass up in a leather punctuated sex club, Hawk doesn't have to wait very long to get the attention he's blatantly advertising for. He's joined by five men, each one entering the room with a raging hard-on. The group wastes absolutely no time getting down to the business of pleasuring one another.

Rimming seems to be the hot menu item, each stud either serving it up or chowing down on sweaty hole. Without a soundtrack to blur the natural sounds of sex, that aural component to Unleashed matches the erotic visuals.

The gang over at Dark Alley Media has pulled together an eclectic group of models here. Although all appear to be in their 20s and 30s, they come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Asoka and Owen Hawk Watch VOD
Asoka explores
Owen Hawk
They make a multicultural fuck pile, Hawk being the center of gravity. All the guys are in-shape with lean muscle. There's no overblown gym bunnies here, but it's obvious everyone in the room is familiar with free weights.

The film has a very strong leather flavor and several of the models are decked out in some kind of leather gear. Hawk wears a tight-fitting harness that locks right underneath his perky nipples, his get-up giving his fuck buds something to grab onto.

There's a lot going on and a lot to take in. Overtop of everything is Hawk's youthful voice, spewing out a litany of nasty directives to the group. He's not shy, telling his buddies exactly what he wants to see at any given moment. Hawk is obviously turned on by his own forceful attitude, aggressively smacking Brock Webster's ass before plunging deep inside.

A silver cockring makes Hawk's prick look even more bloated and dangerous than usual. While Hawk's doin' the deed, Jason Tiya (Lights and Darks) opens up wide for Asoka, another aggressive top (see Raging Stallion's Probe). The butt fucking is unbridled throughout, but it's particularly fun to watch when Alex Skye becomes the group's butt boy.

At long last, Hawk takes centerstage in a sling suspended from the rafters. The five men come in close, surrounding him amidst the sounds of jangling chains. Hawk and Asoka seem to generate the most sparks. There's a lot of non-verbal give and take between them, each one daring the other to push out the boundaries another inch or two. The group reassembles for more cornholing, then settles in for some explosive orgasms. Tiya gets the hottest cumshot prize, spraying delicious jizz then milking his hog for every last drop.

Think Owen has had enough? Wrong. Still hungry, he welcomes Chip Matthews into his leather lair. From the moment Matthews enters the room, it's crystal clear that he's a top, unwilling to negotiate or give an inch. This suits Hawk just fine. When Matthew opens the fly of his pants, Hawk sidles over, takes a big whiff of Matthew's crotch and digs in.

Mind you, this isn't going to be your everyday blowjob; Matthew makes Hawk work for every inch. At one point, he forces a helpless Hawk so far down on his dick you can hear Hawk whimpering for air. And does Hawk mind? Check out the steel rod between his legs and you'll see that he's very much into being dominated. The only sweet treat our little submissive gets is a very quick rim job before Matthew buries the bone. The session is capped with an explosive facial.

Spit-soaked and pungent with the stench of leather, Owen Hawk Unleashed deserves each and every GayVN nod. And now that Owen Hawk has been released from his cage, I expect we'll get more of the same type of intense mansex from Dark Alley Media.

Owen Hawk: Unleashed Photos:

Owen Hawk Unleashed Watch VOD
Owen Hawk
Owen Hawk Unleashed Watch VOD
Jason Tiya and Owen Hawk

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