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Out of Athens Part 1 & 2

John Rutherford
Falcon Studios   FVP134
Billy Kincaid , , , Dean Phoenix , Emilio Santos , Eric Hart , Eric Leneau , Franco Corsini , Hans Ebson , Jeffrey Dickinson , Jeremy Jordan , , Johnny Brosnan , Jose Ganatti , Roland Dane , Seth Adkins , Travis Wade , Tristan Paris
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Out of Athens Part 1 & 2

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Falcon epic frolic in Greece

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Johnny Brosnan and Travis Wade go out of Athens

Falcon Studios pulls out all stops with their two-part extravaganza Out of Athens. The international cast of thirty men, all sizzling sexually, are the top of the line. Every scene is perfectly framed, photographed with a caring eye. Written as a take-off of The Talented Mr. Ripley, the movie tells the story of a troubles young man, played by Johnny Brosnan.

Brosnan is a tall, dark character who travels to Greece in search of himself. Brosnan is a pretty good actor too. He handles the film's dialogue and acting sequences well. Brosnan's ultimate desire in the film, Roland Dane, electrifies any film he walks into. His sweet eyes, smile and perfect body is sensational.

Out of Athens begins in California, where Brosnan attempts to crash a fraternity initiation. Fratboy Cameron Fox rudely turns away Brosnan. We get to see the initiation however, which begins with Fox ordering pledge Hans Ebson to strip and get plowed in front of all the brothers. The rest of the group, including Tristan Paris, Jeremy Jordan, Seth Adkins, Billy Kinkaid, Emilio Santos, Jeremy Tucker and Nick Young, all initiate a wild outdoor orgy.

Next, Brosnan is aboard a cruise ship bound for Greece. He stumbles upon Travis Wade (The Crush) who is headed to a event thrown by Harvard Crew. Brosnan takes Wade on in his room, and soon he has his feet in the air taking Wade's Texas-sized cock in a hot power fuck. After getting pounded, Wade falls asleep, and Brosnan steals his Harvard Crew sweatshirt.

After arriving in Greece, Linden Hawk sees Brosnan wearing the shirt, so he invited him to the Harvard Crew Reunion - mistaking him for a member. Brosnan wanders around the island until the friendly Roland Dane offers to take him on a tour. After some sightseeing, they turn down an alley where they passionately kiss, suck each other and engage in a built-up lust. Suddenly, the confused Brosnan urgently splits the scene.

Eric Leneau sucks Dean PhoenixWatch on or Watch VOD
Eric Leneau sucks Dean Phoenix;
Franco Corsini standing
Travis Wade over Johnny BrosnanWatch on or Watch VOD
Travis Wade over Johnny Brosnan
Later, Brosnan is sunning on the beach on the island of Mykonos. He looks up and sees the deliciously naked Dean Phoenix moving towards him. Phoenix, who looks better then ever, comes onto Brosnan, but he once again freaks out and zips off. Brosnan stumbles upon one of the film's highlights however, a three-way with Jose Ganatti, Jeffrey Dickenson, and Thomas Williams (the adorable Alexei Gromoff in Kristen Bjorn's Comrades in Arms).

Williams shows us his astounding bottom skills by taking it from both Ganatti and Dickenson. Then he flips and pushes into Dickenson. Out of Athens moves gracefully through scene after scene of beautiful sex. There is plenty more.

The next scene lets us see Dean Phoenix in a threesome with furry blond Franco Corsini and the lean Eric Leneau (Bounce). The three guys perform in front of a jaw-dropping backdrop of the craggy island beaches, deep blue water and the perfect sky. The three groan and grope with Phoenix rimming and plowing his buddies.

Tape one ends with Brosnan happening upon Wade, who notices him from the boat, and chases him through the streets for his sweatshirt back.

George Vidanov's electric sex scene with Joe Calderon

Tape two is just as good. The very first scene of the tape is an electric pairing with the delicious George Vidanov and boyfriend Joe Calderon. Vidanov is a beauty who has lit-up every Falcon International and High Octane film he's appeared in. His bubblebutt takes Calderon standing up against a wall in another outdoor fuck.

Brosnan is approached by Falcon regular Colby Taylor, who relates some great sex he enjoyed recently with Eric Hart. In flashback, the two go to town on each other's bodies. Taylor shows us his topman skills by working over Hart's hot round ass. In the next scene, Brosnan watches Marc Pierrot and Fernando Lizalde come to life sexually on a deserted street. Tall, dark with high cheekbones, Pierrot services Lizalde until they both shoot big money shots.

Johnny Brosnan Gang Bang

Brosnan eventually makes it to the Harvard Crew reunion, which is at this large estate in the Greek hills. Wade sees him and restarts his abuse from earlier. Present at the orgy are Lindon Hawk, Matt Spencer, Wade, Colby Taylor, David Moretti (a High Octane top), Ryan Michaels, Erik Hanlan and the european Robert Bliant.

Brosnan is forced to suck all their dicks. Then they split off into groups with action everywhere. The big event is bottomboy Hawk getting double-dicked by Wade and Spencer. Of course, they all bang on Brosnan's ass. <> Afterwards, a used, disheveled Brosnan is found on the road by Roland Dane. Dane takes him home where the two make love in an exquisite finale.

Out of Athens clearly is the high-mark for Falcon. Everything from the actors, to the location shooting to the gorgeous cinematography. All is perfect and clearly a new standard by which to measure up to.

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Out of Athens Part 1 & 2 Photos:

Roland Dane tops Johnny BrosnanWatch on or Watch VOD
Roland Dane tops Johnny Brosnan
Johnny Brosnan as the center of attentionWatch on or Watch VOD
Johnny Brosnan is the gangbang center of attention

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