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Opposite Attraction 2

Max Julien
Angelo Lins , Bruno Corona , Claudio Dumont , Ernesto Goulart , Gabriel Faria , Gabriel Trepador , Gil Torres , Ivan deMorais , , Luis Lage , Michael Dias , Roberto Aguilar , Rual Dias , Tiago Nunes
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Opposite Attraction 2

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Julio Vidal learns how opposites attract

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

For some people, attraction amounts to finding similar interests and similar looks in others. Max Julian's Opposite Attraction series pairs guys who have significant differences. In this film, the cases are smooth vs. hairy, big body vs. small body, straight vs. gay. This, the second film along these lines, is less pronounced in its pairings of opposites as the first entry, but nevertheless provides a interesting casting paradigm and setup for a hot movie.

At the very start, bearish auto mechanic Gil Torres seduces the bookish, young Angelo Lins. Shortly after explaining Plato to Torres, the boy is on his knees chowing down on the mechanics major-sized dipstick. The two play around, but realize they are both tops, so Torres picks up the phone and calls on a readily available bottom, Ivan de Morais.

Lins tops well. He has a youthful body with an eager boyishly-hard cock. After pumping de Morais, Torres takes over, where he really gives a strong lesson in how to be a first-rate top. This mechanic knows how to work his dick. He makes de Morais cum while getting plowed, and then the two continue on for some double penetration. De Morais actually orgasms two additional times while getting plowed, and the tops shoot all over his belly.

Sexual Opposites: Roberto Aguillar vs. Julio Vidal

The second scene only adds to the sexual heat index. It is a latin musclefest with the hairy Roberto Aguillar and the smooth porn star Julio Vidal. In what is probably one of the hottest Marcostudio scenes filmed, Aguillar and Vidal begin by kissing passionately and rubbing each other. After this foreplay, Vidal drills the passive Aguillar on the white couch. The scene includes lots of footage of Vidal's moving ass, and Aguillar's moaning and facial contortions. Both guys unload great money shots, however Vidal's is especially large.

Porn Star Gil Torres Watch Now
Top Mechanic Gil Torres
The next scene is about a prison escapee getting apprehended by a policeman. The scene is a very well done rendition on a popular fantasy. Claudio Dumont is a smaller guy with a round ass. He gets totally worked over, frisked, inspected and interrogated by the big, muscular Gabriel Faria (from the boxcover).

Faria, who has a beautiful, smooth, uncut dick, is in total command. Throughout the scene we see Dumont's thoughts of previous struggles with other prisoners, and his current fantasies with the policeman topping him. Faria approaches the camera fully dressed, with his erection jutting out from his uniform pants. The sex, setting and situation is white hot.

Opposites: Straight & Gay

In the next scene the opposites are straight and gay. Tiago Nunes gets shaved-head macho guy Luis Lage over for a hookup. The straight Lage is out of his clothes almost immediately, ready to begin. After drinking some cerveza, Nunes is giving Lage a better blowjob than his girlfriend could ever do.

Then, Nunes turns and pulls down his pants, advertising his bare ass in front of Lage, who is beating his meat. Soon Lage is pumping Nunes from behind, his big balls flopping in rhythm against the bottom's underside. Lage energetically plows his gay friend. Nunes clearly loves every second of it, moaning and feeling his straight friend's body. Lage finishes by shooting a huge big-spurt load.

Next is a brief solo with the beautifully built Michal Dias. Dias has a strong, attractive face and a perfect body. He performs his solo watching a bodybuilding contest on the television.

Gabriel Trapador Bottoms at the Bar

The final scene closes Opposite Attraction 2, perfectly. I'm not sure what the opposite really is, but it's a great scene. Brazilian bottomboy Gabriel Trapador (Brazilian In Me) is at a bar where he initiates some action by the customers around him. He and Diaz start in the bathroom, but they soon bring the show out to the full bar. Diaz walks out displaying a humongous uncut cock wagging out from his pants. On his knees, Trapador alternates sucking Diaz with another customer, Ernesto Goulart, to their vocal encouragement.

Watching Trapador take Diaz's massive meat is breathtaking. After getting it doggie style, pigboy Trapador get flipped and worked over more by Goulart, creating such a scene that even bartender Bruno Corona whips it out and squeezes out a load.

Opposite Attraction 2 captures all the energy pent up in hot latin guys. Watch the film and experience the energy.

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Opposite Attraction 2 Photos:

Roberto Aguillar and Julio Vidal Watch Now
Roberto Aguillar and Julio Vidal

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