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On the Job

Tony DiMarco
Raging Stallion Studios  
Adam North , Aitor Crash , , Justin Christopher , Manuel DeBoxer , , Tony Romano ,
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On the Job

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Manuel Deboxer humps On The Job

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Somehow after watching this movie several times, I left the DVD sitting out in the open, where the data side has gotten smudged with black ink. So, unfortunately going back to review this film today has been problematic. Despite these snags, I can report that the extra effort over On The Job is worth the trouble.

Raging Stallion's newest film director, Tony DiMarco, is already reaping great dividends for the studio's extensive catalog. On the Job is his first film where he's the only guy in the director's chair. The result: a four episode gem that gleams from its own intense sexual energy. The enthusiastic cast operates consistently at one hundred and ten percent activity here, including from the new star in the bunch, the quietly handsome, hirsute Manuel DeBoxer.

R.J. Danvers and Manuel DeBoxer Watch on RagingStallion
R.J. Danvers tastes Manuel DeBoxer
The film starts with horse-hung Antonio Biaggi whipping it out for one of his best performances on screen. The reason for this is the sexual energy created by his scene partner Aitor Crash, a dashing, stunningly sexy Spaniard with an incredible ass. Crash also sports some wicked long, vertical tattoos that are much the same pattern as Titan's legendary star, the manly Dred Scott (see Dred Scott retrospective). Biaggi starts the scene simply photographing Crash, who is wearing a form fitting jock strap.

It is Crash's backside that convinces Biaggi to put down his camera, and grab the cheeks before him with both hands. Biaggi enjoys a succulent rimming feast, driving his tongue and face into Crash's butt with a strong embrace.

When the time comes to fuck, their bodies fit together perfectly. Biaggi drills him butt up in many beautiful positions. Crash easily accommodates the top's eleven inch penis, getting the disc off to a fantastic start.

Manuel DeBoxer Vists San Francisco

After this, the temperature keeps rising when French-Canadian DeBoxer pays a visit to San Francisco, and he ends up on the couch with Raging Stallion exclusive fur ball R.J. Danvers. Their sex scene is smokin' hot, complete with the passive Danvers keeping his face buried in the couch while DeBoxer plows his fuzzy, bouncing butt. Welcome to the United States, Manuel.

DeBoxer wields a beautiful cock as well. In a great sequence, Danvers passionately deep throats his uncut, lovingly shaped phallus. He finishes by giving Danver's butt a turn with an oversized dildo, which takes the bottom to a rocking orgasm. Danvers then grabs the dildo to return the favor.

These are all excellent ideas to keep on hand anytime you find yourself alone on the couch with a traveling visitor who speaks a different language than you.

Next, we learn what to do when you are forced to hang dry wall at some renovated condominium - drop what you are doing and fuck. Justin Christopher returns to the screen to wag his own long schlong around, dropping his trousers so that Adam North can wrap his lips around it. He kisses the head before going down on it; nibbles on the foreskin. The scene is an excellent study of Christopher's cock.

North, who has only done a few films (Beyond Perfect), turns out to be an extremely sexy partner. He's blond and tattooed with very masculine looks. He's one of the nice surprises of On the Job. Christopher throws him a fine standing doggie fuck, as the bottom braces himself on a ladder, and then in a marvelous surprise, they flip-flop. North tops Christopher, who plays with his big hard cock the entire time while getting fucked. The scene actually spends more time on Christopher's bottom sequence, and the latino's money shot is huge. All in all, another barnburner of a scene.

On the Job Movie Trailer

Tyler Saint Sticks It In

DeBoxer makes a welcome encore performance in the next episode, this time getting the complete treatment from industry supertop Tyler Saint. He gets on his knees and gives Saint a superb blowjob. Standing chest to chest, they make out, caressing each other's strong bodies.

Another one of the movie's impressive visuals depicts DeBoxer sticking his butt up in the air, wearing another of the movie's signature jock straps. Saint one-ups Biaggi's rim job from episode one, giving DeBoxer's exposed hole a thorough working over with tongue, spit and fingers.

Saint stands up, and rubs his big dick against the bottom's ass. Sliding it inside, he throws a wonderfully hard driving fuck into DeBoxer's tight, hairy buns. DeBoxer whimpers and moans throughout Saint's fucking. In a hot flourish, DeBoxer gets fucked while wearing his jock strap the entire time. They both spooge on it. DeBoxer is a very impressive newcomer to the Raging Stallion stable. DeBoxer clearly has many more star appearances ahead of him.

The DVD extras feature the muscled-up Italian stallion Tony Romano, who makes another strong solo performance this time several years after first appearing in Nob Hill All Stars #1, which also introduced the world to Shane Rollins. Romano thwacks his tight abs and pecs, ultimately working his cock out of his black 2Xist underwear. He works himself over nicely, always playing right into to the camera.

No matter how much work there is to do, there's always time to take a break and watch On the Job.

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On the Job Photos:

Antonio Biaggi fucks Aitor Crash Watch on RagingStallion
Antonio Biaggi tops Aitor Crash
Manuel DeBoxer is fucking R.J. Danvers Watch on RagingStallion
Manuel DeBoxer behind R.J. Danvers
Manuel DeBoxer and Tyler Saint Watch on RagingStallion
Manuel DeBoxer sucks Tyler Saint
Aitor Crash bottoms for Antonio Biaggi Watch on RagingStallion
Aitor Crash bottoms for Antonio Biaggi

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