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One Hot Summer

Scott Masters
Studio 2000  
Aaron Brandt , Austin Reeves , Blake Kennedy , Bobby Golden , Craig Norman , Danny West , Dax Kelly , Gary Hanson , J.T. Anthony , Jon Davis , Jordan West , Logan Reed , Mike Lofton , Rick Chase

One Hot Summer

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Rick Chase Has One Hot Summer

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Studio 2000 is one of their most relentlessly arousing productions from that company. There are many reasons for this venture's success - an inobstusively effective narrative, palpably explosively sexplay and videography that is beautifully in-your-face.

Most of all, John Travis picked two great newcomers for his production - newly minted porn star Rick Chase and the equally dreamy Mike Lofton. Chase is a glamorously handsome brunet, dark and hairy. at times reminding one of Warren Beatty, at others like Montgomery Clift.

Lofton, a baby-faced, boy-next-door type with great doe eyes and heavy-hanging lids exudes an air of gentle vulnerability that is disproven the moment he shifts into fuck-mode. Each possesses a magnetic screen presence. Both are impressive sexualists, and both can act.

One Hot Summer focuses on a group of college students who have been chosen for a summer progam run by the Kingsley Institute, where they are paid to read, write, think and enrich themselves. Those selected are not nerdy bookworms, but gorgeous types who are equally as physical as they are intellectual.

That is established on the first night, when all assembled gather together in the dormitory to get acquainted by way of an electrifying circle jerk. This is an ingenious way of introducing the large cast.

The story concerns two buddies from the same university (Chase and Lofton) who are best friends and openly gay. When the obviously smitten Lofton hints that their relationship might become somethng more, Chase makes it clear that his attitude is You are my best friend - sex is something else . Both are so enticing and well matched that the viewer is rooting for them to immediately get together.

The subplot concerns the son (Jordan West from Grease Guns 2) of the Institute's founder. West's lover died the previous summer, leaving him in a blue funk that approaches suicidal proportions. The ghost of his lover (Blake Kennedy) moves to help him get on with his life, and to create a sexually electric atmosphere where lust can explode and love can blossom.

Before that can happen however, both Chase amd Lofton must play with the others. First Chase connects with blond Austin Reeves in a handsomely lit night scene beside a reflecting pool. When Reeves hesitates, assuming that Chase and Lofton are an item, Chase proceeds to disprove the suspicion by ravishing his trick with deep kissing, tender embraces, inspired cocksucking, extensive rimming and multi-positioned anal action that culminates in a professionally executed cum shot.

Lofton's turn is equally dazzling. He sets out to seduce the Institute's gardener (Logan Reed from Restless) the following afternoon, and their scene is in many ways the high point of the film. Both are connsumate carnalists who know their way around the male anatomy. They cover everything - kissing, body slathering, gifted cocksucking, thorough rimming, and a multi-positioned fuck with Lofton strutting his topman talents before both deliver copious money shots.

The third duet features West and another blond cutie (Gary Hanson) who have been matched by the ghost and some nifty trick photography. Their sexual discovery of each other runs the gamut of sexual inventiveness. West proves himself to be as forceful a top as he has been a willing bottom in past films. The grand finale of the film occurs on the last night of the session, once again assembled in the dormatory, where all assembled easy into a farewell orgy.

Rick Chase and Mike Lofton Climax

The sequence is filled with more gonad-churning pyrotechnics, but none moreso than the electricity that begins to generate between Chase and Lofton. Thank Scott Masters and John Travis for this very special film and for introducing Mike Lofton and Rick Chase to the gay porn world.

This often overlooked movie is a choice find. It is a great movie of rent online if looking for a nice little flick for an evening.

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