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On Fire!

Chris Steele Chad Donovan
Jet Set Men  
Aaron James , , C.J. Madison , Dean Phoenix , , Jason Reddick , Jeremy Hall , , , Max Schutler , ,
OrgyRimmingHorsehungHunksTattoosOrtonesqueUniforms: Firemen

On Fire!

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Dean Phoenix stars in this barnburner sex epic.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Jet Set starts the year off with a real barnburner, the aptly-titled On Fire!. Billed as Jet Set's "biggest production to date, " fans will see that the newly rejuvenated studio is going all out to compete in the gay porn market.

On Fire tells the heart warming story of fire fighters Jesse Santana and Dean Phoenix, who share an unspoken mutual attraction on the job. This culminates with Phoenix rescuing Santana from a blazing building, thus igniting their love.

The studio also films real footage of the guys on the set of a fire, very ambitious for gay porn's typical firemen treatments. Eurocreme's fireman bareback porn Raw Heroes, essentially shows sex on and around a rented fire truck. Jet Set goes on location to film their the "B roll" plus build real sets.

Guy Parker in On Fire!Watch Now
Fire Captain Guy Parker
The fire brigade for Jet Set Township trains with the tenacity like the marines in GRUNTS. A long day's training leads to the first sexual sequence in On Fire: a rousing five man orgy in the group shower. Max Schutler enters fully erect, which Nathan Sommers and Aaron James tensely notice.

Blondie Guy Parker joins them, who is one of the squad captains. He gives everyone the go ahead on shower play. Once joined by C.J. Madison, their orgy develops into arguably the film's highlight. Three of the guys line up against the wall to get their asses eaten. Schutler, always a quiet bottom, gets reamed by Madison.

At one point James stands in the middle while Madison tops Schutler on one side and Sommers tops Parker.

James, a newly minted Jet Set Man, loves leading the group with his dirty talk, and getting his dick sucked. After his own hammering, Parker lays James on his back to plow him through the scene's hot finale.

James is impressive as a bottom. Clearly Jet Set has a lot more in store for him, and Parker has never put in a better performance, actually rising as one of the ringleaders in the orgy, compared to his previous team shower orgy in Bottom of the 9th: Little Big League 3.

Everyone stands around the reclined James shooting nice money shots.

Jason Reddick hoses down Jonathan Lowe

Meanwhile, cadet Jonathan Lowe scrubs down the fire truck while Jason Reddick looks on. Reddick mischievously starts hosing down the shirtless Lowe, causing him to give up his work to instead focus on his friend's own fire hose.

Jason Reddick hoses down Jonathan Lowe with his cock. Reddick, a prominent ChaosMen model, makes an impressive on-screen debut with set in a hot one-on-one with Lowe. He stands on the truck's raised platform so that Lowe can give him head. Reddick returns the favor, blowing Lowe's larger phallus.

Seated on the rear bumper of the vehicle, Reddick throws a hot fuck up into Lowe, who rides him in his lap. Reddick's low hanging balls audibly slap up against the cadet's nether-region. Reddick is one hot fucker. They finish with Lowe taking Reddick's cock doggie style, culminating with them seated shoulder to shoulder and cumming.

Next, Sebastian Young and Jeremy Hall decide to initiate the sleeping Braxton Bond. In a hot opening sequence, Young holds a strapped Bond down to his bunk bed while Hall face fucks him. Then in a hot visual, they form a daisy chain of butt munching with Young perched at the beginning.

Hall sweetly feasts on Young's barge like butt, looking truly beautiful as he's perched on his fours. After this, Young and Hall take turns topping Bond, a very passive bottom handling all the heavy meat thrown at him.

The scene peaks with the tops double penetrating Bond with both of their sizable cocks.

Dean Phoenix Rescues Jesse Santana

Just as the entire team learns that they passed their exercises, they get an alarm call. As mentioned earlier, the producers actually lit fires to film a sequence showing Jesse Santana falling under a falling roof, and rescued by Dean Phoenix.

The movie ends with Phoenix embracing a still bandaged Santana in bed, rousing him for a romantic sexual encounter. He awakens, sucking Phoenix's famously bent cock up to a full erection. Santana then rides him as Phoenix matches him in upward thrusting moves. Their sex is on the tender side, hitting a different note for the movie. Santana, who stays hard throughout their encounter, cums while riding Phoenix's dick.

Santana seems to draw storylines around him, as he also was the focal point to last year's The Stone Age. For this movie, they find each other, so that Santana and Phoenix live happily ever after. How nice!

In this film, Jet Set shows that they seek be taken seriously. On Fire! shows an in-demand cast of strapping hunks doing what they do both in and out of their fire uniforms. The producers spend time and money to raise things to a higher level with a story like this. This may be the first fireman themed gay porn where real pyrotechnics happen beyond the bedroom.

It is easy to see why On Fire! has become Jet Set's best ever selling DVD title.

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On Fire! Photos:

Aaron James between Nathan Sommers Watch Now
Aaron James between Nathan Sommers & Guy Parker,
Max Schutler &C.J. Madison
Jesse Santana rides Dean Phoenix Watch Now
Jesse Santana rides Dean Phoenix
Jonathan Lowe kisses Jason Reddick Watch Now
Jonathan Lowe kisses Jason Reddick
Jeremy Hall, Braxton Bond, Sebastian Young Watch Now
Jeremy Hall, Braxton Bond, Sebastian Young

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