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Oliver Twink

Peter Z. Pan
PZP Productions  
Auntie Mame , Brad Star , Dillon Samuels , Gabriel DuBois , Harry Beastt , Jarrett Fox , Jayce Jones , Kyros Christian , Matt Havoc , Misty Eyez , Riley Burke , Ryan Thompson
Amateurs / First TimersTwinks, AmericanRimmingHorsehungCum EatingTattoosParody / Spoof

Oliver Twink

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Dillon Samuels wants some more.

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Charles Dickens has made a pretty strong come-back over the past couple of years. New adaptations for television and newly revised book releases have stoked the public's interest in the 19th century writer to new heights. So how would the Victorian era novelist react to PZP Productions gay porn parody Oliver Twink?

Perhaps he'd find it to be the best of times and the worst of times.

Oliver Twink brings things back down to Earth a bit for the producers of such earlier adult farces like Betwinked. Taking the goofiness level a few notches down, Oliver Twink reprises all the real characters from the Dickens novel, including the scurrilous Fagan and the violent Bill Sykes. (Consider checking out the charming 1968 musical Oliver! for a complete pop-style education of the subject.)

Dillon Samuels and Kyros Christian Watch VOD
Dillon Samuels and Kyros Christian
as Oliver Twink and the Artful Dodger
The movie's lead role is impressively played by youthful blond Dillon Samuels. Sprightly delivering his lines throughout, he's also a very hot little fuck.

The movie opens on the lad's eighteenth birthday, where he's doled out his bowl of gruel at the Kathy Lee Gifford Workhouse for Orphaned Waifs by Mr. Bumble (Brad Star). Samuels wants more. Outraged, Star gives him much more then some gruel.

Star is certainly one of the high points of the movie. Looking very hot in last year's Got Fuk'd, he's matured into a strapping hunk, and now carrys sexy longer hair.

Star fucks Samuels like he owes him money, and he actually does, because he agrees beforehand to purchase his one way ticket out of town. Star plows him in an impressive number of positions, at one point standing doggie up in an open doorway halfway up a tall warehouse wall.

Samuels rides his cock at length, both guys bumping and moving their bodies. They finish with Star shooting a heavy load of man seed over the boy's face and mouth. Naturally at this point he returns the famous Oliver line, "Please sir, I want some more!"

A montage of images tell the viewer that Samuels has arrived in South Beach, Florida. He inadvertently crosses paths with the Artful Dodger, played by Emo looking Kyros Christian. With long, wiry bangs and black clothes, he really looks the character, which in this movie incarnation lives as a male prostitute. Christian gets picked up a televangelist preacher (Ryan Thompson) and whisked away to a motel room where witty script banter leads to sexual role play.

The reverend turns out to be pretty kinky. He makes Christian wear a leather harness and collar, and ultimately a pair of handcuffs.

Daggaert sticks his tongue deep inside Christian's smooth, tan ass for an energetic rimming sequence. Thompson releases his very long cock, taking Christian for a service of hard fucking. During their sleazy motel tryst, they tear the sheets off the mattress in their sweaty frenzy.

Christian ejaculates while riding the right Reverend. Thompson shoots an impressive multi-spurt heavy money shot out of his long cock, covering Christian's face in his saintly seed.

"In life, you've got to suck a penis or two."
- Fagin

After this, Christian takes Samuels to meet Fagin (Jarett Fox), an ex-hooker who has matured into a greedy pimp. Fox is another one of Oliver Twink's real delights. Standing tall, he has lost his long blond highlights (The DaVinci Load), bringing a never before seen maturity to his looks.

And his signature big penis never looked bigger.

Recruiting him into his den of working boys, Fox quips that in this life, You've got to suck a penis or two. This is a funny take off on one of the 1968 musical's popular songs You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two, and a good example of the movie's witty writing.

Fox's hefty penis arguably contains as much meat as two standard issue ones. Samuels and Christian fight over it like two schoolboys. In another one of the film's high points, Fox proves his top man stuff by screwing both of them on his couch.

Christian rides Fox in his lap, followed by the top hammering Samuels on his fours, as well as on his side. Both guys coat Samuels' face with their thick, sweet syrup.

Dillon Samuels solicits Riley Burke

"Please sir, I want some more!"
- Oliver Twink
The next day, Samuels' first trick goes awry when he inadvertently solicits under cover vice cop Detective Brownlow (Riley Burke - Road Trip 1: Russian River). Fortunately Samuels melts the cop's heart, and they repair to his home for a romantic love session. Their sex takes a passionate direction, the first for this movie. Kissing leads to Samuels giving him a luscious, lengthy blow job.

Burke returns the favor, followed by him topping Samuels' hot ass in his comfortable looking bed.

Burke shoots a hot cumshot that shoots up into the twink's hair, and raining down onto his face.

The movie continues by revealing the true villain of the movie, porn movie maker Bill Sikes. Yes, that's right. In this cruel world the villains are bareback twink movie producers with meth habits.

Sikes, played humorously by Harry Beastt, returns to film Oliver Twink's last sexual episode - a one on one with Matt Havoc and Jayce Jones. both young cuties with impressively big dicks. Jones buries his hatchet into Havoc's hole, topping him in several positions, followed by another round of oral cumshots.

The movie closes its storyline nicely - all the bad guys receive their come-uppance, while the good guys live happily ever after.

Oliver Twink goes beyond the hot twink sex to explore explosive sexual issues in the sharp, idealized style that could accurately be called "Dickensian." Director Peter Z. Pan has toned things down from the often goofy tones that ran through The Da Vinci Load 2, creating a very enjoyable porn that tackles its subject with a dollop of wit, humor and intelligence.

PZP's successful foray into Charles Dickens only creates anticipation for future adaptations. Will a hardcore porn version of Hard Times be next?

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Oliver Twink Photos:

Dillon Samuels and Brad Star Watch VOD
Dillon Samuels looks up from Brad Star
Kyros Christian rides Ryan Thompson Watch VOD
Kyros Christian rides Ryan Thompson
Kyros Christian sucks Jarett Fox Watch VOD
Kyros Christian sucks Jarett Fox, Dillon Samuels left
Jarett Fox tops Dillon Samuels Watch VOD
Kyros Christian above, Jarett Fox tops Dillon Samuels

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