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Max Lincoln
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Will Jamieson works hard at White Hall

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Eurocreme's OfficeBoy often gets the short treatment from fans of the Eurocreme movie series. Compared to the intense, must-see movies like Max Lincoln's Skater Boy or his subsequent RentBoy, it certainly is a step down. At this point, the studio had merged with Homoactive on the continent, and this film mixed up the British lads with the popular Czech boys, all looking great, but you can see some cultural confusion holding down some of the sexual heat.

There is still lots to link here however.

Will Jamieson, the hunk on the DVD boxcover, apparently works as a high level employee in White Hall. Now, if everyone thinks the big 2009 MP expense scandal is big news, just wait until the tabloids see what goes on all day in these government offices!

The film chronicles a day in the life of Jamieson's routine work day, an action packed period starting with a morning jack off in the shower, trysts and idle fantasies. It closes with Jamieson hooking up with a trick for dinner.

Jamieson easily carries the weight needed to star in this show. Appearing later as head of the British soccer team in World Soccer Orgy, Jamieson's sex appeal is magnetic, further enhanced by a nice personal interview on the DVD extras where he reveals his personal tastes and interest. (Jamieson is openly gay.)

The movie's signature original electronic score starts, and Jamieson awakens to start a new day. A shower solo introduces us to his brawny body, an indulgent morning self-pleasuring to get the blood flowing. Soon he's off to work, where reveals that one of his office mates (Robbie G.) often lingers around the hall in front of a stationed military guard (Ryan Benson). We soon understand why.

This episode is classic Max Lincoln style - the smaller fairer haired guy gets pummeled by a tall, lean man with a giant cock. Robbie G. gets on his knees sucking the military man's dick, as he pulls off his own fatigues, interspersed by slapping the kid's bare butt and tugging on his hair.

Sean Dawson and Will Jamieson Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Sean Dawson sucks Will Jamieson
Scott Black Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Scott Black
Benson effectively manhandles the steward, bending him over a convenient chair and power fucking his smooth, pale ass. In a hot touch, the soldier's sexy underwear stays pulled down halfway, while he bangs the bottom who wears nothing but dark dress socks and a loose tie.

Robbie G. jacks himself to orgasm while furiously riding atop the soldier's lap. Benson shoots cum on the bottom's face, which drips down his nose in a long gooey string.

Next, it's the lunch hour and fellow employee Sean Dawson stops by to regale Jamieson of his recent amorous adventures, during which a half clothed painter (Scott Black) appears and starts painting a wall. Jamieson imagines his slutty friend blowing Black, a big tall guy whose also enjoyed hot sex in Bareback Secrets from Helix Studios.

In a hot visual, Jamieson and Black make a "Sean Dawson sandwich," with Black's hefty cock stuffing his behind. Jamieson supply's the fresh mayonnaise here, blowing a delicious load into the bottom boy's mouth. At one point, Black displays impressive limberness by pumping Black ass while simultaneously bending down and sucking the bottom's hard dick. Very nice.

Who is Jamieson's boss in this top-level, nasty office? Frisky Frenchman Aureilan Duval, of course. [Read Aureilan Duval blog] The happy-go-lucky twink who turned in the scandalous bareback scene in Spy Boy 2. Duval has to take delivery of a hefty package from the tan Fery Shemin, giving him a mouthwatering blowjob capped by taking the load in his mouth.

In a new twist of Aureilan Duval-style nastiness, he jacks off on Shemin's long condom wrapped, using his own jizz as lube to take it up his ass. Both of these perverts appear in the closing orgy of the favorite, Raw Twink from Michael Paris).

While the boss stays occupied, Jamieson must entertain Jak Williams, who is trying very hard to get hired at this high level White Hall office. Jamieson decides that he's in a great position to extract some great sex. The guys trade another set of the film's enthusiastic blowjobs, with both cumming in each other's mouths.

Williams is always fun to watch get fucked (U.K. Fratboys. Here we get to see Jamieson's top man skills on full display, and he's fantastic drilling his butt in several hot positions.

Jamieson fucks with compelling look of boy-man determination on his face. At one high point, Jamieson hammers directly down onto the bottom's upturned ass from above. Their sex frenzy ends with Williams jacking Jamieson's cock to produce an eye-popping money shot.

After this the British guys take a back seat to the Czechs, when office managers Johan Volny and Richard Said conduct another job interview, this time with the accommodating Nicolas Santos from Prison Fuckers.

Volny in particular is always beautiful to look at and just dazzle over his big, arching cock. The highlight here come watching him top Santos. Unfortunately, the three way on the couch looks cramped, and because we've switched to Czechs, there's nothing spoken, breaking from any dialogue. They guys do produce some big loads, however.

Fans of these three, of which there are many, will enjoy watching them, but compared to the other episodes, it's the weak link in the chain.

Things do improve however when Jamieson ends his evening with an after-work happy hour with Thomas Dyk. Jamieson finds Dyk beating his meat listing to stereo headphone connected to his MP3 player. We doubt he's listening to a BBC World Service podcast, but who knows.

Jamieson begins with some affectionate kissing and rubbing. He rims Dyk's ass before fucking it, who looks wonderful getting fucked. In a nice touch, Jamieson tops him while wearing his unbuttoned dress shirt and underwear pulled down past his own buns. The top shoots a big load onto Dyk.

Many fans of the first set of Eurocreme movies were disappointed by the uneven editing and last of intensity which characterized Eurocreme's DreamBoy series. We think throwing the two groups of models together effected the overall sexual intensity. Still OfficeBoy has a lot to like, and the DVD includes a nice additional solo and cute interview with the film's star.

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OfficeBoy Photos:

Will Jamieson fucks Thomas Dyk Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Will Jamieson atop Thomas Dyk
Richard Said Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Richard Said works for the man
Will Jamieson tops Thomas Dyk Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Will Jamieson tops Thomas Dyk
Sean Dawson and Will Jamieson Watch on Eurocreme or Watch VOD
Sean Dawson sucks Will Jamieson

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