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No Limits

Stephane Moussu
Raw Entry Club  
John Gatlin , John Vulcan , Kevin Boli , Leo Cooper , Lucky Taylor , Mark Zebro , Mc Biggest , Richy Rich , Thomas Jedno
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No Limits

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Steve Rives' Penis Size Has No Limits

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

No Limits returns to the popular film situation showcasing an inn where, without the benefit of any visible owner supervision, the staff and youthful male patrons spontaneously engage in sex at the drop of a hat. The growing catalog of movies depicting this, such as Czech Inn or Bareback Chalet Boys, indicates that this kind of enterprise may be very common throughout central European countries. So, nobody blinks an eye when Mark Zebro saunters into the bar area, smokes a cigarette and gets invited by the bartender (Thomas Jedno) to get naked right there. Customers John Vulcan and John Gailin amiably chat over beers as Zebro gets his big dick sucked.

Richy Rich and Steve RivesWatch Now
Open wide: Richy Rich sucks Steve Rives
No Limits is a treat for lovers of humongously endowed European boys. Zebro puts in an enthusiastic performance with Jedno, who turns out to be a fantastic bottom. Unlike some guys who get cast in these roles, Jedno's ass seems to have no problem inhaling the top's long thrusts. Leaning over the bar, Jedno grips it with both hands as Zebro goes balls deep.

In what quickly heats up to a fantastic opening scene, Zebro really hammers Jedno's hole, ultimately pulling out, cumming, and sticking it back in.

Meanwhile, this public display of affection seems to have inspired two guests of the inn to explore their lusts in their own private bedroom. John Vulcan pulls down Kevin Boli's pants, sucking his beer buddy. Vulcan gets out of his own skivvies and sits his shapely butt down onto Boli, easily swallowing up the entire length of his cock.

Director Moussu captures a long, enjoyable sequence of close up bareback dick riding. Vulcan, who played the "good brother" in Eurocreme's Bareback Twink Ranch, is a satisfying bottom. Boli does well too, really hitting his stride, He plows the bottom doggie style as his ball sack laps against Vulcan's furry nether regions.

Pulling out, Boli drains a hot, wet load of cum into Vulcan's mouth, who blows him a bit after cumming. Vulcan returns the favor.

It seems like no one's around when Lucky Taylor (Pipe Dreams) invites John Gatlin inside for some amorous adventure. Apparently the bartender and customers are still tied up elsewhere. This is moves Taylor to even more quickly get his new friend's pants down for a full round of ass licking.

Then without any reciprocity, or silly foreplay, Taylor pushes his thick cock head directly into Gatlin's bull's eye. Taylor is an impressive top who carries a very pretty cock, thick and upturned.

After screwing him at length, Taylor closes the session by getting around to some oral work, followed by eating Gatlin's load. Taylor shoots a multi spurt money shot into Gatlin's mouth.

Steve Rives Stars as "McBiggest"

Next comes the movie's most famous scene, famous because it features one of the industry's most famous wangs: Steve Rives. In a puzzling move, Raw Entry Club credits Rives simply as "McBiggest" in the credits (was casting conducted at McDonalds by chance?)

His McBottom partner is the tanned Richy Rich, whose ass capacity is clearly stretched to new limits by Rives. The tall, quiet looking Rives captured everyone's fantasy playing the corrupt landlord pimp living on Bareback Twink Street.

Pulling off his underwear, Rich quickly gets down who jawboning Rives' python sized cock. An extended oral episode shows Rich's impressive oral skills, spending his time working him over. Rich does a decent job taking it up his ass as well, bending over the couch as the top slides himself in and out.

In an impressive ending, Rives coats Rich's chin with long, white streams of cum, his face emoting true joy as his friend sucks him in post-orgasm glow.

John Gatlin returns so he can get fucked bareback by Leo Cooper. The movie finishes with Gatlin returning to get it on with Leo Cooper. They do it in a room with yellow painted walls atop a rather uncomfortable looking table. Things improve when the camera without explanation cuts to a bedroom. Looking significantly more comfortable, the cute Cooper enjoys his blowjob from Gatlin.

The spunky stud does a nice job topping Gatlin's ass, topping him energetically. In a hot moment, Cooper grips both sides of Gatlin's torso and pounds his ass with hard full body thrusts. Cooper is another always satisfying top.

No Limits is not a classic, but it is filled with lots of hot moments, making it one of the must-see titles in the Raw Entry Club studio line.

No Limits Photos:

Steve Rives barebacks Richy RichWatch Now
Steve Rives barebacks Richy Rich
John Gatlin sucks Leo CooperWatch Now
John Gatlin sucks Leo Cooper
Thomas Jedno sucks Mark ZebroWatch Now
Thomas Jedno sucks Mark Zebro
Lucky Tayler and John GatlinWatch VOD
Lucky Tayler laps at John Gatlin
John Vulcan rides Kevin BoliWatch VOD
John Vulcan rides Kevin Boli

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