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No Exit

Matthias von Fistenberg
Dark Alley Media  
Chris Crawford , Damon DeMarco , Jason Dean , , Mario Cruz , , Vin Nolan
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No Exit

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No Exit for Owen Hawk at This Point

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

No Exit sounds like it could be a play by French exestintionalist writer Jean Paul Sartre. In his one act play No Exit, the characters have descended into what is a metaphor for Hell. Here the film's producers have staged an unexpected power outage at a bar to trap its patrons into what becomes a darkly lit chamber that erupts into a sexual inferno.

Vin Nolan wheels out a bound and gagged Mario Cruz for an impromptu slave auction. Owen Hawk produces a big wad of cash in order to take charge. In the first sexual episode, he and Cruz proceed to screw in a decadent, sweaty frenzy.

Their sex can be best described as intoxicating, moving and flowing to the beat of the moody electronic background music. Unshaven and sweaty, Cruz is hot to watch get drilled in his black jockstrap.

Their scene ends with Cruz getting doused in jets of their hot cum.

But Cruz isn't anywhere near finished. Hawk's orgasm must have given him new energy, because he is next seen busy trading blowjobs with big black hunk Jason Tiya on top of the bar. At this point, the Panamanian's jockstrap has been replaced by one that is red.

After a piggy oral interchange, Jason Dean (Leatherpunks) joins them. Almost immediately, Cruz saddles up behind the white boy and starts plowing his with his long dick. Cruz, who is as exciting a top as he is a bottom, goes to town, and his low hanging balls slap around vivaciously against the bottomboy's butt.

No Exit
Owen Hawk kisses Chris Crawford
Showing off his muscles, Cruz plows him to competion. On the side, Tiya stretches out and, along with the rest of viewers, watches the show until he shots an extremely big wad of cum all over himself. It is a hot conclusion, but we aren't sure why Tiya did not participate in any anal work here.

After this, a new scene begins with the sounds of Owen Hawk whimpering as he's getting fucked. This scene is a wonderful showcase of Hawk as insatiable überbottom. The top is Chris Crawford, a Boston based cutie pie with a nice big cock. They also enjoy kissing.

After opening with Hawk getting plowed, Crawford takes a sensuous break by slowly eating out his partner's ass. Then Hawk climbs on top of Crawford, and rides up and down until he unloads. Both guys shoot memorable loads.

The film's finale shows badboy Vin Nolan getting down with Damon Demarco around a black couch and large glass table. Nolan pounds Demarco hard, who communicates this by the mask of pleasure contortions in his face, and his chorus of moans. Nolan, with his unconventional looks and backwards turned baseball cap, has been one of our favorites since he appeared in Pool Boy.

He's very underutilized, and long donged brunet Demarco is a perfect match for him. Their throbbing gristle sex grooves to a very catchy musical riff up until they blow their money shots.

The music reminds us of the industrial techno bands of the early 1990s like Chris and Cosi or Coil.

No Exit ends quickly, no followup or conclusion. Perhaps the participants have descended into an unending abyss of dark pleasure and lust. Fans of porn with a New York City edge will not be disappointed.

No Exit Photos:

Owen Hawk
Owen Hawk
No Exit
Chris Crawford behind Owen Hawk

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