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No Cover

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1120
Benjamin Bradley , Jan Fischer , Jeremy Hall , , Luca DiCorso , Trey Casteel , Tyler Riggz
Daddy / BoyRimmingHorsehungHunks

No Cover

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Let's get Jeremy Hall naked!

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No Cover is the kind of nondescript flick that Ms. Chi Chi LaRue, the mistress of all things related to gay porn, can direct while getting her beauty sleep. A bar after hours makes as good a setting as any, and since theres not much by way of plot to get in the way of the action, its easy to focus in on the one or two models that flip your switches.

The film introduces Jeremy Hall (Spokes III), a frat-type with killer pecs has tied on one too many cocktails at the local watering hole.

He's quite literally passed out on a bar stool, his head crunched awkwardly against the wall, his drunken stupor giving bar patrons Jan Fischer (Delinquents) and Luca DiCorso (Wicked) a big opening to take advantage. Rumor has it that the local heartthrob is packing some serious dick, and Fischer is the first to get down on it, freeing Halls pretty cock from his beer-stained jeans, then working the top few inches with his mouth. Not one to be left out, DiCorso gets in the swing of things and dips down for a taste.

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Their cocksucking is at its best when the two slim 20-somethings share Halls cock between them. No matter how many drinks youve had, its hard to doze through good head. Hall comes to, strips off his shirt (thankfully) and becomes an active player. But the best is yet to come. Hall has DiCorso bend over the pool table for a rim job moments after seeing DiCorso give the same treatment to Fischer. Both Fischer and DiCorso spread their legs to bottom for Hall, the pool table serving as an impromptu mattress.

As bartender Benjamin Bradley (Boot Boy) closes up shop for the night, he grabs his keys and heads over to scrub down the commode. Sitting on the proverbial porcelain throne is none other than Trey Casteel (Trunks 2), lewdly masturbating while staring smokily at Bradley.

Bradleys facial expressions upon discovering Casteel are priceless, wavering between pissed off, turned on and just plain dumbstruck. Casteel has got a scorching jerk-off technique, making sure to get his fingers all the way down to his twitching hole. Taking the bait, Bradley joins Casteel for a bit of mutual stroking, before plunging into more serious action. Still firmly seated on the toilet, Bradley sucks and rims the intruder. They flip-flop fuck, the prize for sexy versatility going to Mr. Casteel, whose hard pecs and intense glares are breathtaking no matter which end of the action hes on.

Fischer, who apparently also tends bar in this particular establishment, is serving Lex Sabre his best smile. What Sabre wants is not on the drink menu, but hes savvy enough to know how to order it up. Fischer easily responds, coming around the bar and falling to the floor to worship between Sabre's legs, soaking the front of his jeans with spit before he finally releases a nice, slender piece with low danglers. Their lovemaking follows predictable patterns, Fischer getting some oral service in return before being fucked atop the bar.

Finally, the new vice cop on the beat, Tyler Riggs (Wrong Side of the Tracks), stops by the bar to introduce himself to the staff. Benjamin Bradley is all too eager to make a lasting impression, coyly seducing the stranger without thinking about the possible repercussions.

After starting with some heated kissing, Bradley ramps up the intensity even more by blowing the burly cop. Riggz prick may not be all that big, but his sturdy barrel chest more than makes up for any shortcomings below the belt. Riggz has an interesting technique when hes sucking cock or eating ass, clamping his eyes shut when hes doing his thing. Maybe he hates blowing dudes? Doesnt seem to matter to Bradley who just lays back and enjoys all of the attention before he gets summarily fucked. Bradley is best in the bottom role, and Riggz makes a remarkable top, taking control in a number of different spots around the bar. When hes fuckin, its obvious that mastering ass is something he wants to do with his eyes open.

Riggzs dick feels so good up his chute that Bradley, with a little help from Riggz's jerking fist, cums while hes getting dicked, providing the best cumshot in No Cover.

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No Cover Photos:

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The award winning pool table three way:
Jan Fischer (standing left), Luca DiCorso, Jeremy Hall
Jan Fischer Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Jan Fischer
Jan Fischer Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Jan Fischer
Jeremy Hall Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Jeremy Hall
Lex Sabre Watch on C1R - Watch VOD
Lex Sabre

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