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Night Shift

Chi Chi LaRue
Rascal Video   RV1049
Alex LeMonde , Andrew Rubio , , Diego De LaHoya , Kent Larson , Logan Reed , Mario Cruz , Theo Blake
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Night Shift

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Theo Blake's long night at Sex City bookstore

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Out of the Chi Chi La Rue movie machine pops this arousing flick about working at Sex City, a popular adult bookstore. In four scenes, we learn the story of Theo Blake (Little Big League), who is trying to get through is first day on the job. Blake, a new ChiChi exclusive, is a cute guy who loves porn, maybe even one day starring in movies. So why not work at a dirty bookstore?

The film begins with Kent Larson, who is dressed in a full business suit, buying some movie tokens from Blake. They have some small-talk, and Larson steps off to watch a movie. This theater is apparently in a loosely regulated area, as the viewing booths have curtains for privacy - no doors. This definitely would attract a nice crowd.

Meanwhile, Blake sneaks away from the desk to go to a booth. Playing on video, is the movie's first action sequence, which is fiery three way with Logan Reed, Andrew Rubio and Mario Cruz (Party in the Rear). Reed (Heatwave) plays the furry chested, masculine white guy who slides right into this double latino menage. The guys all kiss and paw each other in their underwear. Logan's hand squeezes Rubio's deliciously fine butt, eventually pulling down his tighty whities.

Kent Larson and Theo Blake Kent Larson sucks
Theo Blake

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Cruz is a smooth, dark skinned hispanic with a nice tight body. Rubio chows down on Cruz's meat as Reed gets to lather Rubio's hot pink hole. The guys all rim and suck each other in turn, which leads to Reed jamming his thick torpedo into Rubio.

Then Rubio shows off his versatile skills by plowing Cruz. Rubio is definitely one of the new hot numbers showing up now on film.

LaRue has a great eye for filming guys with clothes hanging off their bodies during foreplay. A good example of this is in the second scene. Store manager Arpad Miklos is outraged to find his new employee in the back beating off. Blake must demonstrate his enthusiasm for the job to his moody boss.

On his knees, Blake pops Miklos' beautiful cock out of his pants. He sucks it, taking most of it in his mouth. Miklos carries one of the most delectable cocks on screen. It has everything: thickness, length, a beautiful shape and foreskin. It is a beautiful piece of equipment that plunges all the way up Blake's meaty asscheeks.

In one of the movie's high points the Hungarian rams him long and hard. They begin with an ass pounding doggie style position, and finish with Blake taking it in a chair. Rock hard throughout, Blake unloads while taking it. Miklos pretzels his body up, and he jacks off into his own mouth.

The next episode is a dream scene. Newcomer Diego De LaHoya closes his eyes and fantasizes that he hits it with porn star Alex LeMonde (Be A Man). They begin in an oversized white bed wearing, you guessed it, nothing but their underwear. As soon as LeMonde has his uncut cock out, De LaHoya immediately flies over to him, inhaling it to the base.

He gives his idol an enthusiastic and slobbery blowjob. LaMonde slides his hispanic's briefs down to reveal one hungry coolo. Then he fingers De LaHoya's ass before sliding his cock in from the side. De LaHoya is a hot bottom, and LaMonde stays in control, turning him around to various positions.

This movie has uniformly found a hot set of latino bottoms.

Caught sleeping on the job, Miklos begins to force employee Blake to suck his dick again. At this point, Larson steps in where it is revealed he's the store owner, and sexual harrassment is a terminatable offence. Blake wins in the end by ingratiating himself with Larson, and getting the cruel Hungarian fired.

Then to finalize their workplace relationship, they two go to the back office for sweaty sex. Surrounded by Channel One movie merchandise, Blake sucks Larson on his knees. Larson then returns the favor. Blake then gets to top his boss, who is legs up laying on a box. The two then flip-flop for a rousing screw with them standing doggie.

Blake has a curvaceous body that looks great when impaled from behind. Both guys finish by spraying streams of white milk all over. Looks like the horned-up Blake is on the road to a successful career. Like a visit to the movie arcade, Night Shift is quick and satisfying.

Night Shift Photos:

Arpad Miklos and Theo BlakeWatch Now
Arpad Miklos drills Theo Blake
Diego De LaHoya and Alex LeMondeWatch Now
Diego De LaHoya stands ready for Alex LeMonde

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