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Night Riders

Derek Kent
Studio 2000  
Chris Steele , Clay Maverick , Dave Chandler , Dave Nelson , Drew Peters , Joey Hart , Nick Savage , Scott Matthews , Stone Michaels

Night Riders

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Chris Steele's Courier Service

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

Night Riders is a rock-solid production from Studio 2000 fully utilizing its great cast of well-groomed guys. At this time of production, Studio 2000 was arguably at the height of its effect in the movie industry. They sported a whole clutch of fantastic exclusive models, led at this time by porn star Chris Steele, a hairy, gym-built hunk of burning love. Perfectly complimenting Steele, Clay Maverick is smoldering matinee idol for the ages. Drew Peters also began performing during this time, showing his abilities as an extremely arousing blonde bottom boy.

Director Derek Kent directs his stellar cast through a simple, but well-written screenplay by Patrick Vogel.

The film chronicles the adventures of the men who work for an exclusive courier service. Operated by Steele, it caters to the very rich and very horny. The employees go anywhere in the world delivering packages as well as ample amounts of special handling.

The first assignment is for Dave Nelson (At Large) to take some stolen fashion designs to a competitor. He picks up the designs from Dave Chandler, and in short order they are kissing and licking. Topman Nelson pounds the daylights out of Chandler in both missionary and doggie positions.

Next, the stoic Stone Michaels presents his package to hotshot politico Joey Hart (West Hollywood Hope). The parcel turns out to be of a sexual blackmail nature. Hart is obliged to express his gratitude to the courier by spreading his legs wide.

Clay Maverick Tames Drew Peters

The third scene is a scorcher, which pairs Clay Maverick with the shy, inexperienced Drew Peters. Peters delivers to Maverick two priceless antique dildos. Maverick then puts them to use by sliding them up Peters' posterior.

Maverick gives it to the courier missionary and doggie style until each blasts big loads. There is nothing like watching a blonde boytoy getting banged by the perfect dick.

Next, Nelson arrives at his destination with the stolen designs. To receive his reward, he lies naked across a glass-topped table under a big chandelier. He is met by corrupt designer Scott Matthews, who up his bubble butt for Nelson. Matthews has a big thick dick, and bubbly round body, so it's hot watching Nelson take control to satisfy the guy.

The last scene pairs Chris Steele with sensual bottom Nick Savage (Cadet). In the day, Steele fantasizes about Savage in his office. Miraculously, Savage appears at the office, causing Steele's meat to swell to its big proportions. These two first-rate sexualists swallow and devour each other. Kissing, licking, sucking rimming and deep-throating all lead to Steele's full mounting of Savage.

They perform the act first on a table, and finally the floor. A great end to this fine video. Night Riders is a sleek, sexy film that will not disappoint.

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Night Riders Photos:

Drew Peters and Clay MaverickWatch Now
Drew Peters looks up at Clay Maverick
Dave Nelson and Scott MatthewsWatch Now
Dave Nelson tops Scott Matthews

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