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Night Flight

Bill Clayton
Falcon Studios   FVP041
Buster , Joe Gere , Kurt Marshall , Leigh Erickson , Mark Miller , Melchor , O.G. Johnson , Ron Pearson
BlackInterracial SexPre-Condom

Night Flight

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O.G. Johnson's night flight into Joe Gere's ass

Reviewed by on - 4.0 Out of 5 Stars

A big passenger plane takes-off to the catchy song - Night flight Away!

Falcon's 1985 Night Flight shines as a classic from their 1980's releases. A first-rate fantasy, the movie is full of airline sex, hot tops, hot bottoms and pre-condom action.

"A lot of hot men on this flight tonight," observes one steward. Everyone seems to get some sexual attention too. The film begins with spectacularly-hung O.G. Johnson meeting the preppie Buster in a restroom. Johnson is pumping Buster's white ass with his black dick in no time using full, rapid thrusts. Buster cannot quite get all of Johnson in his mouth, but he can take it in the rear easily. Buster's money shot while sitting on Johnson's monster is probably on the film's more paused and re-run segments of any tape.

Next, steward Ron Pearson invited the lean Mark Miller into the galley for a snack. This coupling is one hundred percent emotional lust with Pearson sucking the passenger like it was his last day on Earth.

Wild sex happens all over this airplane. The two move out to some empty seats where Miller facefucks Pearson, and they both get off.

More sex boils over on the night flight as the cute latino Melchor joins Johnson and Buster. Melchor is one sex pig. He too cannot get all of Johnson into his mouth. Still Buster goes to town on Melchor's ass, until he busts his own nut. The other two follow drenching each other and the airplane seats.

The flight lands, and pilot Joe Gere heads for home, where his lover, the Adonis-like Kurt Marshall patiently awaits him with a warm home and fire. On the way, Gere gets snagged into sex with Leigh Erickson. Gere sucks Erickson like he has been sex starved for an eternity. Then Gere is topped by Erickson, and also by a dildo. To finish the scene, Melchor joins the two, who gives up his ass to Erickson.

Night flight to Kurt Marshall

All this promiscuous sex has Gere starved for romance. He arrives home to Kurt Marshall, who is ready to share the love. They make love by a roaring fireplace. Marshall, who usually bottoms, shows off his quite good topman skills. This is Marshall's only scene he did when he tops, and its great.

Finally, when Marshall is in the shower, the doorbell rings. Gere answers the door to fellow pilot O.G. Johnson, who is immediately ready to carry out some ass pounding. The scene with Marshall in the next room is silly, but the fantasy is hot. In no time, Johnson throws Gere on the bed, his air pointing upward. Johnson drills his butt, ramming him double-time until he's banged a big load out of Gere's loins.

Johnson's big black dick erupts in a shower of white spooge.

Night Flight doesn't really have a conclusion, it simply halts. The flight is over, and it was a helluva ride.

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Night Flight Photos:

O.G. Johnson enjoys the night flightWatch on or Watch VOD
Buster meats O.G. Johnson (left)
Airplane Sex Three WayWatch on or Watch VOD
Buster, Melchor and O.G. Johnson
Ron Pearson's night flightWatch on or Watch VOD
Mark Miller blasts a snack into Ron Pearson's mouth
Sex on the Night Flight AirplaneWatch on or Watch VOD
Buster, Melchor and O.G. Johnson ride the Night Flight airplane

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